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Thursday, October 09, 2008

This is NOT a true cross section of OHIO....

This young man is a pro-Obama blogger from Ohio and managed to catch some candid Obama views, during the McCain-Palin stop in Strongsville, OH yesterday. While viewing this, I wanted to throttle these DUMB ASS IGNORANT people. In my heart of hearts, I would hope that this is not a true depiction of my fellow Buckeyes!

The one woman stating that she has seen MORE Palin interviews than for Obama...and what planet has she been on? The woman who keeps popping into view with her O-B-A-M-A drone...it appears she has no cogent thoughts to impart either.

The frightful thing to me is this "atmosphere" that McC-P are creating - and yes, it is apparent that it is racism at its best.

Palin told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, that Obama would: "diminish the prestige of the United State presidency!" Another asshole quote from the same interview, "doggonit, he fails to tell the American people with candor and with truthfulness what his associations are and we have to know!"

Now, I am not sure who is loading the ammunition here, but I do have my feeling that Palin is supplying the major portion, and if she can't fire the gun - she will see that dumbass McTurd will. This woman, according to the NY Times, is a "cancer" in the political arena. I have to agree with that assessment (as if you couldn't tell).

McCrinkle has been acting in his "erratic" manner since the debate the other night - as he has flip flopped on buying back the mortgage issue. Maybe he needs Aricept for his early stages of Alzheimer's.

As always, I will still be trolling the Internet and news - and will be back before you know it! TTFN.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the McCain/Palin rally from Waukesha, WI today. What a mess. The speeches sucked hard and the open mike portion was a disaster. If you can find it on C-SPAN, you'd probably find it hilarious. Be prepared,though, to have something handy to calm you.

Mnmom said...

While not all conservatives are stupid, certainly all stupid people are conservative.

themom said...

dcup: I caught it - it sucked big time! Idiots everywhere!

mnmom: I couldn't have said it better.