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Monday, October 06, 2008

Makes 'ya want to order one now!! (this is therapeutic for me!

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Since John McSame is using Palin as the "hatchet guy", then that is who I have to go after. In Palin's speech in Oakland, Ca., she referred to Afghanistan as our "neighboring country." There have been so many DUH moments - it just has to be mentioned. This was an article on Reuters "Tales from the Trail." I found one of the comments regarding SP amazing, yet not surprising. Connie Malfa (no city) wrote:

"I like Sarah because she portrays herself as a real person. That's what kind of politicians we need. So she's not quick with answers...which the press seems to be jumping on. So what. She's managing a state that one has to be physically and mentally aware - to live in. That's smart. I haven't heard a lot of complaints from Alaska about political blunders by their politicians. Coming from Alaska to the mainland of the U.S. is enough to make most anyone slow their speech down and look surprised. The U.S. rates pretty high on the BEST PLACE TO LIVE chart. Let's listen to her."

I stated earlier that if McCain chooses to use the "guilt by association" tactic, it may come back to bite him in the ass. I hear now he is going to start with Rev. Jeremiah Wright (the jerk-off preacher.)

OK Johnny Mac...
**how about your relationship with Jim Hensley (father of future wife Cindy Lou) and his felon record?
**how about your close bond with G. Gordon Liddy?
**how about Bobby May, head of the McCain/Palin Leadership Team in Virginia - author of a pamphlet claiming that Barack Obama favors "Black Liberation Theology Classes", that BO would make Al Sharpton, Sec. of State, and "hire Ludicrous to paint the White House black!"
**how about your bragging about your deep collaboration with one of the most prominent Vietnam era radicals (60's) David Ifshin? Ifshin denounced America on Radio Hanoi while McC was a POW. He led the takeover of Syracuse University campus, went on to Uruguay and tried to takeover a campus there, was arrested and deported. Later in life, he moved into mainstream politics. Hmmm...guess what, he took up education - and till the day he died in '96 at 47 years of age - he never apologized for his actions either.

This list can go on and on. McCrackhead should know better than most - THAT WE ALL HAVE A PAST! Some good and some possibly bad...but we move on and hopefully learn. Those learning experiences are what define us in our lives. All this vile spewing of distortions and outright lies - can actually be countered with truths against the McCain team. I would also like to see Todd Palin's connection (a years long membership) in the organization which preached SECESSION (of Alaska) from the U.S.A. That is traitorous.

The new Obama ad should be coming out momentarily, here on the internet. I'm sure I'll be back later. TTFN.


crystal dawn said...

Are you referring to the new Obama ad attacking McCain and the Keating 5?

Seen Here

themom said...

Yes I was. Even though McCain was purportedly exonerated (usage vague), he was reprimanded for poor judgement. He is still a liar and an asshole! :)

crystal dawn said...

In McCain's book he admits to taking 100 grand from Keating and thankful someone helped his campaign early on. Also admitted to lots of partying with him. So even on the face of it, even the fact that he admitted everything.. he hasn't learned the lessons. He hasn't learned that DEregulation is the cause of all this fucking mess. He continued to push for deregulation in the Senate and will not stop. And yes, he's an A Number One Asshole. :)