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Thursday, October 30, 2008

An empowering experience...and trick or treat, all in one day!

As I was running through all my regular blog visitations this morning - I got to MUDFLATS (I do them alphabetically - a little OCD there), and they were announcing a live webathon: Real Women Respond to Palin. I stayed at the site till it ended at 9 pm, except for the one hour of Trick or Treat time in the neighborhood.

This was an interesting format, I have never been to a site like this before, but there was live video of all these women (anti-Palin), and each at various times would make a commentary, and they all took turns reading letters submitted either ahead of time or by e-mail. Each and every one stating various parts of the McCain/Palin platform they disagreed with. The majority of the topics centered around a woman's right to choose, and all the reasons Palin gives for being against abortions.

There was an online "chat" coinciding on the same screen. My fingers are almost raw from all the chatting I was able to get out there. The platform for dialogue was obvious, but as will happen in a chat room - there are always assholes that like to stir it up...and me, I have a hard time turning the invisible cheek online!!! I think I managed to piss off a fair share of idiots - woohoo!

I believe the site was interactive with Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. All in all, women detest the thought that Palin thinks we adhere to her ideology. A great many agreed that religion has no place in politics. Women do not need to be set back 100 years, and NO dinosaurs did not live with man 7000 years ago. There was actually one gentleman in the chat, who agreed with us on all issues. Curses, he's probably married!

If there is time before Nov. 4th, they may try to take on a venture like this again. We shall see.

Now, on a serious note....I want all the "gouged" money that Exxon got from me in the last 3 months!!!! Everyone - government included needs to stop this corporate gouging.

Come on now....how do you spell GREED!!! Exxon Mobil broke all previous records, posting a 3rd quarter profit of $14.83 BILLION!!!! Please, someone tell me HOW does a corporate giant validate that kind of profit, while draining our blood at the pumps. And didn't Exxon balk at paying a stiff multi-million dollar fine from the Exxon Valdez years ago? They have no problem raking in the dough - but shelling it out (other than large corporate bonuses) becomes a problem. This is one area where REGULATION is definitely called for - piss on McCain!

When gas was over $4/gallon, and some people had to quit jobs because they couldn't afford to drive to work, or sacrifices were made elsewhere within a family unit...I'm sure the Exxon execs were still dining high on the hog. I wonder how much this corporation gave to the McCain campaign (or Palin for that matter)? I find this so nauseating, not to mention maddening!

Damn, I picked a subject that makes me so mad I'm done for the night. See ya tomorrow!


Dave said...

It blows my mind that the nano second that the price of oil rises $1 a barrel, (nothing to do with what is already refined and in the system as inventory, already bought and paid for) the wholesale and retail prices do a meteoritic jump.

Should said price of crude drop by the corresponding amount, it takes usually weeks, and the drop in wholesale and retail is but a small percentage of the rise that occurred.
My oil boils at this. How stupid to the jackasses that run Exxon etc think we are? And why do we put up with it?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You all only had ONE hour of Trick or Treat? We had from 6 to 8 and the big kids made the most of it. Little Sissy petered out after about an hour. LOL.

themom said...

dave: that's the truth - I hate when they are marking the price up - on gas that is already in the ground!! Grrr.

ETW: Locally, we have gone from 2 hours, to 1 1/2 hours and have only had one hour for trick or treat for about 3 years. Works for me, because we get kids from WV, and other localities (they think we are rich or something), and we had way to many lst night...I ran out of treats and turned the lights out. We also have a Boo In The Park the night before, which give the kids a lot of treats and fun times.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed the Real Women Repond. Dang it work!

The gas prices seem so blasted arbitrary. Good thing the oil companies are making such great profits. I hate to see any of their CEOs go potty in porcelain instead of gold.