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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today: Bush says...


WTF? While visiting his home town in Texas, Bush repeated this comment a couple of times today, and again, as I am beating my head off the wall, I wonder how much brain damage does this man actually have??? 100 more days in office could be catastrophic - since he has been "laying low" for the past several weeks, only coming out of his cubby hole to make somber announcements, I thought we were safe - and now this? Holy crappola Batman!

The announcement on Palin's abuse of power last night was refreshing. To hear her today, saying that "see they found I did nothing wrong" statement falls short a wee tad. With this assessment, Walt Moneghan apparently has solid grounds for a federal lawsuit - hope he gets whatever he can from Palin and/or Alaska. Since Todd Palin was cited (not charged) as to his numerous counts of "interference", that brings everything down to a personal level. Woohoo!! Did anyone else notice the statements coming from the McCain camp ALL said essentially that she was cleared? I just don't get it sometimes.

I guess there are quite a few questions being raised (by taxpayers in AK) about all the billing to the state by Palin for her (and family) expenses to attend religious events. On June 8, she flew to Wasilla to attend her regular church (Wasilla Assembly of God) and address young missionaries. She vowed to this group - to do her part to "implement God's will" from the governor's office. Bill to taxpayers = $639.50. Apparently she does not believe in any separation between Church and State.

Since taking office in late '06, she and her family have spent more than $13,000 (taxpayer dollars) to attend at least 10 religious events or meetings. According to some, these expenses fall into a gray area. Some organizations (religious) request her presence - but in my opinion, if you are NOT tending to "state matters" she should personally bear these expenses. She can freely exercise her religious beliefs while in office, but ethically if not legally, she should not be billing these expenses to the state. Maybe this issue will be raised since there are still matters to be addressed, on a state level. **An additional $10,094 was billed for worship services or religious themed events.

This is the line that wrapped completely around the Repub. HQ's - people waiting to get tickets for Palin's visit tomorrow evening. The local TV station interviewed several people in line, and the responses from some were laughable. Thank heavens they weren't aired nationally - they would make this area look like a bunch of boobs. Originally, Palin was to make a "bus tour" through the state of West Virginia before ending up in St. Clairsville tomorrow night, but according to the Charleston Gazette, I guess that won't be happening. I thought about sneaking out to the location of her stop - but, not worth my time. I'll catch the replay.

I am really interested what tack she will take though, today while in Pennsylvania she is pouncing on abortion issues. I'm curious if she will again make the Bill Ayers connection. Oh, by the way, I might have a connection: my 4th cousins, sister-in-law's uncle's great grandmother's brother's grandson - sold Bill Ayers a puppy! lalalalalalala!



Anonymous said...

I guess for Palin, it's "hey! I may be unethical, but I didn't break the law. Much."

Typical Republican. Good thing she's a mavericky reformer who's going to clean up Washington.

I wonder what hobby horse she'll be riding next. Will she stick with abortion now to hang on to the base?

Mnmom said...

The ignorant audacity and sheer moral corruption of that woman is astounding!!!

Here in the Twin Cities, McCain met with a crowd of his neanderthal groupies and one woman got mad and asked McCain, right at the mike, what he was going to do about this "Arab Muslim Terrorist?"

Here's the irony - this crowd was ready to do some serious redneck lynching and it forced McCain to say things like:

1. Obama is a decent family man
2. You must show respect for Barack Obama
3. An Obama Presidency would be nothing to be afraid of, I just think I'd be better at it.
4. Barach Obama is not a terrorist. He's a decent moral man whom I respect.

Sheesh! Even John McCain is afraid of the bigotry in these people!!