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Friday, October 03, 2008

I cannot digest BILL O'REILLY....what an ass!

I stumbled on this video, and it made my blood boil. Bill O'Reilly, just like his cohort Hannity, would much rather SOUND superior by just yelling. I have stated before that I do like Barney Frank, and he can hold his own in most arenas, but look at this video and tell me - wouldn't you just tell O'Reilly to fuck off and leave? I would - in a heartbeat!

As I was making the round on fellow blogs, I am stealing this video from Illiterate Electorate - only because I lived this - I sang this for years - I lost too many friends in Vietnam - it was our time!

Simple song, Country Joe and the Fish made their point! We could almost sing the song today - what are we fighting for? Bush's made up WMD's? Too many young men have died for this man and McIdiot will see that more come home the same way. My hippie days are coming back now - forgive me.

1 comment:

CDP said...

I heard that on the radio this morning, and what cracked me up was that he kept screaming "coward" at Frank. O'Reilly's such a coward that he won't even allow a dissenting voice to speak in his presence; he just screams over them. He's a horrible little man.