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Friday, October 24, 2008

If her "last" glasses cost $400+ how much are these??

At her news conference (no questions) in Pittsburgh this morning, where she announced HER POLICY for special needs children, Sarah Palin was sporting a new pair of full black rimmed glasses. Now I wonder if the price tag has already been included in the $150K or if this is in addition to that amount? Since I wear glasses, and love all the different styles, the first thing I noticed - was her eye wear.

I like them, but I have a beer budget (champagne taste) and can't even afford to upgrade the 2 pairs I have. Maybe I should run for a national office in four years - if I don't go blind by then.

I have been all over the place trying to find a better picture of "the" glasses, but this was the best I could find. Drat, curses, rats!!! I will still keep at it.

How about that girl in Pittsburgh (a McCain volunteer) saying she was mugged by some Obama supporter????!?!?! Thankfully, through diligent and time consuming investigations, the Pittsburgh PD was able to get a confession, that this girl made up the Obama part. They are still investigating whether she was mugged or not.

I found her myspace site and she is a student from College Station, Texas, and has worked in NYC and just recently moved to Pittsburgh. All news articles out of Pittsburgh say she is 20, although she lists her age on myspace as 23 - most people make themselves younger, I thought. She is a Poli-Sci major and an avid McCain supporter.

I do not presume that McCain or anyone put her up to this act, but I would suggest she seek immediate help. At least she got to talk to McQuack and Pally on the phone - so she is probably happy. It's a shame she's not smart enough to know that when "carving" a letter into your skin, while looking in a mirror - it is a reversed image!

Off on my scavenger hunt to find a great pic of those damn glasses!

****OK - 9:40 pm and I found a video w/ the new spectacles - about 1:47 into the video, Palin is giving her policy speech this morning in Pittsburgh. Check them out - I like them better than the ones she has been wearing - although it may be a temporary thing.

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