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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cold, yet sunny day.....BRRRRR!

I'm impressed, the outside temperature just got to 40 degrees. I'm still cold! Pity party time, because I'm chilled, runny nose, and a stiff neck. What next I obnoxiously ask?!?!?!

Thedaughter finally got her cast on the broken arm yesterday. She had a 3:15 pm appointment with the Ortho, and we end up sitting in a waiting room with 5 other people having the same appointment. Ruh-roh, my Irish came out, along with my outspokenness!! "This is ridiculous," "Doesn't this guy know our time is valuable also", and amazingly enough, after an hour, everyone was processed rather quickly. Since this was my daughter's appointment and not mine - we stayed. Had it been an appointment for me - my ass would have been "outta there!" Now after that long wait - apparently he doesn't cast in his office, we have to go back through the hospital to Outpatient Registration - to have it casted in the ER. Now there is some Male Dominated Organization for you. Wait - to be registered....Wait to get the cast placed....out of there after a total of almost 3 hours!! So much for my big idea of making a pot of beef stew last night. McDonald's was our chef!

And what is the big deal with no selection of colors or designs for the cast...thedaughter is pissed! She wanted camouflage.

Since it is chilly, I am NOW making that pot of stew. Ummmm...smells so good. I'll have to search through my pantry and see if I have the fixings for cornbread now!

I think I'll just turn the stew off for awhile and try to take a nap - my neck is killing me! That way, I will be up when thegrandson gets home from school.

Thedaughter is going back to work today - she last worked on the 20th, broke the arm on 22nd! I will be glad to get her outta here for a little bit. If I were a fly on the wall, I would probably fall off laughing, watching her try to type at work!! Heehee!

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Anonymous said...

I hope your neck feels better. I'm hungry for beef stew now!