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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

WHAT DOES IT TAKE...I know Americans are not stupid!?!?!

I am watching Palgal and McCrotchity in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - and I guess he hasn't read the reports that he LOST the debate last night. But that is not my point. Why don't people check out the fact, look up politicians records? Every voting American should take this as a personal responsibility.

McCain is again popping out the same LIES and distortions, spoon feeding these naive people more of his senile pablam. He just said "my opponent accuses me of lying - and I have been and always will be nothing but honest with Americans. And you can bet that if I ever would need advice - it wouldn't be from a Chicago politician." What a fucking asshole.

The more I hear SP's voice, it has become like nails on a chalkboard. She has memorized her lines well, but much like thegrandson, I wonder if she "comprehends" what she has learned. I have no doubts that she can spout the words, but any research as to origins of bills, discussion on bills, dates of aggression in Iraq, you know trivial little things like that - she has NO CLUE!

I still have Joe Biden's words ringing in my head: PAST IS PROLOGUE! That should be the chant all the way to November 4th. Four more years of DUH Bush politics, cannot fly.

I watched the video clip of Sean Hannity (hold on, taking a nitro) - and he was taking on one of Obama's aides. The argument was over the anti-semitic commentator who Hannity had on the other day. The vile, garbage that came out of this man - the FCC should have shut the show down! But I digress, Obama's rep held his own, even with Hannity shouting over top - even Alan Combes couldn't calm them down. Again, Hannity was pushing the "terrorist Bill Ayers" and idiot Hannity wouldn't accept that 40 years ago means nothing, no conviction means nothing, no "palling around" means nothing - he then wants to connect Obama to Louis Farrakhan! Watching the imbalanced and unfair FOX news is not for me!

Now onto someone I have not discussed very much - Cindy Lou Hensley McCain. Yesterday, she was quoted as saying the Obama team is "running the dirtiest campaign in American history." Hmmm...is that so Ms. botox Queen???? And today, since she apparently has found her voice, she lashes out at Obama, for voting against a bill to fund troops in Iraq. "The day Sen. Obama cast a vote not to fund my son, when he was serving, sent a cold chill through my body, let me tell you!" I wonder how cold she got when her husband refused to vote for body armor and equipment for her son??? The vote she is referring to was in '07 and Obama was one of 14 Senators who voted against a spending plan for emergency funds for our troops overseas. Athe time Obama and other Democrats were pushing for a "timeline for withdrawal" which was not included in this bill. Obama did vote for a funding proposal which had the timeline for withdrawal - a bill which McCain opposed! So there, wicked witch of Arizona!



It was just announced on our 5 o'clock news that - now are you sitting down? - SARAH PALIN will be visiting here Sunday at 5:30 pm. thedaugher said she would shoot me if I went - I'm safe there! St. Clairsville, Ohio (Belmont County) is very Democratic - this could be interesting. When the Belmont County sheriff (Rep.) was interviewed, I swear he was drooling, (I thought his dentures were going to fly out of his mouth at any time) telling that the Secret Service is in the Valley now. I hope they don't show up at my door.

***I understand that the Secret Service is trying to identify the man, who shouted "Kill Him", referencing Obama, at the McCain rally the other day. That would be cool if they found him, prosecuted him and his defense would be that "McCain INCITED me to that point!"


Anonymous said...

The McCain campaign is spinning wildly out of control. It's especially nice to have its wimmen out being the attackers.

Mnmom said...

crooked liars, every one of them