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Sunday, October 05, 2008

I advise Obama to fight back....but I have a meaner streak...

than Barack Obama. Just my take in general, Obama has taken the high road so many times, and seems the better caliber of gentleman. For the McAsshole team to take this nefarious track and try to slime Obama "by association," there is plenty of attacks to head towards that wrinkled, LYING, scumbag! If you don't want to hear a rant - then shut me off now.

I have made no bones about how I feel about McCan't, and his POW status. I have laid out the groundwork previously, as to how he treated those who DARED to question him on the Senate floor. The bottom line is McCain was a collaborator, he is not well thought of by Vietnam vets in any way. Please, take the time to watch this video. Rather than me taking the time to type all this out - these gentlemen cover the bases well. This is an issue that should follow McMoron till the day he dies. He used and continues to use his influence to secret these records - records that would humiliate and ruin him. Not to mention, possibly answer questions on those MIA.

Obama should reference the Keating 5 scandal. Granted, due to lack of oversight and proper committees to deal with those issues at the time - McCain was cleared, yet rebuked for "poor judgement." He should have been ousted, because of the conflict of interest Cyndi McCain and her family had by the investments in Keating business. Not to mention the $112K Keating donated to McC's campaign. (**Cyndi and her father had a $360,000 investment in a shopping mall venture w/ Keating). The ensuing S&L crisis had a $500 billion price tag by the way!

Obama could also reference John Singlaub (as long as McC is using "guilt by association), and his connection to McLiar - they sat on the same board USCWF (US Council for World Freedom), an ultra right-wing organization. Singlaub also became embroiled in the Iran contra scandal in '81. This USCWF espoused (according to a former member) "largely a collection of Nazis, Fascists, anti-Semites, sellers of forgeries, vicious racialists and corrupt self-seekers."

Again, McCoconut has opened a can of worms that could very likely backfire.

Other "guilt by associations"
1. Palin - part of an organization preaching secession from the USA (or a family member.)
2. How about the right-wing wackos that were blowing up abortion clinics - I'm sure if I can get to Kevin Bacon in 7 easy steps - there's a correlation there somewhere.

I was reading an assessment by Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks (partners in relationship therapy), and they were analyzing McCuckoo's body language from his debate with Obama. I wasn't surprised by what they had to say about the McCain Smirk, the McCain Jaw Clench and Body Talk trumps "mouth talk".

According to the Hendricks' the Smirk says that "I hold you in utter contempt (now there's a shock) and I am superior to you. My disdain for you is boundless." In this relationship (McC as nominee, we as electors) be it couples or the masses - CONTEMPT is a signal of doom to a a relationship. Well I'll be damned.

The Jaw Clench - "The painful art of biting back anger," by us noticing the constant clenching of his right jaw (as left is swollen from prior cancers) is saying "I'm mad as hell and trying desperately not to show it!" Aha - we caught ya!

Body talk trumps mouth talk - "mouth talk can be entertaining (just watch SP) but when nervous the words can sometimes (HA) make no sense whatsoever, become twisted stories or just outright lies."

I'm sure I'll have more fuel tomorrow as we head into the backstretch. My Irish gets raised when I hear such blatant lies in order to try and discredit someone. I also have to note that McC is letting Palin be the hatchet guy here, although he was asked by reporters, and he stands behind the accusations as 100% truths. Please, people have to realize this man has totally lost his last gray cell - "erratic" is putting it nicely.

Have a good Sunday evening! Later.


Anonymous said...

They are so desperate, it gives me hope.

kenju said...

I came to visit and return the favor. I love what you say and that last cartoon is priceless! I'm stealing that one!!

Mnmom said...

Makes me sick that the GOP has learned from Karl Rove that just plain old lying works as well as innuendo, smears, and "untruthiness".

CDP said...

What Dcup said...also, Obama finally used the word "lie" yesterday during a speech! Not "inaccuracy" or "misstatement" or "exaggeration". He's finally getting it...and about time. I'm tired of seeing our guys take the high road all the way to a concession speech on election night.