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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally over - NO more debates....none needed...

My biggest concern throughout these 3 debates was WHAT THE HELL DOES MCFART WRITE ON THAT PAD OF HIS??? Well, a fellow blogger has the exclusive! I was rolling on the floor, after my curiosity was satisfied. I couldn't have made up anything this good.

I made sure that thegrandson was in bed and all chores completed so I could watch this final debate last night. I have to say, Tom Brokaw and Gwen Ifil could take some lessons on debate moderating from Bob Schieffer. He certainly didn't allow either candidate to go to far afield. When he asked the question about the nastiness of the campaign, I was highly surprised. But after the candidates started in with their opinions, I was enrapt. McDud just doesn't get it - he was expecting Obama to "repudiate" Cong. Lewis's statement - and if Obama did I would have been at Hofstra University in a flash to smack him in the head. The disclaimer put out by his campaign was sufficient. McCain wants to "spin" the remarks as relating to segregation and the bombings, yet he missed the message of "inciting violence." I loved it - Obama is fed up with the Bill Ayers connection and just as much called McC a liar, when he kept referencing the meeting in Ayers living room.

Just go anywhere on the Internet, check any news show and today all you see are the "winks, blinks, lizard tongue and sighs" of McCain. His decorum left so much to be desired.

Now to JOE THE PLUMBER. I thought that was a farce. McCrack was not in on that conversation, but took the ball and ran with it. But I have to say - if this gentleman is buying a plumbing shop - there is no way in hell, he is going to realize a taxable profit of $250,000 in the first year - let alone, probably, five years. There are far too many write-offs for small businesses and depreciation of tools and equipment - that's just not happening. McStinky has no clue about the tax structure - if he did he wouldn't be telling you that you are getting this $5000 health credit - then again I forgot - HE LIES!!!

McC is perpetually claiming that his campaign is being "wronged", yet has nothing to back that up. He's upset because of some hateful T-shirts being worn at Obama's rallies - but with all the freedoms we have, telling someone they can't wear their choice of clothing (as long as it isn't inciting violence or blatantly discriminatory) is a definite no-no. And John McCrap NEVER scolded his crowds until after being warned by his advisers. Yet, now he wants people to believe he has always taken this high road. Grrrr........

Now we just have to get through these next 19 days - to find out who are new President will be. I wonder if Sarah Palin will be flying back to Alaska on the 4th or just wait to get back to State business on the 5th????


Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of My best friend Jean's (Mom2) passing. I am not a person who goes to cemeteries, but my neighbor and I are going to her grave site tomorrow - just something I want to do. Her son's birthday is also tomorrow, but he lives in Columbus, OH and may be in this weekend, but I haven't heard for sure yet. I miss ya bunches Jean, we would be having so much fun with all that is going on - I hate that you are missing it all!!

Have a great day all...be back soon!

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CDP said...

I missed this post; I'm sorry about your loss.