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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

'THAT ONE..." McCrack fukks it up again!!

I have already said that I believe Sarah Palin (working as a McCain hatchet person), has INCITED a racial undertone to this campaign. Now, during tonight's debate, McCain, thinking he is funny I guess, points to Obama, across his chest, and says with his smirk - "that one." Not funny, not smart, despicable.

For all the pundits who said McCain had to knock this one out of the ballpark - guess what??? IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!!

I feel Obama was cooler, well spoken and informed, far superior to McCain. It was not a bombshell of a moment for Obama - but I feel, as the focus groups did, Obama won this debate.

I found it strange, not actually, but when health care was discussed, the women in the focus groups were much higher than the men. When the subject turned to defense or war - men carried the "high" line. That must be those "Joe Six-Packs!" Just kidding, I tried to explain to thedaughter (yes, she sat and watched and asked questions), men's perspective, as a rule is far different than women when it comes to defense and war. Women are thinking about the young men as sons and fathers firstly, for lack of a better way to explain.

So what do we have to look forward to tomorrow? Will Sarah Palin still be spewing her venomous lies? Angering the crowds towards Obama? She definitely scares me - as she should scare those who think she has the ability to EVER run this country!

MY VERY HUMBLE OPINION (sure) for tomorrow's debate conclusions: WIN FOR OBAMA! Not a huge win, but a win nonetheless. **Note: McCain didn't shake Obama's hand when offered at conclusion of this debate! Hmmm.....I'm shocked. {{Wink, Wink}}


Mnmom said...

I don't think McCain even took a good swing at any pitches let alone knocking one out of the park. But I also have to admit that Obama hit a triple at best, possibly only a double.

Palin on the other hand only knows how to sit in the stands and throw beer bottles.

arrozconpollo said...

Palin's selection scares the shit out of me. To have a diphshit endtimer this close to the presidency is chilling.

One benefit though...a landslide loss (and that's what it'll take for this election not to be stolen) will likely ruin her future chances for gaining national office. Lets hope atleast.

CDP said...

Obama definitely won, and I'm so glad that he finally called McCain out on "bomb Iran". If only he'd thought to say "Hey! If Senator McCain REALLY knows how to get Bin Laden, let's "suspend" the debate right now to give him a few minutes to call the Army!" And "that one" was despicable.

Sal Kilmister said...

I really hope this is the case. I would love to see a 49 state landslide.