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Monday, October 20, 2008

I know this will shock ya!!!!......nah - McC-Pal couldn't....

do anything wrong. According to a post on Mudflats today, and it appears there is speculation that the McCain-Palin team may be involved in "witness tampering." Just bring me the smelling salts NOW!!! I sometimes wonder also, if McShame and Pally keep in contact with each other - does Johnny Mac tell her say this or that??? Apparently she missed the cue line regarding the robocalls. Now, it appears that Rick Davis is encouraging the neocons to attack Obama with Rev. Jeremiah Wright - the once "off-limits" subject, according to McCrazy.

We all know that the Obama camp could retaliate equally to all the mud being thrown their way. Someone who takes the high road such as Obama should be commended if nothing else. If it were me - being my nasty old self - I would hit the McShame camp with both barrels. G. Gordon Liddy, Sproul & Associates (voter registration fraud), the guy they just arrested in Ontario for changing California voters registrations to Republican, through a bait and switch scam...and on and on!


OK - I honestly don't think McWeird made any inroads by using Joe the Plumber...so what is next, Sarah threw in Ed the Dairy Man this morning. Every day seems to bring something new to the table.

Joe Biden is in West Virginia for a couple of rallies and I understand Obama may make that circuit also. This may be a good thing, as I have heard there are some voter irregularities in Jackson and Putnam counties. The kind where you "touch" Obama's name and the machines are registering McCain. But the Secretary of State doesn't see any problems. DUH - I think he is a Republican also.

I just got a news alert that Obama is going to miss some events as he is heading to Hawaii - where is grandmother is ill. I wish her a speedy recovery. Let's see if there is any compassion from the other camp. Now that has me upset, thinking about what could happen.

I'm going to get off here and watch the rest of Dancing with the Stars - take my mind off of this crazy shit for awhile. Behave - be back later.

1 comment:

Mnmom said...

crazy shit indeed! I hate those neocons - what a bunch of crooks and liars. W and gang had better be charged with treason and murder during this next year.