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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin visit now over!....on her way out.....

***Note I have added a link to a 10 minute portion of Palin rally.

Well, Sarah Palin gave her "same old" rally speech, which lasted just under 40 minutes. I am hoping to post a local video here as soon as it is available. It is strange when you know a good many of the people at a function such as this. The people standing behind her, couldn't even look at her and appeared totally uninterested, until the APPLAUSE sign went up.

The locals gave her a new chant, which she now says she is going to use: "MINE, BABY MINE!" This is a very old coal mine area, many of which were shut down due to EPA standards on coal burning. Within 3 years, there will be a new coal liquefaction plant up and running and the local power facilities have been fitted with state of the art scrubbers - so this area should thrive once again, being able to meet the new clean coal specifications. (My facts, not hers.)

At one point, Palin said, "I'm not being mean spirited or negative, but check out our opponent's record on legislation" regarding partial birth abortion and those of special needs children. She then spent 10 minutes talking about her expertise on "special needs" children, God, and Trig, and the fact that there is NO one better suited than herself, to tackle these issues as Vice President. The Reagan famous line, "Shining city on a hill" was used along with the other memorized tag lines.

Her one line "he won't talk about his record but I will. His heroic and trustworthy deeds, instead of just talking, works." At that point you could hear a few Obama remarks. When she stated, "we know who the bad guys are," then there were chants of Obama, Obama!, before she could mention a country or anyone else. This pissed me off.

I have to say, she had tele-prompters, but she stumbled around a bit. She had to find her place, in her notebook a couple of times.

I have to laugh - seriously laugh....the national media accompanying her, or HER people - are saying that there were 7-8,000 people in attendance. I put a call in to Randy Alderman, and spoke with his friend (they own the property), and the actual count was between 2 and 3,000.

I have to say, my first impression was like one of those "old time revivals" taking place. Palin referenced God and her faith and her blessings so many times, it appeared to be a religious service.

As soon as I can locate a video, I will post it - if not, take my word for it, I watched it live on TV. Our local stations are not known for expediency.


Anonymous said...

The last time I saw her speak, it was definitely edging toward a lot of talk about god and god's will. The woman is dangerous. We don't need more mingling of church and state.

Mnmom said...

Can't wait until Nov. 3 when she has lost, then will lose the next Alaska election, then will fade away and become a icky memory.