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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After I uncrossed my eyes and.....

regained my composure, I thought I would pass on this comical Prop 8 commercial.

I noticed that all the "characters" speaking out are YOUNG. So I assume they have been spoon fed all the anti-Gay information and BULLSHIT!!! I wonder if Californians such as these, realize how lucky they are that I live in Ohio and can't reach out to strangle them????? When I hear garbage such as this, I admit, I go ballistic.

Please, I want them to honestly tell me if they believe the garbage they are shoveling out. Of course they do.

Lame brain comments I heard from video:
  • Gar Nai: "There's a whole bunch of consequences!" OK, now tell me how they affect you personally - like maybe churches could be "forced" to have same-sex marriages? Don't go to that church idiot.
  • Daniel: "Legal defenses based on religious freedoms are less likely to succeed." Got ya - you are a blooming idiot. If a gay marriage is deemed legal - your assertion would mean what???
  • Female: "Religious adoption agencies" might have to give babies to gays, or stop giving away babies altogether." Alrighty then, I say keep your Catholic babies and don't give them to gay couples - now whose the loser here?
  • Adam: "The change of the legal definition of marriage could narrow personal liberties - and some of them even lost!" (This was a law student). I guess he missed the course where private business owners can turn away business as they choose.
  • Alissa: "It's really about giving control, forcing all of us to give up the very foundation of speech and religious freedoms on which this country was founded." DUH!?!?! Tell me how gay marriage impedes our freedom of speech...how does it impede our religious freedom? Now who would be the bigot here??
  • Jenny Lynne: "Children would be taught about marriage between party A and party B!" And your point is?????? Take it for what it's worth fuktard! You do what you want with whom you want and when you want - and let everyone else do the same! **taking a pill now!

To think we're all born the same and worship/believe the same is so lame. I hate (and that is a word I truly detest) the intolerant. If every one's lifestyle impacted each other - maybe there would be a problem. I choose to applaud those who shy away from the beaten path and choose their own lifestyle. I have many gay friends, associates and relatives - all smart, talented individuals. All contribute to society in one form or another - and they are not pariahs. They all deserve the same benefits of a union that the "traditional" unions are guaranteed. My problem is those who feel they have the right to decide where these individuals fit in or not. Closed minded individuals at best.

My belief has always been that it is not my job to judge others and vice versa. Those that make those judgements - are not my friends.

These opposing signs were taken in Boston in 2004. There are way more important issues facing us in the world today - and in the grand scheme of things, I know where I stand....If I lived in California I would ...



Mnmom said...

I say THEIR attitudes are limiting MY freedoms and civil rights!!!

What a bunch of bologna!!!! Bet they NOW see why separation of church and state is a pretty damn good idea.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I believe in gay marriage. Why shouldn't they be as unhappy as all the heterosexual couples??? LOL.. I have a hard time realizing why this is even an issue. The Gov should not discriminate based on a Religious viewpoint.