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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where will they go in the next 3 weeks??????

I have now COMPLETELY read the Stephen Branchflower Legislative Report, all 263 pages. My eyes are crossing and I may also need new glasses! I have read much better material, but there are so many parts that ensure the outcome...the fact that Sarah Palin abused her power in office. Considering there are 1000+ more pages, which the general public is not privy to - I have a small feeling there may be other charges in the future. The one question I have, who the fuck is Todd Palin? He is not and was not an elected official, but apparently he is his wife's hatchet man. He didn't have an office or desk, but set himself up at a conference table in her office, in order to work alongside of her. Who did the people of Alaska elect....and why?

Granted, not one blessed piece of this and/or future investigations have anything to do with say...the state of economy, health care, or foreign policy. The investigation was definitely BIPARTISAN - regardless of the spin coming from McCrooked's camp. My feeling is that Sarah Palin is one who has abused any office she has held to date (Mayor expenses are documented), so what would she do as a Vice President? Or should I say, what would Todd Palin do? And where would it end...Piper negotiating with North Koreans? As I say, there will probably be more coming out, as the Courts have now said that ALL e-mail accounts have to be preserved, because they have been requested under the Freedom of Information Act, and will be given, as there is no Executive privilege attached - since Todd was right in the middle of sending and receiving! John McCain said in 2000:
"Sooner or later people are going to figure out that if all you
run is negative attack ads you don't have much of a vision for the future, or
you're not ready to articulate it."

Well, the people are already heading out to Brush Run Park to see Palin at 6 pm, she will be stopping in Marietta, Ohio before arriving here - supposedly a spontaneous stop at some eatery, to glad hand a little first. The venue for tonight was once the site of Jamboree In the Hills, before moving a couple miles away to a larger site. It is also called Alderman Airport for small planes. Occasionally, drag races are held in late summer at this site also.
And now the bad news (for me), Joe Biden is going to be here Tuesday evening at the Ohio University branch, and I have to babysit - I'm so upset. I would take thegrandson, but he would not enjoy himself, and I probably would not either. I am going to check and see what I can do to make some changes for that evening. Right now, thegrandson has a yucky, snotty cold, and I would rather be the one taking care of him than a stranger. There are only two other people he has ever stayed with and I'm just not keen on that at the moment.

I'm really disappointed with the foliage this fall. Usually the colors are so vivid and this year, as you can see, rather BLAH! thegrandson has to have 5 different leaves for school this week, and they CAN'T be crunchy (according to him). This may be interesting. All the dead leaves around here are definitely crunchy, and to find 5 different kinds - I guess HIS mother has her work cut out for her! Ha! I'll defer it up to those two to solve that problem. Thegrandson has his costume for this Halloween - he will be Batman. Thedaughter remembers how easy her costumes were while growing up - I made her a HOOKER most of the time. Just kidding - some of the time. Overdone make-up, wild hair and skimpy clothes - who would know??? Last year was tough, since my best friend had just passed away, and we always handed out candy from her front porch - I ended up handing out the goodies with our other neighbor (who lives across the street). We usually have over 100 or so kids and it gets boring when I am by myself - so I shut my lights off - leave a sign with an arrow (I hate getting soaped or TP'd), and head up the street. Amazingly enough, the majority of kids that come are either from in town or across the river - because there just aren't very many kids in our neighborhood. Thank the stars - it is only for one hour!! I can handle that.

Back to watching football - my Steelers have a bye week - which is good - several team members need some "healing" time! Great Sunday all!


Anonymous said...

I hope you can work it out so you get to see Biden, but I understand why you wouldn't want to leave your grandson with someone while he's sick. Poor kid.

Man - Halloween is almost here already? I can't believe it.

Nan said...

Colors are slow this year. I was in Upper Michigan in late September and the trees seemed to be a couple weeks behind where I thought they should be.

Hope the grandson's cold clears up fast -- 48 hours can make a huge difference with a kid.

As for Halloween -- I'm from far enough north that every costume had to be designed so it would fit over a snowsuit. Ghosts and clowns were about it.