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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What we should expect Thursday night....

I, for one, would like to hear from the real Sarah Palin - not the one who is spoon fed all her talking points and beauty pageant answers. If we look at the three interviews (Gibson, Hannity and Couric), she truly was not asked difficult questions. Some were so basic and they were rewarded with a slew of blather that made no sense whatsoever.

When asked by Couric, what reading material do you have or use to keep you apprised of what is going on in D.C.? She went on for 2 minutes, talking about Alaska being a microcosm of the United States (should have been world), and never, not once mentioned any publication. I am willing to bet that she doesn't get past Sports Illustrated or This Week in Moose, since news magazines escape her immediate thoughts. Let's see there is: Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, National Review - hell, she could have even mentioned the National Enquirer! But no, - I don't think she reads, period!!!!

My favorite Couric part was when she was elaborating on having a "best friend of 30 years" who is GAY - but she is NOT her gay friend!?!?!?!!? If you listen closely, she also states that "this friend" CHOSE to be gay. EXCUSE ME!!! And the dinosaurs roamed the earth with man 6000 years ago!
C'mon Sarah, show us a different you on Thursday night, show us you have a brain of your own and maybe even sport a new do..............

How's that for shits and giggles??? The new more modern Sarah Palin!!

Crappola, McCain is speaking more ignorant garbage - guess he is going to make himself the martyr of the Senate vote this evening. I would love to see how the pharmaceutical market is faring at the moment...surely more people are taking drugs in order to put up with his lies and bullshit.

Have to run and buy long pants for thegrandson...it got cool way to fast and he has such long legs - nothing works from last year. This should be fun, shopping with thedaughter...she is NOT a shopper anyway!


crystal dawn said...

Noticed today that the wing-nuts are screaming bias because Gwen Ifill is writing a book about Obama and moderating the Veep debates. She's been writing this book for some time, and the moderators were chosen weeks ago. Nevermind the McCain campaign agreed already, but way to keep on top of things wingnuts!

B-Town J.H.C. said...

Could this be the plan all along? Make Palin look inept, lower expectations, and then when she does moderately well in a debate, she will be "better than I thought".

Just like when Bush II debated, people will be happy with the performance as long as she doesn't scream and fling poo at Biden.

Mnmom said...

She's a nitwit.
My aunt has an interesting theory: that McCain doesn't really want to WIN, he just wanted to be the GOP nominee, have his moment in the sun. Thoughts?

themom said...

crystaldaawn: I heard that - the book is about FOUR black men and their rise in the political arena, not specifically this campaign, and both camps were made aware of this fact in August - shame on the pukes for using that now. Maybe that was something they were "sitting on" to possible avert the debate.

mnmom: I guess that is an idea, but McLame has had so many "times in the sun" - maybe not good, but his time is over. I have a good feeling now - the momentum is heading the Democrat way.

juddy: that is the general concensus - by having such low expectations - any half way decent argument will be a "win" for her.