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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Don't ya think Tim Russert would be rolling over????

I have been trying to compose myself, as the rage has intensified to unhealthy levels, within my body. I detest to all limits LIARS!!! And a liar who utilizes such tactics to get such negative responses - should burn in Hell. I am referring to the McStupid and Palgal's speeches from yesterday. Since they have chosen to connect Barack Obama to the radical beliefs of the 60's and 70's - the responses from the crowds (these are on the multiple video tapes) of "TERRORIST" - "KILL HIM" - and "TREASON" have been the result. This makes me very afraid. My personal opinion is that McAryan has been a racist for most of his life - Palin, I doubt, she's not smart enough to make the connection. But they have opened a can of worms and can never reseal that can. I have seen the people that this McC/Palin team have been appealing too, and it is frightful. The arguments I have managed to get into (now, aren't we shocked?) have been futile. I walk away wondering how some of these people have managed to survive in this world, for so long. Their perception of reality is totally whacked! Facts and truths mean absolutely nothing, I repeat nothing to these people.

Since, I did my first research paper in junior high school, I have loved to research everything. The majority of people that will be voting on November 4th, take what vitriol is put to them, as gospel and therefore, "my mind is made up now!" I am very glad that there are so many new, young voters - mostly from college campuses, and inquisitive enough to listen to ALL points. Hopefully, their decisions will be made with a deep concern for the future of this country and the avenues they decide to travel, be it business, education or corporate.


I do believe the I.R.S. needs to further scrutinize some issues on both McCain and Palin's returns. McCain has not claimed one penny in gambling winnings (and it is well known how he likes the crap tables) over the years. Granted he can deduct losses in proportion to his winnings, so why hasn't he? Hmmm... makes me wonder. A bigger issue though would be the $43,500 Palin's received for travel and lodging for First Dude and the kids. Nada, nil, nothing was claimed in that area. Although the McC camp released an opinion letter from a Washington, D.C. criminal tax attorney, saying they complied with Alaska law...there are opposing opinions from former I.R.S. lawyers, saying there is basically no wiggle room as to the $23,000 for the Palin kids - that is reportable and taxable. First Dude is a gray area, as a spouse, he is sometimes required (?) to be with his wife. FD's "snow machine" winnings being reported as a Sole Proprietor business may come under scrutiny also. He has written off more deductions - relating to what - 2 races at most a year. Nothing, in reality, will happen on these fronts till long after Nov. 4th I am sure.


WILL TONIGHT BE THE NIGHT???? Will McCain's blood pressure raise to level of making an ass of himself? Will Obama say just the "right thing" to drive him over the edge? I have no doubts that Obama can remain cool - but McCyanide does not have that kind of reputation. Will the Keating issue arise? Former Se. Dennis DeConcini said in an article yesterday, that he basically feels Obama should continue, as he felt and still feels that McCain got off way to easy in that scandal (I agree). Because McC was a member of the US House - the Senate concluded it had no jurisdiction to look into McC's travel and investments with Keating. DeConcini is not alone in that thought. When this was all over the news in early 90's, many people felt there was plenty being brushed under the rug, as it were.


NOTE OF INTEREST: Jerome Corsi, author of the Obama attack book "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality", the book which fuels McC's smears, was arrested and deported from Kenya this morning. He was in Kenya (sponsored by a Christian group) to promote this book, which definitely was not received well - what a dumb ass, Obama's father was a renowned Economist from Kenya, and there are still relatives there who think well of Obama. Such is life, I guess.


I still have so much to do before the debate tonight. If I am lucky, I may get thedaughter to sit with me through this one too. Thegrandson has slept with me the past two nights, as his mom works 7-3:30pm, and I have to get him up for school - as I have said before I don't sleep well, when he is there. He's a bed hog, hates blankets, and has dreams that involve kicking sometimes. Grrrrr......... He is so lucky I love him dearly!!

Behave all, and catch ya later! TTFN.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow - lots of good info. I am really concerned about the level of nastiness that McCain has unleashed in these last few weeks. I'm worried that people are going to get hurt.

Interesting about Corsi.

And hoo boy, do I hate sleeping with my kids. MathMan is bad enough (bed hog/blanket theif), but my kids used to put their feet on me and push off. Drove me nuts.

Will you be twittering during the debates?