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Friday, October 24, 2008

She needs NEW brain cells....NOW!!!

Again, Sarah Palin never ceases to amaze me. When we listen to ANY of her speeches, they ALL include the same talking points. The same grammatical phrasing...she managed to memorize a specific few lines and reiterates them non-stop. As if these sputterings can be applied exclusively to economy, health care, jobs...etc. Please watch this:

Now, I know she is pro-life and does not believe in abortion, even in the case of rape - even if it were her own daughter - but to wiggle and fudge the issue of putting an abortion clinic bomber in the same category as THE TERRORIST BILL AYERS, is mind boggling.

Bill Ayers, made bombs to further a political agenda against the Vietnam war - NO ONE was killed. I stated before, his first wife was killed trying to dismantle or deter the placement of a bomb. Now, with all McClank and Pally's ramblings, the radical Bill Ayers is the worst thing that ever walked the face of the earth.

Sarah dear...now what do you think of Eric Rudolph? "Duh, who's that?" Let me tell you dear, he set off a bomb at the Atlanta Olympic park and maimed many and I believe 2 possibly 3 people were killed. He bragged about the abortion clinics he blew up...maiming people - scars they would carry for the remainder of their lives. This man bragged about his accomplishments, people lived in terror because of him, he was on the FBI's Most Wanted list for the five years he remained in hiding. Now - again, would you classify this abortion clinic bomber a terrorist? Eric Rudolph is serving LIFE in prison, Bill Ayers is a college professor and no prison time - there's a no-brainer for ya!

When Brian Williams tried to get a straight answer from her on this issue, you can see she again, did not give that straight answer!! If she gave a truthful answer - she would have to say YES. But she won't because she loves the fact that abortion clinics were being blown up - because it fits her personal beliefs in pro-life. (Of course that would be pro-life for the unborn - not the living!)

I'm not arguing the point of abortion per se, that is a personal choice which should be left solely to the individual (my belief), I am making the point of Palin's lack of knowledge, stupidity if you will. She is not smart enough to realize that her memorized TALKING POINTS and key phrases are not applicable to all issues. Please, please, grow a brain! She refers to terrorists as anyone who would threaten our U.S. Capital, Pentagon and innocent lives. Like I said, in my heart I know that she does not consider those associated with abortion clinics or who may perform abortions as innocent lives.

On that note - here's the latest picture sweeper the Internet.


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