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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am boycotting local WTRF-TV in Wheeling WV....

Sen. Joe Biden is giving a speech this very minute at Ohio University Eastern in St. Clairsville, Ohio. It is being televised LIVE on WTOV9 out of Steubenville, OH, but our local Wheeling station (WTRF) is not covering this event nor are they live streaming on the web site. This is unforgivable. They didn't hesitate to "over" cover Sarah Palin's visit on Sunday and ooh and ahhh afterwards - even exaggerating the attendance figure.

I was an avid viewer for local news - but that has changed as of this very minute. I can get my CBS shows on other channels also. For a small, close and personal area, between OH and WV - this bias should not be tolerated. Now I can honestly compare them to FOX news. **This station now has a FOX channel and an ABC network - go figure??!?!?!


***It is 6:20 pm and I got a reply to the "not so nice" e-mail I fired off to the news director of WTRF. I was told that "of course we would not televise one and not the other, we televised the entire speech on our FOX affiliate." (also that my comments were totally unwarranted.) EXCUSE ME - NOT EVERYONE GETS YOUR FOX AFFILIATE ON THEIR CABLE SERVICE!!! How insane. Of course they will run it live on a FOX affiliate and trash it completely.


Mnmom said...

Those call letters are hysterical!!
WTRF = What the Royal F**K?

themom said...

OMG - I never thought about it - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

B-Town J.H.C. said...

And MSNBC being pulled off Comcast in that area. Quell dissidence. Just look at the major media outlet, which encompasses 90% of W.V, who owns WTRF and several other media outlets, West Virginia Media Holdings LLC, and it's Largest private investor, Bray Cray. He's a rich, old neocon.

This is from his show "Decision Makers" which airs all over the state. When discussing the plans to have Massey Energy mine one of the last remaining untouched mountains in W.V., the Coal River Mountain, which will flatten the mountain:

Bray Cary: “My understanding is that if you cut the top off of Coal River Mountain, that the wind will swoop down through there, come up on the uplift of the next mountain and create twice the force”

Rory McIlmoil: “Thats a lie, first of all, and I would like to see that source.”

Bray: “You’re lookin’ at the source.”

Rory: “So you basically just made that up.”

Bray: “And one other thing, these windmills. One of the main concerns I have is are the birds, I mean you guys are just killing the environment.”

Lorelei: “Oh can I go there.” (Lorelei proceeds to explain that mountaintop removal kills or destroys habitat for every animal on the mountain, and the more than 500,000 acres of MTR in Appalachia has likely killed more birds than any windfarm, and adds that house cats and windows kill multitudes more birds than wind…so wind is really the lesser evil…) and Bray Cary hollers out, "Bird-killer!”

B-Town J.H.C. said...

to be clearer, that exchange on "Decision Makers" was about a grass roots effort to stop the mining and instead install Wind Farms on the mountain.

Anonymous said...

Hey bud,

Good coverage about the Decision Makers show, and thanks for covering it. That was one of my favorite parts of the interview, and it only served to expose Bray for how ridiculously corrupted he is. I cant remember if it was covered, but there was another part where he said something about "Clean Coal" and I said there was no such thing, and he just about lost his tie. Anyhow, we appreciate the blog. Lookin' forward to more truth. Take care,

Rory McIlmoil
Coal River Mountain Wind campaign