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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dreary, boring Saturday...so a hodgepodge of thoughts...

will be coming out now. Mnmom has had her Obama sign stolen from her yard (yet left her Al Franken banner) and I find this just mean. But I did find something to cheer her up:

How's that for a thought - bigger and better works for me!!

This morning news seems to be reporting that Sarah Palin has turned "rogue" on the McCain campaign. Now there's a real shock - she has been a rogue, since she first opened her mouth with "palling around with terrorists."

The woman just doesn't "get it!" I should think everyone has noticed that she has turned more prima donna lately - even when sitting or standing alongside McGrumpy. Several of the campaign people assigned to steer her in the direction they deem correct, are ready to abandon ship - they know they are cooked since several have sent out resumes already.

One thing that has driven me nuts throughout this campaign is her constant reminder that "Obama would sit down with dictators without preconditions." I truly believe that she has never accessed a dictionary in her life. Having a so-called journalism degree has not helped her in the grammar area, of that we are sure. But I digress.

Preconditions - trans. verb. To put in proper or desired condition or frame of mind especially in preparation. Palin is describing preparation not preconditions. Her statement actually says that some kind of condition imposed has to be met. McC wants Iran to suspend their uranium enrichment program before any negotions are considered. Obama is against it. His premise being, you can't ask the other party to give up certain negotiating points in exchange for nothing and then expect them to sit down and negotiate. Palin is not adept enought to understand this working scenario. And we definitely know she hasn't had that much political experience to begin with. (I argue her "executive" experience as spouted by the McCrack team.)

One needs to ask Sarah Palin - wtf do you mean by preconditions? Would you please expound on that premise! Then we would be inundated with more gobbledygook (sp) and have to take more meds. I dare her to define preparations as opposed to preconditions. Her usage and intention do not come across as Obama's original reference - but again, more fodder with which to hang herself.


I ran across this lovely picture - and brought back memories of when my kids were younger (high school age) and theson and his buddies decided to "trick or treat." One of the guys went as a CONDOM, and I thought I would die laughing. Talk about an economical costume!

But even though he is a young man now - if he ever makes it back to this country - I will suggest a costume similar to these! Bwahahahaha!!! He's NUTS anyway.

Maybe I will start some laundry, maybe I will start dinner, maybe I will run the sweeper.....and then again.....maybe none of the above!!! Till later..........


Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope you did none of the above.

That Obama sign is priceless!

And Palin and that preconditions nonsense makes me think of George Carlin. He had a whole bit about the use of the prefix "pre" in front of things that were completely nonsensical. Pre-order? It's an order! Pre-board the plan? I'm going to board the aircraft, when I'm not on the plane, I'm WAITING. He had a whole list of them.

Conditions. Not preconditions. If you're going to lay out certain agreements before you will meet with someone, those could be call conditions. That's all you need to say.

Sheesh, the woman really isn't very intelligent is she?

movie fan said...

the McCain camp has been sending mixed signals since it's inception... Sarah Palin can't even keep up with McCain's endless wavering between "straight talker" and crooked politician

rennratt said...

One of the bloggers in PA has had her political signs stolen twice. In ONE WEEK.

This country is turning into a freaking frat house.

Mnmom said...