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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I knew they would fling the Poo as soon........

as Barack Obama left the campaign to go to his grandmother's bedside!! You need to watch this video (I tried to find a download - not happening), and this GOP strategist, Brad Blakeman, OPENS MOUTH - INSERTS FOOT!!!

As soon as I heard that Obama would be leaving the campaign runs for two days - in order to be with his grandmother, I was not upset as he has run one of the most consistent, well organized campaigns I have ever seen. I felt that he would cover his bases and ensure that the rallies continued and the staff would handle the ads. There were so many well-wishes throughout the cyber world for his grandmother - of course, what would we do in a case like this. It wouldn't take me even a second to decide - FAMILY FIRST!!!

If you go to the site above and watch the video, I am assuming that the beginning of the conversation was relating to the $150K RNC wardrobe expense for Palgal. Just like a good repuke, they never give direct answers, they immediately change the situation to Obama. And this man's rhetoric just set me back a step or two. For one thing, Obama did not make it in time to see his mother before she passed away, and he does not want to make the same mistake twice in his lifetime. This woman was an integral part of his life and that is something very precious.

This Brad Blakeman, now wants the Dems to get upset because he is using the campaign plane to fly to his grandmother. Callous, catty, ridiculous, absurd - bastard, asshole and on and on - this man pissed me off!!

I have given a few paltry dollars to Obama's campaign, and in my opinion - he needs to be where he is - in Hawaii with his grandmother. If it took my few pennies to help fuel the plane - I say SUPER!!!! I don't find this frivolous in the least. I feel we have gotten our monies worth and more.

This man is trying to make the comparison of the largess of the wardrobe to Obama utilizing the campaign jet. There is no comparison between a fashionista and a loving, caring grandson - at least not in the world in which I live. And another thing...he has to have the Secret Service contingent with him also - so as far as "humping his bags through an airport"....I say shove it up your ASS! You ignorant, sanctimonious prick! Yes, I don't care who knows it - I am mad. I have had it with this thoughtless, idiotic bunch of cretins.


Anonymous said...

Lord. I'm watching the replay of Blakeman on Countdown right now. I could vomit. Republicans need to hang their heads in shame and slink away.

Mnmom said...

Bastards, all of them. Have they no SHAME??!??!