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Friday, October 10, 2008

I wouldn't want these women to decide.....

the future of this country. I view this video as a "fluff" piece. These women have no clue of the difference between a Democracy and a Theocracy. I doubt that they could even debate the difference. I have no problem with the various religious beliefs of people, that is a personal choice - but I don't base political decisions from a religious viewpoint.

These women refer to Sarah Palin as "bold, authentic and she tells the truth!" This tells me, that these women view life at face value. They have not, or refuse to see anything else, when facts trump dreams anytime.

The one lone Democrat in the group states - she is a "fan." I can't remember the last time I looked at a politician from a groupies outlook. I should hope that we look at our politicians as OUR representatives, the ones who should be helping us prosper in a global economy (we see who didn't do that) and keep us competitive in that market so we can flourish. The situation at this time, is rather dreary, but look who has been at the helm? Dubya!

The majority of these women said "we get 'em", referring to Palin's winks and nods. At last count there was no award for "getting "em!" Also seeing Palin for her "authenticity (I sincerely disagree), feistiness and SHE'S A PITBULL!" Now there are some serious reasons to make a political decision! You Go Girls!!

My view, and please remember this is me - these women do not appear to be able to think for themselves. I would imagine that their husbands dictate a lot of thinking points in the family and they follow suit. Before anyone gets mad at me - like I said - this is how it appears to me! I have seen this situation and know women like these personally. I have been verbally attacked by one husband, who thought I was the Anti-Christ for even questioning - what he told his wife to say!

I have always had my free spirit and free thinking ways - I've gone against the "norm", always questioning who sets the standard for normalcy.

It appears that the "lies" are coming out more and more now. The McCain/Palin team has gone from distortions to outright "making things up entirely." George Will, conservative writer for Newsweek, has even gone against McCain. There are so many conservatives scratching their heads, wondering WTF is this man doing. He's changing his platform from one rally to the next, spouting such vile things, that he is losing his base now.


I had a brain fart last night and turned over to Greta Van Susteren, and she was playing a tape of Ohio Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner (Dem.) from earlier in the day. After playing that video, she went on to hold up TRO papers from a Federal Judge against Brunner for not handling the new voter registrations properly (which is being appealed) - but my point here, is she next had on FORMER OH Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell (Rep.). He would be the one who disenfranchised enough voters in 2004 - to give his crony Bush the state of Ohio. When that vote was questioned, he couldn't stall the judicial mechanics fast enough, to the point the ballots would be destroyed. How is that for FAIR & BALANCED?????

I also heard Cindy Lou McCain telling (gag) Hannity (on the Straight Talk Express), that her husband is the most truthful person she has ever known and how proud she is of him. You go Cindy Lou, as Tammy Wynette sang "Stand By Your Man!" - that is your job!

Enjoy the sunshine (we have it for the next few days) and the temps are going to be nice too...porch sitting soon!


arrozconpollo said...

I had the same thought about Palin when she was introduced 5 wks ago. Her hubby is way too involved in state affairs. He's being CC'd on internal govt emails (which somehow they are claiming executive privaledge on). And Republican legislators in Alaska have expressed wonderment and feelings of weirdness that Todd Palin stays in on all the governer's meetings. I too think this smells of male-dominance in authoritarian/evangelical circles.

Fox "News" and the right wing are pushing this vote fraud / ACORN bullshit as a ruse to justify disenfranchising more voters. That's the only way they can win...by suppressing the vote. And this cocksucker Blackwell has some audacity to even mention fraud when he disenfranchised 100's of thousands in Ohio. Registration lists on the wrong paper weight? Purged. You want more than one voting machine in your heavily populated Democratic district? Denied. This cocksucker Blackwell made Kathryn Harris look like a voting rights proponent.

Blackwell is a dominionist Christian. Read about Spoonamore, the whistleblower in a current election fraud case. He says the dominionists have been recruited by the Rovians to help steal elections. They justify it by thinking it will get Roe v Wade overturned. Dipshits.....Repubs have had the supreme court for 20+ years, they have no intention of destroying their best wedge issue.

I loved your image there with the candidates and trains. However, my young sons are BIG fans of Thomas the Train and would be very offended if Palin was compared to Thomas, the "cheeky one". They probobly wouldn't even approve if you linked her to James, who is "vain, but lots of fun". She certainly is no Emily, who "really knows her stuff". I suggest Palin is more like Diesel, who is very devious and likes to start fights between the other engines. Fortunately, Sir Topham Hatt had the good mind to throw Diesel off the island of Sodor. Lets do the same on November 4 and send that witch back to Wasilla.

Jeesus H Christ, I know my Thomas shit :)

Mnmom said...

Yuk. They have big girl-crushes on Sarah Palin!! "I know if she came in here we could have some snacks and just have a ball!" That hardly qualifies her to be VP of the Free World!! Qualifies her to be that vacuous woman's BFF. OMG!! She's like totally Kewl!!

Women like that think God is a Precious Moments character.

Anonymous said...

What an embarrassment. Clearly these women think that this election is a popularity contest. Palin's fans like her for her celebrity, not her policies.


themom said...

arrozconpollo: I must pay closer attention to this Thomas the Train stuff. I'm so out of touch.

mnmom: odds are slim to none Palin would ever be coming here for snacks. hmmmm....

dcup: policies??? isn't that like life insurance or something? {{{head bobbing}}}