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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

These numbers look very gooooood to me!

For an in-depth explanation of this chart, I found it here:

This chart reflects total electoral votes for Obama = 367 and McCain = 152. If the end result is anywhere close to these figures, I would die a happy person. To never see or hear about Sarah Palin again would be bliss. Unfortunately, McCain will still be popping off in the Senate, maybe even crying or just plain stirring shit!

Now, someone PLEASE tell me what the lawsuit "Berg v. Obama" is about. I've read the general papers filed in Pennsylvania, and I think the attorney appears to be a complete idiot. My comprehension is that this guy is saying that Obama was NOT born in the United States (Hawaii), but born in Kenya and therefore ineligible to even run for POTUS. This attorney lists Obama's paternal grandparents and aunt or uncle as proof. Has anyone else heard about this? According to his site, a judgement was rendered today which AFFIRMS all the statements. It must be noted that this judgement was made because they received no answer to the complaint - thus a default judgement. Someone please, help me here. I should hope this is a total whackjob!! I Googled the case and found several sites.

I'm tired - think I will crash for the evening. If anyone can clear the above situation up for me I would greatly appreciate the help. Be back tomorrow. Behave all!


Mnmom said...

I haven't heard anything but it bears watching.

B-Town J.H.C. said...

I believe once this election is over McCain will draw back from the Extreme Right. He is just using the gullibility of the base to get the 25% they represent.

If he wins I hope he'll shun the Extremists. He is not going for re-election; he's a one-and-done.