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Thursday, October 23, 2008

WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!!!! Literally....

Yesterday, started out pretty much like any other - thedaughter was on her second day off in nine days, we were getting things accomplished....and then. She ate a chicken salad sandwich and a tooth which she was having problems, decided to flare up royally, sending her into excruciating pain. We immediately get on the phone and NO ONE takes her insurance, let alone emergency calls. I had reached the point of "not so nice" retorts to these people. Give me a break!! What is a person to do when in serious pain??? Even the walk-in dental clinics, like Sears, wouldn't take her insurance. I finally found one who would take her immediately and I had to pay $200 for the extraction. This tooth was rooted into her sinus cavity, and we hope we are out of the woods, but he did say that an infection or perforation could cause problems. Lovely. At least she came home with Vicodin and no tooth ache.

We had already made plans to carve the pumpkins for thegrandson last night, so after her friend left (who took her to the dentist), she laid the papers on the living room floor and marked the pumpkins and started on the smaller one first. It was being carved with a "spider", and just when she gets alllllllllmost done - the grandson dropped something, scared her, and she cut out a BIG chunk! Ruh roh! She was not a happy camper now.

Me, the ever vigilant peacemaker, told her to calm down - "I have toothpicks." I'm all for jerry rigging anything. The toothpicks worked, and as she got up off the floor, she slid on the papers laid out - and did a header - busting the pumpkin - and now ----after leaving the emergency room this morning - has a BROKEN ARM!!!!!!!

Damn, damn, damn!!! I gave her ice for her arm last night (she also sprained her ankle), as it was after 10 pm, I did ask if she wanted me to call 911 - she said "no." Since she was taking the Vicodin for the tooth problem, she at least had a little relief.

When she came down this morning, she was crying in pain, so after we got thegrandson off to school - off to the ER we go. We finally get the verdict of the fracture and are told to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. Guess what - not a single Ortho in this area takes her insurance either. (She has Ohio Medicaid - Caresource.) Now, there is another twist. three years ago, when she had an Orthopedic surgeon who took her insurance, she had to have 3 surgeries to remove the wrist joint. She had tumors in the bones that were "killing" the bones. After ten years of ER trips and being told it was a sprain - we went to Ohio State University hospital in Columbus to find the truth and have the proper surgical procedures to correct the problem. All in all, we made 25 trips to Columbus - but it was well worth the ride.

The end result was highly limited range of motion in her wrist, but she managed to adapt and relearn to type, so it never really interfered with her employment. Unfortunately this break is right above the joint removal. So, in all honesty, this is still a broken wrist as opposed to an arm. If surgery is needed, which I sincerely doubt, we will head back to Columbus - the doctor there deals ONLY with wrists, and we loved him.

Now, I have a headache, and want a nap...but can't see that happening right away. Thedaughter will definitely not be able to work for the next few days, and I guess I will be playing nursemaid. I need to train thegrandson better I guess.

Updates later...I must catch up on blogs and news now!!! Surprise, surprise!

***The X-ray above is not actually hers, just an example.

UPDATE: 7:45 pm - after utilizing some straight pins, thedaughter - with one hand put the pumpkin back together and thegrandson is very happy. Pic 1 with flash - pic 2 without flash.


CDP said...

Oh no! How awful, I hope she's OK soon. I once worked with an engineer who was out with knee surgery and then in a cast/brace thing for six weeks after. No more than two weeks after he got the brace off, he fell down on a wet spot in his bathroom and broke his other knee. His 4 children were all under 7 at that time, so his wife was beside herself. I hope things settle down soon.

Mnmom said...

Holy Cow!!!
Can you take one of her pain meds?
Best wishes for a more peaceful rest of the week. I hate when things come in strings like that.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Holy crap!! Place your daughter in a room covered in foam rubber and don't let her out for a while. Hope the accident spree is over for a long time and she heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

Your poor baby! I hate that for her. I'm sending her good thoughts. And good thoughts for you, too.