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Sunday, October 19, 2008

One more thing before football begins for the day....

John McCain was on Fox news this morning right after the announcement was received of Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama. It is no great secret of my disdain for this man, especially since he has gone far beyond "mud slinging!" After so many questions were posed, he was asked if he thought Sarah Palin has become a "drag" on the Republican ticket. His reply was as follows:
"I could not be more pleased. She has excited and energized our base. She is a direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda for America. She has a wonderful family. She's a reformer. She's a conservative. She's the best thing that could have happened to my campaign and to America."

As usual, every time he opens his mouth I get chills up my spine. But saying Palin is the "counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda" speaks volumes. McCain would be happy if all the women in the world just "stayed in their place." Maybe Cindy Lou is happy being separated from McCrackhead for long periods, in order to be her feminine self and collect her millions of dollars a year, but I am telling you now - this woman is going to her grave screaming and shouting "I am as smart and equal to any man in this world." We have had many opportunities to rise the corporate ladders but it's assholes like McGruffy who ensure we DON'T EARN EQUAL PAY! We know that he wants the government to deny us the right to make decisions regarding our bodies - and there is no end to sending us back one hundred years in society.

As far as her other attributes, we know how over-exaggerated they are and just for back-up, these people from Wasilla can attest to her fiscal irresponsibility.

Aha - the Steelers are starting - catch ya later.


arrozconpollo said...

Ah, your Steelers beat up on my beloved Bungals yesterday. Literally beat up...Ward broke Keith Rivers' jaw and put up 21 pts in garbage time. Do not worry though....we will get you Steelers back when we are good again...in 2019 :(

Despite your love of the Steelers, I will not hold it against you. Your blog is most excellent.

Mnmom said...

Liberal Feminist Agenda??!! Yeah, I want really radical things like lower classroom sizes, job growth, alternative energy, good roads, a return to America held in esteem by other countries, decreased government corruption, adequate veterens benefits and healthcare, solid diplomatic efforts, clean water, clean air.

Holy Christmas I'm practically an anarchist!