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Monday, October 27, 2008

From the depths of desperation...McCain is at his lowest!!

I have never been in the position of being so far down (in an election or otherwise) that I would utilize the lies and distortions that John McCrackhead and his cohorts have decided to sink.

This is a partial representation of a mailer being sent by the LOSERS - in hopes of pulling ahead in this very important election. If you notice, these are all "claims" and no factual information is included. Throwing mud is all the asshhole has left - this riles me to no end. Essentially, they are preying upon the less informed to sway their votes. You know the ones I am talking about, the ones who spout the same old words and phrases - but couldn't substantiate a single one, if their lives depended on it.

I am guessing that I will never be able to run for a major office in the future, because I know Bob Ney and am very good friends with his parents. Since I have that relationship, because he accepted money from Jack Abramoff, I must also have been involved. Damn, I wish I had some of that money!!!!
News alert showing white van that was used to "kidnap" Jennifer Hudson's nephew has been located, and there is a body of a child inside. How very sad. I hope they catch and fry the bastards involved. What could that 7 year old boy have done to deserve this? As a mother and a grandmother, my philosophy has always been one of the lioness - you don't mess with MINE!!! I will be thinking about this family and their grief and heartache - something that will never go away.
We have a COLD front moving through and they even mentioned possible "snow showers" for tomorrow - BRRRRR!! Mnmom can have the snow in Minnesota - I'm so not ready.
John McQuick is making an announcement in Cleveland with his "Economic Advisers." OMG what could this be??? He has Meg Whitman and Mitt Romney with him - now I'm scared. He keeps clearing his throat - I think he has a furball! Crap, Tom Pawlenty there too. WTF?!?!? "Don't believe Obama - he will cut millions of jobs where I ensure millions of NEW jobs!" Is the
man grasping at the straws on the floor??
  • He will make the stock market rebound
  • He will NOT raise taxes
  • He will ensure millions of new jobs

This man is PISSED!! He is just going to turn himself off more by this desperate act. People, please see it for what it is!! Ruh-roh!! Same old lies coming out - maybe the furball will expel next.

So far I haven't heard anything new. Incentivive - is that a word? I must check that out. The sad part is - the stock market ticker is rising as he is speaking - Grrrrr. Listening to the "applause" he is speaking to a very small group - hmmmm.

I think this speaking engagement is to show the JOHN MCCAIN CABINET!! He certainly isn't saying anything I haven't heard already. Too much for this hour of the day - I have some things to do - be back later.

1 comment:

Mnmom said...

Do you suppose they will announce that Sarah Palin has declined to "have more time with her family" and is being replaced with T-Paw? He's a rotten gov by the way.