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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain tooting his own horn? Could he be wrong???

John McGoofy is going to be on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer later this afternoon, but I just saw a clip, and I have to wonder if McCrack made an error in his statement?!?!?! Wolf asks a question regarding Joe Biden's declaration that Obama (or the President) may be faced with a crisis within the first 6 months of office. In all Johnny Crackhead's blathering he refers to the Cuban Missile crisis and that he was there.

The Cuban missile crisis began in April of '61 (McC graduated from the Naval Academy in '58), with the Bay of Pigs. The crisis itself climaxed in Ocotber of '62. THERE WAS NO AIR SUPPORT USED AT ALL!! Covert Cuban expatriates were used by the CIA internally (although it was a failed attempt).

I have a feeling McQuaint is going to try and make himself a HERO on another front now. OMG - I may not make it till Nov. 4th, the stress is just awful.

Needless to say, I will be watching The Situation Room at 4 pm to get the entire interview. I should really try to find some drugs before then I imagine!!!!!

Oh the memories, this was a time in our life where everyone was talking about building "bomb shelters!" I can remember my father, having plans drawn up for one in our backyard. One of my neighbors has one in her backyard - I guess they would make nice playhouses or storage units now.

I will be back - I just know you had your doubts!!

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