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Friday, October 03, 2008

20/20 hindsight...and I believe this crock!


ANNOYED - ANNOYED!! Puh-leeze, give me a break. She is not engaged in a game of schoolyard marbles here - she is running for (gulp) Vice-President!! None of Katie Couric's questions were "gotcha" types - and I am sure had Palgal wanted to broach these other subjects she mentions - Couric would have gone along with the plan.

Now, this is my skeptical mind running rampant again, but does anyone else notice that the topics she mentions are the SAME TALKING POINTS she fell back on in the debate. Hello Sarah...I am not a moron!!! These talking points she wants to bring out are the exact same ones that have been "fact-checked" and proven wrong or distorted - yet repeated over and over but her fearless leader.

Curiosity killed the cat, so they say...but what do I care, my cat is a pain in the ass, but anyway - wonder if SP will make any of the Sunday news shows this weekend!! I say, why not, she has been brainwashed with all the pertinent right wing mistaken garbage - let it all out.

I also find it sad, that poor Sarah is "outside the Washington elite AND the media elite." Nobody will let poor wittle Sawah play wiv 'em! That was rather catty, I admit.

I may have to head to a shrink - this makes TWO references to FOX news in one day - this is a bad sign!

Cheerio - pip pip - tata, I'm off for now. Later and TTFN.

HOORAY IT'S FRIDAY! No biggie to me, just another day. :(

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Blaming the media - red meat to the base. She's slipping with the independents. Thank goodness.