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Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's OFFICIAL...Colin Powell endorses Obama...

and that should be a whoppingly huge kick in the ass to McCain/Palin. An endorsement from retired General Colin Powell should totally annihilate any idea of Barack Obama being quantified (in one form or another) as a terrorist set on destroying America and that he (B.O.) is a proud American.

Whatever will Palin do now? The McC camp surely, will not allow her to question Powell's patriotism and she's not smart enough to realize the ramifications of doing so either. She can't question Powell's service to his country (she probably doesn't even know much of his bio). This could be very interesting.

The McC camp has hired another "hatchet man", one who worked a slime campaign against McC in 2000. Truely McCain has laid out a plan of vile, nasty commentary against Obama to try and win this race. McC is hyper-ambitious in this "competition" and truly believes he is entitled because of his POW status. In the next few days this may all backfire on the "maverick" team. If (but he will) Obama beats McC - I believe it will be a devastating blow to McC's ego, crap, the man carries so much contempt for Obama, I am surprised he doesn't wear a hood at times. In a way, although JOE has used all this media stuff to his advantage, he never thought that the media loves to dig - loves to get answers (and dirt), and that he was now their media darling for 15 minutes. Fact: Joe the Plumber can no more afford to buy a business than anyone at the moment.

Oh my, Colin Powell is really jumping on the "negative campaign" McC/Palin is running. This ride is getting better and better. That man (Powell) is one smart cookie.

Okie-dokie - more later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is great news. I am so glad that he tore down some of the nonsense that McCain's campaign is putting out there.