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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Alaska, has had a rough time....apparently...

To date eleven Alaskans have either been charged, convicted or pleaded guilty, all connected to a federal corruption investigation over the last 4 years. Ted Stevens is the latest to take a big fall. Included in this "bunch" are three state legislators, the chief of staff to former Gov. Frank Murkowski and two former Veco execs. Alaska's state congressman, Don Young hasn't been charge, but is under investigation as well.

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska's junior senator has been targeted by an ethics complaint, which was lodged by a watchdog group over a land deal. And we have seen the Troopergate mess unravel before our eyes in the last couple of months.

Ted Stevens - Tried and convicted on 7 counts of making false financial disclosures. Each charge carrys a five year prison term - although it is unlikely that he will be sentenced that extremely.

Pete Kott - Former Alaska House Speaker, convicted Sept. 25,2007 of bribery, extortion and conspiracy for selling influence to executives of the oil services and construction firm Veco Corp.

Vic Kohring - Former state Rep. of Wasilla, convicted on Nov. 1, 2007 of bribery, conspiracy and attempted extortion. Sentenced to 42 months in federal prison in Oregon.

Tom Anderson - Former state Rep. of Anchorage, was sentenced to 5 years in prison on Oct. 15, 2007, convicted on 7 felony charges including bribery, conspiracy and money laundering. Anderson was also a paid consultant for Veco.

Bill Allen - Veco CEO, pleaded guilty May 7, 2007 to charges of bribery and conspiracy for his dealings with legislators.

Rick Smith - Veco vice president, pleaded guilty to same charges as Bill Allen.

Bill Bobrick - Lobbyist, pleaded guilty May 7, 2007 to conspiracy for bribing Anderson.

Jim Clark - Lawyer and lobbyist. Pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy while he was Gov. Frank Murkowski's chief of staff.

Bruce Weyhrauch - former state Rep. of Juneau, charged with bribery, attempted extortion, conspiracy and mail fraud. No trail date set as yet.

John Cowdery - State Senator was indicted on July 10, 2008 on conspiracy and bribery charges.

Ben Stevens - former State Senator, son of Sen. Ted Stevens has not been charged but has been under investigation for various matters.

I can't remember such a large group of individuals included in one massive umbrella of deceit since Watergate. Remember Sarah Palin's name may possibly be added after this Personnel Board has completed their investigation.

Locally, we were all saddened that Bob Ney was convicted of accepting gifts (unreported) and was sent to federal prison - since he was our neighbor, this kind of thing doesn't happen, and we believe everything they say....right! But it appears to me that Alaska may have more serous problems, which need to be addressed - that being the influence of the oil companies on the state government.

Ted Stevens, was the King of Pork for Alaska, and it appears he may have a fight on his hands to hold on to his seat in the senate. There are forces fighting to see that his democratic opponent takes over - one week to find out!!


Mnmom said...

Sounds like Alaskans have some house cleaning to do! Hope they kick Mrs. Palin out on her pretty little ass in the next gub. election.

Seriously - know what she'd be good at? A lobbyist for the ARC or other groups fighting for funding for special needs kids. Seriously. She's got the charisma and could really make a difference in that arena.

B-Town J.H.C. said...

Most seem to involve just one company, Veco Corp, the largest oil firm engineering firm in Alaska. Just one barrel, with a bunch of fish in it.

Sarah Palin will be calling for the resignation of Ted Stevens tomorrow.

Then, as Governor of Alaska, Palin can appoint a temp Senator until a special election (within 60 to 90 days).

Can Palin appoint herself? Or will she run for Senator in the Run-off Election?

Mr Palin will soon be going to Washington.

Dave said...

I hope Palin rides off into the sunset and stays out of our (Canadian) airspace when she scurries home to bury her tail in the muck that is left of the North!

I am so enjoying your blog!