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Friday, October 17, 2008


At this point in time, I don't care what I say about that man. To sit and LIE and blame Obama for waging the dirtiest campaign in America - is a sin. The campaign is distributing pamphlets, that are so blatantly wrong - I want to tear someones eyes out. If you go to that link, you will see the "layout" of this pamphlet has terroristic quotes - in between pictures of Obama and Ayers - now what would your first conclusion be?

Bill Ayers NEVER killed anyone. His first wife was killed trying to dismantle a bomb, the one referenced in this literature. Also, how quickly people forget what the political atmosphere was like in the late 60's, early 70's. I remember. McCain has distorted every phrase that Obama has made - not to mention the twisting of words from Bill Ayers. I should certainly hope that the intelligent people of this country - can decipher truth from fiction. I should hope that if anyone has questions - they use their abilities to research and get the truth. In the late 60's and 70's - terrorist was not a word we used either - they were considered RADICALS. McCains' camp deliberately uses to word terrorist to INCITE. I've said it before and will keep saying it till this election is over and the best man is in the White House - Obama.

I must receive those e-mails - that tell you all those bad things about Obama, multiple times a day. Some are from family members even. Nevermind, that the e-mails were sent by an anti-semitic asshole originally - and they still manage to make that circuitous route around the country and back. Nevermind, that everything in those vile e-mails has been disputed - some people still believe every damn word. My patience is wearing thin here folks!

McCain/Palin's team took a wee jump in the polls today - I am hoping that is it - and their path now is DOWN! I know I am probably too passionate here - but when I get behind something - there is no stopping me.

No one cares I am sure - but I would much rather see Tina Fey on SNL - and will not be watching the real one. I am sure I would "stroke out" if I did. Can't say that I was impressed with McC on Letterman last night - I found something better to watch.

Note to family members: DO NOT SEND ME THE OBAMA GARBAGE E-MAILS THAT YOU TAKE FOR FACT. I do my research and I KNOW the facts.


Lemmy Caution said...

Well said !

I continue to get these slanderous "obama emails" from friends and family as well. Got one this morning as a matter of fact. One quick visit to Snopes was all it took to verify what I allready knew.

B-Town J.H.C. said...

To be fair, not "100%" of McCain's ads are "negative", but one study (Wisconsin Advertising Project) said "nearly 100%" negative during the week of Sept 28 through Oct 4. McCain's ads were never that negative in any other week.

But the week after the Republican National Convention, the same study found 77% of Obama's ads were negative.

77 is not as big as 100, but it is also high.

themom said...

Juddy - I find a big difference between "negative" and down-right INCITING. Obama's negative ads were some distortions - but all related to policy of McCains. McCain is making it personal - and building the hatred of some. I see that as a big difference. Maybe it is the semantics.