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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Did I mention Hasselbeck? I'm not a fan either....

I still am trying to figure out what this woman's claim to fame might be. She did not even survive on Survivor, her aptitude is less than stellar, and she honestly believes people want to hear her. Her opening statement refers to her being able to have "five minutes uninterrupted" on this stage. The only reason she can't get a word in edge-wise on The View, is because of the garbage she hurls. I am so looking forward to watching Joy Behar skewer her tomorrow.

Elisabeth in her intro says she is glad to bring "hot topics" to you - referring to Palin, but then lambastes the Dems for running a sexist campaign - DUH!?!?!?! She also adds that Palin is for "equal pay for equal work" for women, but essentially she and McCain are against the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. I must be honest, Palin really didn't know what that act was all about. When Katie Couric called her on it - she said that the Act was only to enrich the lawyers - what a blooming idiot.

Then the blonde bimbo goes on to reference Palin's wardrobe and her flag pin - of course the applause are deafening because of the patriotic tone - and calls the pin "priceless." Maybe she now needs to join up with Johnny Mac and see if she can get him to even WEAR a flag pin!!!!!

Oh, and please notice how little Piper is manhandling baby Trig - what a shame that Palin has to use her children as props!

Again, the repukes wrote a tight script for Hasselbeck, to include all the talking points (which I am sure she will repeat tomorrow). Someone please, please tell me what this protruding jaw thing is that Palin does regularly and now I see Lizzy doing in this video. Does it give reassurance to their words - affirmation of honesty - tell me - wtf?????? If I walked around like that - people would think I was trying to keep my dentures in my mouth. (What few I have left are still mine!)
Hasselbeck also gives kudos for all the wonderful things she has done as governor - her honesty and integrity - did she forget about Troopergate (like Palin) and the ongoing investigation by the Personnel Board???? She praises the $40 billion gas pipeline, that has turned into a white elephant - like I said, Hasselbeck is an idiot!

Therefore, for the next nine days, this will be ME!! Holding my hands over my ears, so I don't have to listen to the blathering from the right and the perpetual lies they hack up!!! Meow!!!

McCrap was on "Meet the Press" this morning and stated that he can "guarantee" a win on November 4th in a squeaker victory that won't be clear until late that night! Woohoo, I swear, at this point in time - the man is DELUSIONAL!!

I agree with many though, we cannot be overconfident, we still have to voice what is right for this country - and FOUR MORE YEARS, just like the past eight - is NO GOOD for America. I prefer not to hear anymore anti-intellectual rhetoric from either SP or Mc in the next few days, but alas, we can't be that lucky.

I have been making a list (crap - I have way to many lists) of all the basic words used in this election, and crappy statements repeated ad nauseum, that I hope to put in some kind of order for later posting. Now, won't that be fun??? I knew you'd like it!

My Steelers lost and I am depressed (5-2), but shit happens. I think I might even be getting a cold - not a happy camper. I will be back tomorrow for sure - so night night for now!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I won't even listen to this woman. The few clips I've seen of her are shrill and nonsensical. So I guess she is the perfect celebrity BFF for Palin.