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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Acts of DESPERATION make me want to puke!!

Maybe I am more of a realist, to accept a smear campaign as gospel. Now that we are in the homestretch - we can all see by these nasty, vile and quite often deceitful ads being sent forth .

Sen. Elizabeth Dole and Kay Hagan are vying for the same Senate seat in North Carolina, and as of late, Dole has realized she may be ousted from her position. So, her act of "desperation", was to release a televised ad today claiming that Kay Hagan is "GODLESS."

Having viewed this ad, which probably many of you have seen - I was just floored. I honestly do not know a lot about this woman, but have read that she is pro-active in the Presbyterian church, where her family has a history going back over 100 years. Her religious beliefs have never come into play until, Dole takes an innocent meeting, attended by hundreds and financially supported by multiple entities - and "bam" Kay Hagan is a heretic - burn her at the stake.

The ad itself begins with a blurry image of two individuals and then spends a remainder of the time describing the PAC (which was one of many), as primarily supporting Hagan. A voice at the very end yells out "there is NO God!" End of commercial.

Each to his own, I prefer not to hear any religious input in campaign ads whatsoever. I respect others and respect their rights to believe as they choose. I am an agnostic and prefer that people respect that as well. My point here is that slime like this belongs in the trash receptacle.

Elizabeth Dole - get ready to stay home with your man and his ED problems. Your time is up and hopefully the intelligent people of North Carolina will see this ad for the desperate attempt that it is.

Now to Sarah Palin, the "hatchet man" for the McSame/Failin team. This morning she brought out Rashid Khalidi and made the inference that Obama is STILL hanging with terrorists!!! Please, save me from this idiocy. I wondered when and if they would try this smear with Khalidi, but kept telling myself they wouldn't - because it had the potential to backfire miserably. Obama has not denied his association with Khalidi, he is a well respected professor at Columbia University and they were colleagues. With the assertion that Khalili was a spokesman for the PLO and Arafat - I think they may have stepped in a very large pile of manure here.

By making this assertion, now John McCain can be backed into a corner as to how he - in the 90's, as chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI), distributed several grants to the Palestinian research center - which was co-founded by none other than - Rashid Khalidi! One grant alone was worth $500,000. Johnny Mac - can you say DUH!?!?!

This is the picture that is on the flyer's being distributed throughout Florida by the GOP. The subliminal message for the "uninformed" is apparent with Pakistan, Afghanistan (Muslim countries) as his backdrop. I haven't seen the wording on the flyer's, but I would not be surprised what is being said.

ENOUGH ALREADY - in less than a week this will be all but over. The absentee and early voters this year are record-breaking. I would presume that they are solely appealing to the 4% of undecideds. (I have a hard time understanding how anyone could be "undecided" at this point in time - but....)!

Gonna run - watching the Obama 30 minute show...or "infomercial" according McQuack. And NO, this show is NOT pushing back the start time of the World Series - gooftard!

Till tomorrow. TTFN

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What did you think of the half hour program?

You know, it really irritates me that an atheist is considered a bad person when it comes to politics. Dole should be ashamed of herself.