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Monday, October 13, 2008

Have you heard the SOCIALISM label handed out????

I have been having a running argument through the Letters to the Editor, in one of our local papers. Thank heaven, this goofball guy has no idea who I am (and vice versa) or he would have me beheaded by now. Anonymity and pseudo online names work well for me. But this guy, is a McCain supporter and has been posting comments regularly about Obama being a communist and a socialist. And do we really want to return to a "fascist state?" His arguments are petty and trite with NO foundation other than basic McCain rhetoric. It is hard to get my point (and facts) across to this guy when you are limited to 1000 letters useage.

There is a fear among people in this area, it is the thought of another powerful blow to the informal racial heirarchy that has existed since the 60's when laws began to be enforced, through the Civil Rights Act. Whiteness equalled American-ness. In choosing Obama, to the conservatives he symbolizes the destruction of a social order, which they see as fundamentally American. THIS is why we are hearing the "socialism" term being tossed about.

It is so much easier for the conservatives to blame the democrats for the mortgage crisis - because democrats allowed minorities to disrupt this social order by becoming - homeowners. This gives conservatives more fodder for their economic anxieties.

Since the civil-rights era, conservatives have used "socialism" and "communism" to criticize black activists and politicians. (check your history). Jerry Falwell, was well known and much documented, as he made this correlation.

Lisa Schiffren of the National Review, this summer argued that Obama must have communist links based on his interracial background. She also stated "for a white woman to marry a black man in 1958 or 60, there was almost inevitably a connection to explicit Communist politics." Now there's the sign of our intelligent conservative base! I find that inexcusable and appalling.

Having just listened to John McCain's NEW mantra - it is all based on FEAR. He is encouraging people to be afraid of Barack Obama in every sense of the word. And I swear, if I hear "my friends" one more time I am going to throw something - anything!

I also saw a piece, where women were interviewed in Ohio, comparing Sarah Palin to Hillary and the various comments were amazing. The general concensus was that Palin was NOT a substitute for Hillary (I agree), and some were so happy that they had a force in Sarah Palin more like themselves - mother, PTA, hockey mom, and baking cookies. Cripes! Just shoot me now. And where are the qualifications to run a country????? Nitwits.

Finally, most women interviewed, preferred Palin over Hillary, because she wears skirts (as opposed to pantsuits). Now there's a solid reason for deciding a vote. Guess I won't be running for anything, I don't even like to look at my legs - let alone show anyone else - give me pants!!!

***Latest scuttlebutt....Levi Johnston (baby daddy) has DROPPED OUT of school and is working as an electrician on the North Slope. Now there's a smart move.


SamuraiFrog said...

You know what's a fun game? When someone complains that Obama's a socialist, ask them what's so bad about socialism. 9 times out of 10 it's a struggle to get an answer out of them. They have no idea what it means, they just know they've been told to fear it.

This is less of a campaign of ideas than I've ever seen in the four presidential elections for which I've been a voter. Ask a McCain supporter why they support McCain, and they'll tell you why Obama's a terrorist or that he wants to raise taxes. Ask them about McCain's policies, and they don't know what they are.

Anonymous said...

I love this post and I love Samuraifrog's comment. I listened to my coworker bashing Obama again today. I think I'm going to have to ask her the socialism question.

Mnmom said...

Please do, DCup, and let us know her response. It's another way of saying "I'm afraid of a black president because I'm generally afraid of black people". If they would just say that, we could start there.

Inanna said...

Yeah, I've heard the Socialist rhetoric too. Proposing that Government prop up healthcare or make it mandatory for children does not mean its nationalized or socialism. What our government is doing right now is socialism. Its buying up stock in the banks. When the government controls the economy, that's socialism. I know exactly what socialism is, and its not Barak Obama.

Communism, by the way, involves an uprising and blood shed to forward Socialist thinking. Also not a part of Barak's plan, at least, from what I can tell.

Go back to my post about The Branchflower Report and see what my buddy, Zelda, has to say. Its a bunch of Obama bashing, but as I pointed out to her, I don't see her vetting McCain and I'll post what I want.

I also posted about socialism today... how odd.