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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Just look and what can you see?????

I took this picture on Sunday, and thegrandson and I spent a long time coming up with different versions of what we could "see." Thegrandson has a vivid imagination and was talking about ship on the ocean, then it was a friend playing ball...he had me so confused. All I could see was an old face on the right, with a jutting jaw and wearing a mask on his eyes. This continued for quite some time, as it was truly a drab and dreary day - but just plain old FUN!

Even though the days are cooling off, we still found time to cook out. When thedaughter works till 3:30 or is off for the day - this is just fun and easy. Even though I "close" the deck up for the winter months, the grill still stays close to the door - because whoever said you CAN'T grill in the snow! I wish I had an even larger deck - theson bought me a firepit (covered behind daughters legs) and we have enjoyed it also. Trying to find small amounts of wood is not always easy though. I do not have any burning fireplaces, so buying wood by the cord is not an option. I may have to go on a nightime raid!!

On the 12th, it will be 8 years since my husband passed away - and on the 17th it will be one year since my best friend/pseudo sister passed. I have been thinking a lot about them lately, just my annual "blues" time I guess. My best friend (Mom2) passed away on her son's 30th birthday, which was so very sad and tragic in my mind. I talk with theRuss regularly and last week he said, "you know it has been almost a year", and I have to say, I am so proud, as to how well theRuss has functioned since losing his wife.

On to another subject - last year while theson was at home, I had him put Christmas lights around the eaves on the house (he bought a $200 ladder to put up $30 worth of lights), and since I knew he would be out of the country for Christmas this year (he left for Egypt in January), I thought, what the hell, I can be a redneck - and was going to leave the lights up till this Christmas. Drat, curses, rats....that didn't work - we had so much wind, they started hanging on one side of the house - so I just grabbed ahold and pulled them down. It was funny watching all the "clips" go flying across the street and into the yard. So, I'm now going to have to figure out if I can climb a ladder onto the roof - to put them up again for this year!?!?! If you hear a loud "thud" or pictures fall off your wall - that would be my fat ass hitting the ground!!

I've got to hit the dollar store - paper product day, I call it! Then on to bathroom cleaning and vacuuming later.

I thought I would just give you a "political" break. Trust me, someone will say something soon and I will be back!

Have a good one - I'll be back later! TTFN

1 comment:

Mnmom said...

I see Fred Flintstone.

I love normal life!!! We have to return to it often to keep politics from making us insane.

I also like to grill in the winter by hubby insists on keeping the grill in a hard-to-reach-in-winter spot.

Here in MN, we have to put up our Christmas lights in October - no one wants to traipse around the roof when it's covered with ice or snow. One of these days I'm going to invent contraptions that run along the roof lines and just open up at any given holiday with programmable colors.

Take care of yourself when sad anniversaries hit. My parents died 10 years ago, and it still feels rather raw.