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Thursday, October 02, 2008

She will be in spotlight tonight....I can't wait!

This moose hunting, snow machine lover, not so smart woman will mee t with Joe Biden at 9 pm this evening - and I can't wait!

I have been reading what a super debaqter she really is - but all the video I have seen of these "terrific" debates - have not impressed me. She again, was not responsive to the subjects and read considerably from prepared notes. Maybe I am looking at things wrong.

I do not believe that a crash course in Politics and debate decorum can suffice. If the intent is to cram all this knowledge into her brain at one time - I think the process is doomed to fail. I would also hope that the McCain team did not specify the particular topic of the debate - in order to have her spot on - on the points. I guess we will know who handily won this confrontation by 11 pm.

***Just a note - I'm glad that Steve Fossett's aircraft has been located (although no remains), and how weird - the official search was called off one year ago today.

Maybe I will have something else to say in a little while...I've got the dishes done, laundry started and my bedroom dusted & vacuumed. Still more to do! Mother's work is never done. Grrrrrr......

1 comment:

Mnmom said...

I'm gathering with some other Dem women to watch tonight, and the host is calling it "The Lipstick Lounge"! Should be fun. I'm not looking foward to the whining ploy the GOP will pull tomorrow about how bad the nasty man was to the cute little lady. They say she's "gutsy" but all I've seen so far is someone floundering to keep up and trying to use coy flirty ways to divert attention away from her lack of anything meaningful to say.

What happened to America, where we used to prefer that leaders be smarter than the bulk of us, and far beyond average in vision?