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Friday, October 17, 2008

You have to listen - 15 minutes of your time....PLEASE.

After having a nice dinner with friends and to celebrate a birthday, I come back home and leisurely start through my regular sites on the internet. I run across this video from Hardball with Chris Matthews. I literally had to walk away from the computer and regain my composure because I was so upset. I have always had a weird sense of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann - and I believe this one "takes the cake." This Congresswoman is running for re-election this season, and after this segment was aired, thousands of dollars poured into her Democrat opponents election fund.
It is almost 15 minutes long - but you have to listen to her McCarthyist views. Just so everyone knows, I am a Liberal - should I go to prison because I am now considered ANTI-AMERICAN? And the title "leftist" - is that because we are not "rightists?" Give me a fucking break.

I love my country - if anyone should have any doubts - maybe more than this conservative bunch - because I want to have the freedom to think differently, express myself when and how I desire, and totally embrace the freedoms warranted by our Constitution. Answer me this, wasn't it the conservative base who went along with all Bush's ideas and aspirations to TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOMS - tap our phone lines, track our e-mails?

I HOPE MICHELLE BACHMANN GETS VOTED OUT OF HER CONGRESSIONAL SEAT ON NOVEMBER 4TH - and if anyone has any way of spreading that word to friends or family - go for it!

Mad, comes nowhere close to describing how I feel at this moment. So I will leave and scream at something now.

***UPDATE: Go to this site http://www.censurebachmann.com/ and remit immediately. There are almost 20,000 signatures at this time and more to come. This woman is the worst representative our country has to offer. Word is now getting around of her interview yesterday and temepers are flaring. I love it!


Anonymous said...

Bachmann is a lunatic. She's a dangerous lunatic who really doesn't know what she's talking about. She's spouting talking points and making crazy statements about "leftists."

I hope she gets voted out of office.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Last I heard being a leftest wasn't a criminal offense. I didn't think being a democrat was criminal either. Hmmmm... maybe if McCain gets office those laws will be made a bit clearer and then we will all be sent to a camp somewhere for re-education.

arrozconpollo said...

Wasn't Bachmann the one who said, in an effort to downplay global warming, that we didn't need Al Gore to save the world since Jesus already did??

Seriously, this woman is Nucking Futs. Though, I do appreciate her work in the 70's w/ Mr. Turner of Overdrive fame. ;)