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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Found this...just to keep it "out there!"

Thanx Juddy, just have to use this here also.

Now, I am totally amazed that Sarah Palin and the "First Dude", think they can single-handedly save Michigan for their ticket. "Aw, shucks, we're NOT in Michigan anymore?" "You betcha, I think FD and I can tour through those wonderful auto manufacturing plants, and win McDumbass our election!" Lalalalalalalala! The woman is so far from reality - maybe it is that freezing arctic air or lack of sunlight - there are definite issues with the woman.

I loved the reports earlier, that the McAlzheimer team was headed to a posh resort in Sedona, Arizona, so he can "bone up" for Tuesday's debate, yet, in the same article, it states that he is going to his mountain retreat. Now which is it? I am betting on both!

If anyone missed my Twitter from last night - thegrandson saw a picture of McC on my computer and said, "I know him - he's on Cheaper By the Dozen!" Close, but no cigar!!

Theson is in Munich, Germany for a little R&R (Oktoberfest too) - as far as I know. I told him to Skype me before he left, but I think he was busy celebrating the end of Ramadan, and clicked me off the webcam! Snotty child!

Think I will STUMBLE for a little while - have a good weekend all!

1 comment:

Chickie said...

I had to quit watching after she referred to her and McCain as a couple of mavericks. Excuse me while I vomit.