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Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's almost JAMBO time!!!

With my pea size brain...I can't remember if I posted about JAMBOREE IN THE HILLS before or not! This year will be the 32nd year for this event, and I am proud to say I managed to attend 27 years. I have not gone for the past couple of years, as the heat is really to much for me anymore and all the non-stop walking has become a challenge - up and down the beer can strewn aisles - NOT.

This tradition has been passed down to my children and now my 17 year old grandson is attending for the first time this year. As for me...I will sit on my deck, grab a bottle of Cafe Zinfandel and watch the event on television. The local TV station began televising JITH approximately 10-12 years ago, and just about all entertainers and "in-between" shows are televised. There are still a couple of entertainers who have forbidden televising their acts due to clauses in their contracts. I'm really pissed because this year, Trace Atkins, Reba McIntire and one other will not be televised. CRAP...I love Trace Atkins, what a hunk!

Theson has had his adventures and mis-adventures at JITH over the years. Using PERMANENT marker to write "rub the buddha" on his belly was a fun one - and he sunburned all over EXCEPT through he written part. We could read his body for weeks. He also asked someone to write something specific on his back, and after he started receiving threats, found out that this person wrote "I like little boys" instead. So much for friendship!

At the conclusion of this event, approximately 200,000 people have been through the gates. I remember meeting the same people year after year, from New York and California. People actually plan this as their annual vacation. Many friendships have been forged in the campgrounds surrounding the site. Although the actual show does not begin till next Thursday, campgrounds will open Sunday morning and there will be nightly shows within the various campgrounds, bull riding and various other events are planned to entertain the masses. If one does not have a good time, no one to blame but themselves.

The first year for JITH (1977), the venue was on Saturdays (all day) and from noon till 6 m on Sunday and tickets were $25 each day. Now, entertainment begins on Thursday evening through Sunday and tickets start at $160 for 4 days (sale prices end Nov. 30th - I got 4 days for $135). I get tickets as Christmas presents for thedaughter. These are admission prices and do not include the camping packages.

Brad Paisley, is a LOCAL boy and puts on one helluva closing act. He enjoys coming home and seeing his friends and is basically just "one of the guys." Brad and John Corbett (actor) bought adjoining farm properties and are home quite often anymore.

Thedaughter has arranged for her friend to watch thegrandson, and I will relax and kick back and ENJOY...all by myself!! Great for me.

If anyone truly loves country music, you may be able to access a live stream from www.wtov9.com. The entire schedule can also be accessed at the same site.

the hypothetical I mentioned in prior post is actually a true situation, and has angered me and those involved, but I am still figuring out how to word the damn thing. People (my friends) are being hurt and I am so upset, I feel that responsible person needs to be dealt with...so still thinking. MY BRAIN HURTS!

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