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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Waiting still...

I am sorry I haven't posted sooner.  I have been most of the post to facebook via cell phone.  As of right now mom has been on a vent after having problems breathing after her endoscopy Wednesday, they call it rapid pulimary edima.  Since then she has also developed pneumonia.  With the anitbiotic running the last few days on a drip and the fluids coming off her chest quite well, they did a test today and stopped the vent to see if she could breathe on her own, and she could.  As a precaution they are keeping her on the ven tfor one more night and going to try to take her off it in the morning.  After that we play it by ear.  They will then try to determine what caused the rapid pulminary edima and then they will move on to the heart.  I will keep you updated as much as I can.



Saturday, November 21, 2009


First of all, I want to say thanks to all of you have responded and sent your thoughts and prayers.  I have realized in the last 2 days how many wonderful friends my mom truly has.  You guys are all great.  For Utah Savage, Themom wanted me to inform you of her situation because you are in contact alot more than most.   

Status:  Still unstable.  Now they think she has an Upper GI bleed but they are treating it like an ulcer because she isn't stable.  They can not do any procedures until they can get her stable.  They did find 2 leaky valves that can be repaired but they again have to wait.  I have been there 8 hours a day to make sure the nurses are not over dosing her.  I walked in once and they gave her one medication and 20 minutes late they came into give her the exact same meds.  If I wasn't there they would have over dosed her.  NOw we just wait.  I was able to get ahold of Theson.  He is now well informed so I would like to thank John who found him Past the Velvet Rope.  You were a big help and greatly appreciated.  As for now I am out.  I have to get some sleep.  I will keep you up to date as I get updated.  Again Thanks to everyone!!!


Friday, November 20, 2009

In the hospital

This is the daughter posting for themom.  I hate to bring bad news to her blog but yesterday we took themom to the hospital for chest pains.  At that time we were informed that we got there before she had a heart attack but they wanted to keep her overnight.  At 6am I received a phone call from a nurse saying she was in major pain all night and they wanted me aware of it.  Apparently when they call me she had already had a full blown heart attack.  They did a cath today and found 1 of the valves  they replaced 6 years ago failed.  At the same time when they put the guide wire in to implant a stent they realized the valve was full of blood clots and they were forming around the guide wire.  They sucessfully removed the guide wire but now fear a clot may have escaped so they are now watching her for stroke.  I will keep everyone updated on her situation and she will be back and blogging soon.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'VE STOLEN A VIDEO....CATCH ME IF YOU CAN........................

While trying to catch up on all the blogs, I just had to steal this from michaelg at He Had No Identifying Characteristics. My sides are aching from laughing - I guess we all need an alternate reality at times.

Thegrandson never misses the Wizard of Oz...period. He knows the dialogue verbatim, but I probably won't burst his bubble with this video. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.




Needless to say, I am not a late night talk show watcher. I have to rely on those posting this the "day after." This is totally hilarious - I am sad that Going Rogue had to shoot Rachel Maddow though. Maybe there will be retribution for this act.

I'm still cleaning and such, so I hope to return here in a little while. No sun today - all clouds, which does nothing for my wonderful personality.



Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have to question - what is wrong with our military that a single-mother, Alexis Hutchinson,  now faces a court martial trial IN AFGHANISTAN, for her failure to show up for deployment.  Her reasoning as it appears in this article, from this mother's viewpoint, is a valid point.

Does the military NOT try to aid these people, in ensuring that their offspring will be well cared for during these long periods of deployment?

It appears to me, that this woman was not necessarily trying to  avoid service in a foreign country, but that she was worried about what may be best for her child.   From the article, her grandmother is already caring for other family members, and the burden both financially and physically may be too overwhelming for this woman - and this was the catalyst for her failure to deploy. 

The males in the military rely on their wives to take care of all situations in the home during their deployment, but the onus on a single-mother is much greater.

My major question here is...why would the military even consider trying this woman in a court IN Afghanistan?  Why not handle judicial proceedings in the United States?  Granted, the theater of war is abroad, but the "crime" for which she is charged, took place in this country. 

I do not presume to know military law, but I understand common sense.  Of course, that is an assumption on my part, that the two can be inter-mixed.  There could be details which we are not privvy to, but I do not see that this woman chose to go AWOL, or run away from her obligation.  She ran into a last minute quandry, plain and simple, and received NO assistance from her superiors whatsoever.

Are the lines so rigid in the military, that accomodations cannot be made or offered to this woman to make her deployment easier? 

On a similar note, Liz Cheney on Sunday, ran off at the mouth again, declaring how our POTUS, was leaving our men in Afghanistan without the resources to fight and protect, by delaying decisions on SENDING MORE TROOPS!   Hey Liz....you little offspring warmongering idiot..........we need to get our troops OUT of Afghanistan....period.  It is a war we cannot win, and to continue to put these young lives on the line for a futile war is insane.   The day that Liz and daddy Dick put on fatigues, strap on a gun and head to a war zone...is when I may reconsider this position (maybe)!

I should hope that this situation is cleared up amicably and fairly for this young woman.  We will have to wait and see I guess.


I watched the interview of the young boy who refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance last night, and I have to say, I am impressed.  This articualte young man has a valid point and by taking advantage of his rights under the Constitution...has definitely made his feelings known. 

He has proven that he is a wise young man and has the ability to "stand by his convictions."  In reciting the Pledge daily, these young children, as a rule, have no idea what the Pledge even means.  They have learned this quote by rote - and missed the meaning altogether.  Except for this one young man.

Maybe he will start a movement among other children who are free thinkers as well.  Do I think that any adults will follow suit or agree?  Some possibly.  For me, I'm with ya buddy....till all citizens, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc., are given equal status under the law - no Pledge of Allegiance!


Have a good day and I shall return.........later....................


Monday, November 16, 2009


I, for one, am not rushing out to buy a book, promoted by one person, yet written entirely by another. In this case, it would be that self aggrandizing, self absorbed narcissist Palin. Having scoured the interwebs, I have found enough "bits and pieces" to drive a sane person to felonies!

Anyone remember the Cliff Notes of old?  My opinion is that a version needs to be written, and it wouldn't need to kill too many trees for publication either.  Palin's "life story" or memoirs cannot take up that many pages, unless one colorfully doctors and interprets the words given.  (As if that would ever happen!)

I stated on this blog a few weeks back, about the homophobe Lynn Vincent, who was contracted to author this book - and now other venues have jumped on that same bandwagon, by exposing her past works and how she perpetuates this homophobic thought throughout other works.

With all these bits and pieces being aired prior to the official release of this book - it is apparent that SP has put her SPIN on the truth....again! John McCain's aides, who have been literally ripped to shreds by Caribou Barbie, are fighting back on her distortions and lies.

I have no intentions of purchasing or reading this book at all. I believe we saw her ineptitude and ignorance on the campaign trail last fall - that was more than enough for me. Also, I don't think I could live with myself knowing that I, in some way, managed to put $$$ in her pockets!

All the news outlets are having a great time with this venture of hers, and possibly believe that she is actually a qualified candidate in future Pres/VP elections. I think not. She hasn't grown a bigger brain or honest knowledge of world affairs or even the affairs of this nation, since that time.

I'm am always amazed at those who think she is the "next best thing since sliced bread." My words of wisdom to those sycophants......keep it up! Back her through any and all elections, because it makes a democratic win so much easier.


I apologize for being absent these past few days.  Being the nibshot that I am, I just had to stalk the movie crews and get some pics and videos.  The downside to all this, was that there was NO ONE to do the housework during that time.  So I have been catching up on the laundry, dusting, and even washed some walls yesterday. (If anyone has seen the floor scrubbing fairy...let me know!)

I have read everyone's blogs on my Google Reader, but there are so many, I did not leave any comments.  Hopefully I will  be all caught up very soon.  Please, please, bear with me!   It truly amazes me how far behind I get on everything - just because I wanted to go out and play for a little while.....curses!!!

Theson is now in Jordan, and will be home on the 28th, so I have to get his room cleaned and organized...and I actually want to start putting up some Christmas stuff, so I can have time to enjoy it all.  I have brought my snowmen up from the basement, and will be placing them around the house in the next couple of days, so I will just do all this in baby steps.

Time to check homework and plan something for dinner...damn, my work is NEVER done!!

Have a good one and I shall return..........later..................


Saturday, November 14, 2009


Radaronline has a new article posted, which may blow the lid off this holier than thou - beauty pageant, agent of God's - whole innocent spin on her life!

Imagine that, more videos have surfaced that are not (my assumption) of the quality to be shown in church.  And this nimrod had the nerve to say on national TV, that the one video was "the one biggest mistake of my life."  Caught ya - didn't they?????

In her newly released book Carrie wrote, “God gave us our bodies, and it’s perfectly right that we use them in ways where we can give glory to God by making our bodies, our temples of the Holy Spirit, strong and fast.”

I would love to know if Prejean came up with this quote on her own, or was spoon fed the dictation from her religious icons and/or Sarah Palin (now that they are best buds).  My money is on Palin, as that is one word salad I would not like to hear again.

Her little vanity act on Larry King the other night was probably one of the biggest jokes I have ever seen.  She literally dissed LK, when asked fairly innocuous questions, by telling LK he was being "inappropriate!"  WTF is up with that.  there was nothing inappropriate whatsoever - she bared all to Sean Hannity the night before on his show - oh I forgot, they are both dimwits and have a bond.  Silly me.

Theson, on his weekly Past the Velvet Rope post, has also REJECTED Prejean.  Theson is so intuitive.  How ironic, that Hannity was rejected as well.  No surprise there.

On my Caturday post, I added the video of the Miss South Carolina Teen 2007...and like Prejean, she probably will be in future pageants....and no doubt will not have gained any NEW brain cells by that time.  I give these beauty pageant contestants very little thought, as most prove to be either very shallow or dumb...or both!

OK Carrie Prejean....it is time for you to fade away and stop pretending to be something you are not!  I have had enough of your fake sanctimonious attitude.




As if that title comes as a shock to many. Supposedly today, there will be protest in Danville, VA, and the "tea partiers" are going to burn Nancy Pelosi and Dem. Rep. Perriello in effigy.

This is a stunt pulled in foreign countries and I find it hardly acceptable here in the US. This past week we have heard how the extreme right wingers have jumped the bandwagon in declaring Nidal Hassan a "terrorist" - long before ALL the facts have been uncovered. I state here and now - that burning someone in effigy is a TERRORIST ACT.

Where do these idiots draw the line? If a Democrat walks by, are they going to soak them in gasoline and set fire to them? They can pop off all they want about "freedom", but they are the ones infringing on the Constitution and freedom of others.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that these right wingnuts are intellectually lazy and find it more beneficial to just lie and distort the facts for their own purposes. Just try having an intelligent conversation with one of these people...there is no give or even a hint of wavering. New facts or data mean absolutely nothing to these people.

"Have you read the bill?" I ask ever so nicely. "Well no, but my representative says...blah, blah, blah!" the ability to learn for oneself is far too much to ask of these people.

If I hear one more time that the Dems aren't practicing bipartisanship - I may just slip a disk. C'mon, welcome to the real world. The Republicans have put up a brick wall, offered no bipartisanship, been the obstructionist party on each and every proposal. I don't foresee a change in that area any time soon.

At one time I may have been worried about the GOP, but at the present time - I AM NOT!! This party is on the path of destruction - and it is all from within their party. The idols of the party, pretty much speak for themselves. The Palin's, Bachmann's, Foxx's, King's, McCain's, etc....Collectively, I'm not sure that as a whole this group could compile an entire brain!

With this group declaring that today is going to be the day of the Pelosi effigy burning, I have to wonder what's next. Possibly we will see people being tarred and feathered, as in the past.

This group needs to learn that THEY have to open their minds, quit being the defiant ones and work as a whole to improve our lives. Until that time, they will remain the party of DUMB.

The progressives are not the "haters" in this arena...it would be the obstinate rethugs. This is what truly gets under my skin, and bringing the act of burning a person in effigy is, as I stated before, an act of terrorism, and I do not and never will, condone such an act.

And that's all I have to say about THAT!! Have a good one.....later...........



To end the Saturday post - no more CATS...just the Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 (remember her word salad of an answer at that time)? Apparently she hasn't gained any new brain cells since that time. This is too funny - and she is sooooooo DUMB!!

OK - heading into town - to see what is going on, on this last day of filming in our town. The film crew will be heading to the "next town" north of us (Martins Ferry) for another week of shooting, then farther north to Mingo Junction. This has been interesting and fun, and since I have thegrandson today, he might enjoy some of the events of the day.

Have a great day.........later.......................


Thursday, November 12, 2009


So much to talk about, and so very little time. I have been trying to achieve a new goal....official paparazzi of Bellaire, Ohio!! This has involved a lot of standing around idly, gabbing with friends and even newer friends.

On average, I have spent at least five hours a day, trying to get some good shots of all the action scenes. Not being naive to this process, I realize that a good portion of what is being filmed here in our fair burg, will be left on the cutting room floor. I'm just "into" the mechanics and mundane.

The upside to having these film people in town, is that I get to leave the house with a purpose. I have almost become a hermit over the past two years, and to be honest, the fresh air was great. I know my computer probably enjoyed the break. (I know the family did)!

Of course, all this doesn't mean I haven't received my daily dose of "goings on" in the world. I would have preferred to MISS Carrie Prejean and her Christian snootiness. Apparently it was just fine to go on Hannity and bare her soul and exhort her mea culpas - for the masturbating video she sent to a former boyfriend, but when confronted by Larry King - she told this icon that he was being "inappropriate" and proceeded to end the interview. Where does one go with this woman, in a discussion? I would prefer to head to the nearest bathroom and barf!!

Honestly, I've not missed a damn thing news-wise and rest assured, my opinion will be expressed as soon as I am done stalking. On Wednesday, I got into a political discussion with a client while waiting for a scene to be shot. All was going well till she said "you know why I don't like Obama?" (dumbfounded look on my face). "Because he never proved he was an American citizen." Whoa!!! I essentially told her "I'm not going there!" As much as I would like to have sent her shriveled, wrinkled body flying - I just walked away. (It's never a good thing to piss off a client!)

With that note - I am curious if she has read that Orly Taitz will probably lose her law license because she lied and manipulated the courts and witnesses???

Enough of that for now.....watch this clip I filmed yesterday. This scene shows the train coming into town, and Denzel Washington's double running across the tops of the train cars - and the helicopters flying so low over the train - AWESOME!!

Train Scene - Watch more Funny Videos

I have to run - heading to Fedex to straighten out some paper work on getting theson's belongings back in this country - then back to town with camera in hand.

Have a great day!! Later..........................


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last night, I again managed to channel surf right to FAUX NOISE, just in time to watch BillO, Allan Colmes and a female argue the point of the Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hassan.

I must say that Alan Colmes finally showed some backbone and argued against the BS rhetoric coming from the other two.

The argument (debate hah!) centered around Nidal Hassan and that our President has refused to use the words "terrorist" or "terrorism". One might choose to call this man a homegrown terrorist, by the deed alone, as he is a U.S. citizen, raised in our country.

I, for one, am impressed that our Prez has chosen not to make that correlation, this early in the investigation. Considering preliminary reports surfaced that this man was upset about his deployment to Iraq...and for all we know, there may have been other underlying reasons for him to "snap."

BillO was having no parts of the argument that this man was mentally imbalanced, simply because the right-wing conspiracy mentality, only allows for stupid quick judgements. Judgements to instill fear in the masses of Americans. That would be similar to the lies and fear mongering enhanced by Bush/Cheney.

Look where we are at the moment. Thousands of troops still in Iraq. Thousands more are in Afghanistan with additional troops being requested. Young lives being lost daily, in these senseless battles. Japan, Korea, Germany, all still house our troops in bases set up during the cold war. Money flying out of the government's coffers (yours and my tax dollars), to maintain our troops...for what? We can't win a war in Pakistan/Afghanistan. Iraq will eventually go back to their warring ways - this is the cycle for these middle eastern countries - hundreds of years of history have proven that fact.

It's time to bring our troops home, every last one of them. The senseless deaths have to stop. I understand the obstacles presented by the neocons...without the fear and wars they have started - they would be a force to be reckoned with, as it were.

Strange how those on the right, never state that those who shoot/kill abortion doctors or bomb abortion clinics - are terrorists. John Muhammad, who was executed last night (the D.C. Sniper), was never referred to as a terrorist. The shootings at college campuses - those responsible were never labeled terrorists. I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made.

As for Nidal Hassan, the crime he has committed is an atrocity. Personally, until I see evidence to the contrary, I believe he just "snapped." The government was aware of his communications, i.e. e-mails and such, but saw nothing alarming apparently. Could the government have gone farther in their investigations prior to this shooting - possibly. But hindsight is a completely different perspective.

The right wingers choose to jump on their "terrorist" bandwagon, simply because he is Muslim. They have painted a picture in their followers minds, that ALL Muslims are the enemy and want to kill us. That is just not true. Granted there are those who take on the bastion of jihadism - but again, that description cannot be given to all Muslims. My take on that spin - is that because they (Muslims) don't adhere to the "word of God" they have to be evil. These are the Christians who believe that their God is the only God - which would take me into an entirely different topic - so enough said.

I'm off to town soon, to stalk the movie filming again. There are still some pics I intend to try and take.

This house is being used as "train conductor's" home.

The "evacuation" scene. All the cameramen and TV trucks are involved.

I have to be sneaky, as one cop threatened to take my camera yesterday. I told him no problem if he had $500 in his pocket.....then I moved to another discreet place! Yow!!

I believe theson is officially done with his job in Egypt as of today. He will be leaving for Jordan tomorrow, then Spain...then home on the 28th. I'm so excited, since I haven't seen him in almost 11 months.

Have a great day, I shall return....later..............


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WHAT???? SHE MADE THAT UP?????????

Since I have been quite busy stalking this movie and all the happenings, I have very little to offer at the minute.

As I was catching up on the national events of the day...I find this:

I'M SHOCKED AN APPALLED.....APPALLED I TELL YOU!!! Oh, the shame of it all.



Monday, November 09, 2009


Traffic in this little burg has been far worse than anyone was told to expect. there are cops on every street corner, and traffic is being halted in 15 minute intervals - and some people are on the verge of "road rage" I do believe. Small business owners and banks surrounding the area of the train tracks, were assured that their businesses would not be compromised, but some headaches have arisen. The Family Dollar store situated directly by the spot where the "train supposedly derails", has had to close. Hmmmm....interesting.

This arched stone bridge is in the Historical Register due to age and style. the train bridge in the forefront actually "Y's" off the main arch structure.

Although this train track/trestle has not been used in many years, and allowed to overgrow with weeds, it is still a magnificent structure.

This open lot (called the pipe yards) has been allowed to grow over as well, but the film crews have cleared it for their purposes, and my understanding is that the train will "derail" into this lot. There are spots marked with florescent orange paint - so we will see what happens here.

The runaway train will be coming across this steel bridge east to west (right to left), which is an extension of the stone arch bridge.

This is our old toll bridge, which was used in the film Silence of the Lambs. It has been closed since 1991, and that signal,ed the demise of our fair little town. It's not being used in this film.

Big circus like tents have been set up in the baseball fields, just .2 mile from my house, and a dozen tractor trailers have taken over the parking lot to the high school football field. I can't remember the last time there was this much activity in this town.

Chris Pine (from latest Star Trek movie) is staying at Oglebay Park in Wheeling, WV., and filming his part at the present time. Denzel Washington is still filming in the Pittsburgh area and should be here the end of this week or beginning of next week.

Thedaughter and I are going to see if we can get some better pictures later this evening, and I'm sure thegrandson will enjoy that excursion.

Theson sent me an email of his itinerary - and he should arrive home on November 28th. He is going to do some sight-seeing in Jordan (which I am not overly excited about) and then to visit a former co-worker in Spain before coming back to the U.S. I am so looking forward to seeing him - it's been almost 11 months - and I'm a worrying mother to boot.

I'm going to finish up some laundry now....so have a great afternoon.




The old saying "laughter is the best medicine", is one we more or less live by. Much like any "normal" household, there are ups and downs, happiness and sadness...but in this house - humor has always been a definite mainstay.

I took this picture last Thursday of thegrandson, as he came to me in the kitchen, saying "I'm ready for school." Of course he is...everyone wears their gloves on their FEET!!!

But THIS....is our latest ongoing project. Looks like the real thing, huh??? Nope, just a simple cut-out. As part of an insurance promotion it was included in the local newspaper, and I chose to cut it out, and place it around the house - to SPY on everyone.

Thegrandson has had a blast, placing it on his mom's bed, on the nightstand, bathroom counter, etc...., all the while singing "Somebody's Watching Me!"

I have to go in town later, but thedaughter just called me and said that the FILMING of the movie Unstoppable, has begun. According to her, there are MANY police cars with lights on - but not those belonging to this town....they are for the film.

Apparently, we won't be extras, as no one has called...we must be just too old and fat for the celluloid!! Oh well, I'm determined to get in town later this evening also, to get some pictures. Efforts are being made to see if Denzel Washington will visit my quadriplegic friend....I may HAVE to visit at that time as well.

The upside is the brief economic boost to our cash poor town. Filming was pushed back a week, because of bad weather in the Pittsburgh area which caused some delays.

Years ago, while theson was attending Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, the movie "Air Force One", was shooting some scenes on their campus. I will have to have theson recall the events of that time, as he and his buddies managed to cause some headaches during the shooting there. As a note, the opening scene to that movie, was all that was filmed there. I believe it is the Library building that the parachutists land on, in the opening scenes.

Well, time to get thegrandson off to school, and I may try to grab a little more sleep, then begin to plot my strategy of getting into town. I'm sure I will be back later today, so have a great one all.



Saturday, November 07, 2009


Should anyone wonder why their is a brick wall in Congress, watch this to see the obstructionists in action.

I have to wonder where the sergeant-at-arms was, and why the objectors were not escorted from the Hall. One could even argue sexism coming from the RIGHT, as the Democratic Women's Caucus was trying to speak.

Apparently they have been reading the RETHUGLIAN MANUAL ON DISRUPTION!!

How pathetic. Later.................



Thegrandson helped me select the "CAT" videos for today. I had to help him off the floor a couple of times as he fell off my lap...laughing so hard. He is the consumate clown. Enjoy the day!


Friday, November 06, 2009


Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) has posted this video, and it pretty well sums up my feelings, although I often use more colorful language.

Now how long do you think it will be before Bachmann makes THAT APOLOGY????? Can you actually see that happening? Honestly, because of her mental insufficiency's - she will still be smiling tomorrow, whilst reading up on her Book of Creationism - and feel she owes NO ONE an apology.

Her phones, fax machines and e-mails should be piling up with angry responses from FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS. Democrats, Independents, Republicans (who disagree with this woman) alike, should be standing up to her once and for all. this woman has expressed, many times over the past week, that only the teabaggers and other brain dead asswipes (her followers), were freedom loving Americans...like she/they have a corner on that market. I think not!

If anyone's interested, here are Bachmann's listings.

Congress office: 202-225-2331
Fax: 202-225-6475
e-mail: http://bachmann.house.gov/Email/

There may be a silver lining to the cloud, as I have read there are two Dems lining up in the wings to vie for her seat next year. I have no problem with a sane Republican challenging this loon.

I honestly believe that Bachmann has higher aspirations in the political arena. Like Caribou Barbie - moving into the Oval Office. I would then have to give serious thought to moving to the Caribbean - forever.

Have a great evening or bedtime............Caturday tomorrow!!!



JON STEWART "IS" THE BEST.................

Since I do not watch Beck, I was unaware of the appendicitis episode - but feel that Jon Stewart has now put all this in proper perspective.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
The 11/3 Project
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

This was great...till something great comes to mind, I shall leave now and return.........later...............

Note: Past the Velvet Rope post scheduled for today, has been delayed one day - check it tomorrow please.


Thursday, November 05, 2009


...on the the grounds of the House of Congress today to protest HEALTH CARE REFORM!!!

Now, that's a lie, but I thought I would beat FAUX NOISE to the punch on this one. Best guess for attendance was between 3-3,500 Teabaggers made it to D.C.

The event started off with an invocation, and then Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo) gave a brief opening statement. In this statement there was NO mention of health care, just a tirade against the liberals and their hatred of the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. So, to make his point, he incited the crowd to recite the Pledge and this is what happened...

The idiot doesn't even know the words for Pete's sake. Truly a wonderful moment.

But this banner, under which the speakers were presented - PISSES ME OFF! If you can't read the banner it says:



WTF are these fukktards thinking...comparing health care reform to the Holocaust? Am I surprised, not really. But I should hope that the surviving members of those who were murdered in these camps - voice their outrage over the rethugs atrocities.

This group of whackos (Bachmann, Akin, Foxx, etc..) want to convince people to fall in lockstep with their views, a party that supported 1)the fabrication in a pretext for war against a country that had made no overt moves toward the U.S. 2) instituted a policy of torture and domestic surveillance, while trampling the Constitution into the ground and 3) pursued a dictatorial level of power for the Prez (V.P.) as a far right radical regime.

What this picture says to me is: "giving money to buy health insurance is like sending people to the gas chambers!".

One must realize that this was not just a bunch of people showing up in protest, but a mob being incited by a sitting member of Congress, as their leader and organizer.

Merriam-Webster defines SEDITION as "incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority." Personally, I believe that Michelle Bachmann should be charged with sedition against the United States. If she were an intelligent being, I might not go that far, but she has proven her ignorance many times over, in the past year or so. These idiots are cheapening (is that a word) the deaths of those murdered by Nazi's, for political gain. Sick does not even begin to describe the comparison.

Do I think this protest had any impact........DEFINITELY NOT!
Do I think Bachmann is still an IDIOT.........ASSUREDLY YES!!

Later all............................



Another video has been released of the prison inmates in the Philippines - and their dancing prowess. Now, realistically these guys are NOT the Rockettes or professional by any stretch of the imagination, but the premise by the penal authorities, that this is a plus to rehabilitation - is great!

The opening song is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, then some Styx and others, but enjoyable to watch to me.

Since I'm always looking for "bloopers" in movies, TV shows and videos - I found one!! Watch the individual in the blue tutu...He/she starts out wearing high heels and throughout the video, he alternates between the black sneakers and high heels. I would assume the "editor" missed that one.


I shall return later, when I find out how the Michelle Bachmann protest goes today on Capitol Hill. What a goof!



Wednesday, November 04, 2009


SUCKS BALLS....BIG TIME!!! I have to allow for Democracy to work, and let the votes count, in all fairness. But much like Prop 8 in California, the outside influences on these elections comes into question. I have faith that with time, ALL states will recognize gay marriages and "heteros" will get on with their own so-so lives.

Actually I wasn't even going to post about this FAIL in Maine, but when perusing the "comments" section, I ran across this....hold on to your hats, it's a doozey!!

"The only problem I have with repealing gay marriage is that it propagates gayness. Let me explain. Homos claim they are born being gay, so that means it is genetic, and heritable. In biological terms homo genes are a defect, an evolutionary dead end. If we discourage gayness, then homos are more likely to marry hetero and breed and pass on their homo genes. Well, if we encourage gayness, people with the homo genes will be more likely to stick with other homos and less likely to breed and pass on their defective homo genes. If we encourage gayness, evolution will naturally eliminate the defective gay genes from the population and then the gay epidemic problem in this country will be much smaller. Just by being homos, homos will eliminate themselves. I say by all means we should encourage them to eliminate themselves. "

Now, for anyone who may have had doubts about the "GAY GENE", this pretty well sums it up, or NOT!! The ignorance abounds in this country and this dumb ass isn't afraid of putting their stupid thoughts in writing.

What are these homophobes afraid of? The so-called Religious Right, is so wrapped up in their own selfish agenda, they have no room in their minds for love and fairness for their fellow man. The concept of free-thinking is foreign in their world. At one time I was amazed that these people could be so easily influenced by lies and distortions of fact - but now it has become commonplace. We see it daily with the influence that FAUX NOISE has on the brain dead.


Well the GOP is managing to carry the banner of OBSTRUCTIONISM rather well. The fact is, since Obama took office, the GOP has blocked and stalled important legislation for the working man. This is all for publicity sake, no doubt. There are thousands of unemployed who have exhausted their benefits, and the rethugs have manipulated the legislative process to keep this bill on hold.

I should hope that those who are now without any income, realize who is to blame in this mess. The democrats caved and allowed for additional tax cuts within this bill to appease these fukktards - and they still want to drag their feet. My heart breaks, thinking of these people, and their dread facing the upcoming holidays. The Congress and Senate people will be shopping and spending time with their families - while these many, may be facing foreclosure, homelessness and yes, possibly suicide.

Yes, they are obstructionists in every sense of the word. Obama has tried reasoning and bipartisanship...but who are the ones unwilling to reach across the aisle here? We know that answer well.

I watched (and became nauseous) John Boehner on John King's CNN show last Sunday, and I became really irate hearing repeatedly - "we know what is best for the people." Since when has the republican asswipes known what is good for the country? They managed to keep an alcoholic, mentally deficient man in the WH for eight years and allowed him to rip the Constitution to shreds - but they (the party of NO) know what is best for all. That would include turning a blind eye on the economy also. It would also include sending countless young Americans to fight and die in an unneccessary war - based on lies and ignorance. So Boehner, as an Ohioian - I'm ashamed that you represent my state - and if you choose to fall off the face of the earth and take your lies and bullshit with you - I'M GOOD WITH THAT!!

As for the EIGHT bills Boehner says the GOP has on health reform....fuggedaboutit!! For all the show and pretense of these morons...it is a rip-off on pre-existing conditions. The people would be short changed miserably, but the insurance companies would still be free to reap their massive profits AT YOUR EXPENSE!


I believe he has had an uphill battle these past 10 months (since inauguration), but has remained non-plussed and dedicated. Am I 100% happy with everything - NO! But that is democracy. No one will ever be truly happy with every decision made, but I would say I am 90% satisfied. I believe he has to get more firm in his stances and quit trying to appease the unappeasable.

One more thing, because I keep forgetting to post this thought....Michelle Bachmann!! She is "organizing" a health reform protest tomorrow in D.C. and wants all the protesters to "walk the halls of Congress" and look each representative in the eye and tell them they don't want this plan. And dumb fuck Hannity wants to be there to see "democracy at work in the U.S."

This could be interesting - seeing if D.C. security has the guts to allow thousands (cough) get through security and then just "walk the halls." All it takes is one of the whackos to slip a gun through security (not totally unimaginable) and go postal in the House of Congress. This just boggles the mind.

As for Bachmann - since she has perpetuated her thoughts of NOT filling out the census forms in April - I say to everyone in her district - PLEASE FOLLOW HER LEAD - DO NOT FILE YOUR CENSUS FORMS! that's one sure way to eliminate her district and her job! OMG that would be terrific.

OK, I've bored you enough with my blathering....I am sneezing like crazy and have a snot filled head (sorry for the visual), and thegrandson now has a massive ear infection and still home from school. I have been told I am not high risk enough for the H1N1 shot - which is no problem, because there isn't any vaccines here at the moment. So if I die - just throw my body in the nearest pig sty!!!

(hmmm. spell check doesn't recognize "asswipes.") I'm shocked. LOL