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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rosie vs. The Donald...

Anything to get me on my soapbox again. Anybody reading the news lately has to know about the feud now brewing between these two individuals. Yesterday, on The View, Rosie O'Donnell made a comment about The Donald, forgiving Miss USA on her drinking and drug binges, taking the limelight as he did. Rosie basically said she had a hard time with The Donald standing in moral judgment with his past track record of bankruptcies and failed marriages and affairs. Shock of shocks - IT IS ALL TRUE!!! But The Donald now says he is going to sue Rosie and that she lied about everything (excuse me, all facts can be verified - ever heard of GOOGLE?????)

The Donald has mastered the art of "spin" and went at it with ferociousness on Larry King Live on CNN tonite. He called Rosie all kinds of names (she did not call him any names), said he had talked to his good friend Barbara Walters and she is embarrassed by Rosie and wants to let her go, although the spokesperson for "The View" called in and denied all he said. He also said that the ratings for the show were in the cellar since Rosie came on the show - LIE - up 30%. The man, feels because of his wealth and status, he can bandy about facts and figures, that whether true or not, will be believed.

I rather hope he does try to sue Rosie, because with the facts being what they are, the end result might just backfire on the stupid, inane DONALD!!!!

OK, I feel better. I have emailed ABC, blogged and popped off to thedaughter. No one left at the moment to burden.

I am as ready for Christmas as I will ever be - theson will be coming home tomorrow after spending time with Emma and her parents in Iowa. He really likes it there and hasn't had any problems with the Fokkers as far as I know!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL - AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My next blog will probably be in 2007, unless someone pisses me off again.

ttfn - stay healthy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This was the first "PET LOSS" that thegrandson has had to face. I knew Brownie was not well for the past four days - his breathing was labored and he wasn't eating at all. Just getting up one of the many tubes (from his hamster-minium) was a chore. I tried new bedding, feeding him water from a spoon, but nothing seemed to work. When I took him out of the cage early this afternoon, I just let him cuddle in a dish towel, and I noticed a large tumor on his side, and this distressed me. I held him for over an hour before placing him back in his cage.

Thedaughter and I decided to head to the mall to do some Christmas shopping, and I knew Brownie would be gone before we returned. Just knowing we had to tell thegrandson was daunting. He did not take it well at first, but he is resilient and understands that at least now Brownie is not suffering. He called his Uncle, who is in New York at the moment for solace - and feels a little better now.

Some have asked me if I am getting another hamster and the answer is NO!!!!! I have a dog and a cat, which are more than enough for me. The cat is the oldest (May 1997), and a mean, nasty sort. The dog is the friendly one, but SHEDS so much. I need a break from pets!!!

Bye Brownie - rest in peace!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

...soon, very soon IT will be here!!

Yes, again this year has gone by so fast that we are nearing Christmas again. A never ending cycle - that as we get older comes back again, faster and faster. I would be the happiest camper in the world if we could decorate for Christmas all year long. I put up "some" little things throughout the year for various holidays, but VERY little. Theson used to help me with the exterior lights, but t has been unavailable the past two years and I have been relegated to the task myself. In the past, I have always done a pretty good job, but this year - I SUCKED. I tried something different and completely hate it. I have no lights hanging from the eaves as I usually do, just net lights (multi-colored at that) around the front porch railing. Make my house look so small.

But I did decorate my Christmas tree differently this year, the first change in probably 7 or eight years (if not longer.) In the past I have placed burgundy poinsettias and gold beads on the tree and it has always looked lovely, but I wanted a change this year - so I went to the blue-silver-white combinations. I lucked out and found the silver and blue poinsettias, and the accessories were easy after that. What do you think? If I put out ALL my Christmas decorations, you would not be able to even walk through the house. Theson wants me to discard what I don't use, but that is NOT happening. With thedaughter having her surgery and theson being out of the country till last week - I just do not have the energy to get it all out. I am going to do some major reorganization of the storage process for all the decorations, AFTER the holidays. (Of course that means a major overhaul of the basement area - that ought to keep me busy till Spring!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Theson is now in Schenectady, New York, closing out the India project with the General, and is flying to Minneapolis on Wednesday to spend time with Emma and meet her parents. He will be flying home on the 21st, in time for his birthday on the 23rd and Christmas. Then Emma will be coming here on the 27th, and they will spend the New Years in Columbus with friends. How hectic does that sound? I had to get up at 3 am to take theson to the airport yesterday morning and that really threw me off for the day!!! That's what Mom's are for.

OK - so much for the updates, will be back with more later. TTFN

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ahhh...winter in New England

Isn't this just BEAUTIFUL???? We arrived in Boston, Mansfield actually on Thursday, and the weather was much like here at home - upper 60's. Our entire stay was just lovely, weather wise, we got the high winds on Saturday night, but no problems were incurred. Our hosts were delightful, and oiur stay could not have been any more relaxing and comfortable.

Mom2 and I love to head to "The Christmas Tree Store" as soon as we get to Boston. It is a "fun" store, which there are none here at home to compare it too. I always manage to find something in dishes or coffee mugs, therefore making lugging them home a real treat, but so what - it's FUN. We also visited a couple of country stores and got a few things, but for the most part, we just sat around the kitchen table, chatting and having a blast. These people are all Mom2's family, but they make me feel as welcome as if I were born into the family.

On Sunday morning we went to watch her young cousin play ice hockey. Now, that was a real treat also FREEZING. Those little boys were vicious and fun to watch. Unfortunately, we were sitting on aluminum bleacher seats and after the game was over (approximately one hour), it took TWO hours for my butt to thaw. Brrrr......!!

But back to the New England winter. We had heard that there might be snow fluffies the next morning, but when I woke up, the view was exhilarating. As long as I don't have to drive in it, I love to just take in the view. There was about 2 inches of snow altogether before it stopped. By the time we arrived at Logan airport in Boston, the snow had stopped.

I will try to add some pics later, but again my pics can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen/. I think that is right, but the right address is in prior blogs. I am still not in my right mind since getting home (hahaha), so much to do and not enought time to get it done.

Theson is coming home late Thursday night, then flying to Schenectady, New York, then Minneapolis, then home again for his birthday and Christmas. Aren't holidays wonderful? At least I have him home this year.

Take care and I will write more later. TTFN!!