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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Now we have all heard the many excuses for a shiner like this - but only MOM2 could make it a beaut!!! She did a header, after tripping on crumpled carpet, at a local hospital, and face met the linoleum tile. When she dropped by to show it off last night, I was shocked. We have such a wonderful relationship that I can joke about it as well as she can, thereby making up exaggerated stories as to how this occurred. For example:

1. The old "I ran into a door."
2. "If you think this looks bad, you should see the other guy!"
3. "I won in the third round by a knockout!"
4. "Guess he didn't like dinner!"
5. "The door really didn't hit me in the arse, as I was leaving."
6. "If it was domestic violence, he would be in the morgue!"
7. "I forgot how fast the cork comes out of that bottle!"
8. "I will never use my Red Rider BB gun again!"
9. "You know I am HEAVY HANDED, and damn near lost my eye putting that contact in!"
10. "I thought the black and blue would go nice with my pink hair!"

I am sure we will be coming up with a lot more in the forthcoming days as this shiner changes color. Hell, it pays to have a sense of humor. Since we are leaving Thursday for Boston, we know she is going to scare the heck out of all the kids up there. Could be interesting.......and lots of FUN!!!!

Later. TTFN

Monday, November 27, 2006

...I am an excellent prognosticator

Well, if you remember from my last blog - I mentioned about having thedaughter in the ER, and I predicted we would be back in the hospital before her scheduled doctor's appointment - you guessed it - I WAS RIGHT!!! On Friday, she was again planning on going to work, although still in considerable pain (she was scheduled to work 1pm - 10:15pm), and I said "no way, we are going back to the ER." She conceded, and we got to ER about 10:45 am. After more testing, it was noted that this "cyst" was now 10cm and was twisting the ovary. By 5:30 pm, she was having emergency surgery to remove the one ovary and Fallopian tube. I had thegrandson with me the entire time, and he was so scared for his mom. I got hold of Mom2 (who was on her way back from Columbus), and she stopped by the hospital and picked up thegrandson, which made my waiting a little easier. My older daughter and I got to see her in the recovery room at approximately 7 pm, and she was MISERABLE. She, of course, was in a lot of pain, and were in the process of hooking up a morphine pain drip. All she kept bitching about, was getting outside to have a cigarette. I became the bad guy, because I wouldn't take her. MEAN MOMMY!

They got her in a room by 7:45pm, amazingly enough the census in the hospital was really low and she was the only patient on the gynecology floor. Believe it or not, one patient and a staff of five, and the wait to get water and basic essentials was amazingly slow. We finally left the hospital about 9 pm. I figured it was better to leave her to the care of the nurses, plus I was exhausted.

I picked up the grandson and we both headed home and immediately "crashed!" I have never fallen asleep that quick in my life. Oops, forgot, thedaughter called at 11pm, wanting a cigarette again, for which I had no answers for her. The next call came at 6:20 am, again craving the nicotine, and she was going to drag all her tubes and accessories outside for the smoke.
As soon as thegrandson and I got to the hospital Saturday morning, she wants, food, something to drink and a CIGARETTE. rrrrrgh.... I can understand where she is coming from, but also the reality of being plugged into a system negates the possibility.

The doctor came in and said she could go home if she felt like it, she said YES, and we were out the door at 12:30 pm. SHE IMMEDIATELY HAD A CIGARETTE, and calmed down. Now consider this, she had major surgery 18 hours earlier and "BOOM" - discharged.

She is still in considerable pain, trying to poop, and all the necessary bodily processes are slowly coming back. She is having a hard time finding a comfortable position.

Mom2 and I are leaving for Boston this Thursday, returning the following Monday evening, so I think she will be able to survive on her own for that short period of time. The only arrangements she needs to make are for her son to get to and from the school bus. WHEW!!!! Enough of that shite. My fingers are almost bleeding.

Take care all - will be back on here when I return on the 5th of December. TTFN

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...to Zac in Camelland

Another festive (somewhat) holiday, and theson is stuck in the Sahara desert with a bunch of herpes ridden (according to local scuttlebutt) camels. I spoke with him earlier on the phone (3:40 pm our time - 9:40 pm in Algeria) and the chefs fixed them a nice Thanksgiving dinner, much better than what he was served in India last year. He said he was quite "full" and going to get a shower and go to bed. Since there is NO excitement, guess that was his only alternative.

He has spoken with Emma every day, and she is currently at her parents home, in Iowa (albeit sleeping on the couch), with a houseful of relatives. I am sure she has had a wonderful day with her friends and family. No doubt, lots of food too. Happy Turkey day to Emma and her family. Gobble-Gobble!!!

My plans were to bake my 2 pumpkin pies yesterday, and get my broccoli casserole ready. Since thegrandson had no school, he always likes to help me. But as best laid plans go, that was not to be the case. Thedaughter was supposed to work 8:45am - 5pm, but as she was getting ready for work, she was doubled over in pain, with all the symptoms of a kidney stone. I made arrangements with Mom2 to watch thegrandson and I took thedaughter to the ER. After 5 1/2 hours and multiple tests, she does not have a kidney stone, but a 7 centimeter cyst on her right ovary. Considering an ovary is the size of an almond, this is rather large, and definitely painful. She was discharged from the ER with instructions to follow up with an OB-GYN, and given enough pain pills (alleve) and muscle relaxants to last 2 days. Now, mind you, we can't even get in to see the OB-GYN till Tuesday. This could be interesting. She can't sleep, can't get comfortable in any position, and the "pain" meds they gave her won't even help a headache, much less severe pain. Since she has only been at her job about 6 weeks, she is so very afraid of losing her job if she has to call off. She is supposed to work 1pm - 10pm tomorrow, and insists she is going. I have a feeling we will be back in the ER before the scheduled doctors appointment. The ER doctor wrote her a slip excusing her from work thru the 25th, but she is going anyway. I guess we will see.

So, back to the dinner. I ended up making the pies and stuffing last night, with the help of the grandson. The pies turned out wonderful, after we removed the eggshells he managed to break, into the mix. Bless his heart. So here's to you Son, pics of the meal you missed and your mom slaving over the hot stove.

so there - that's the best i can do.

***damnit can't get the pics loaded. help!!!! will work on figuring this out -- TTFN.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Football Saturday...on to football Sunday...

I really do need a life I guess. I love professional football, but have been watching college football a lot lately. I love WVU and Ohio State and have been following Rutgers lately as they are in the top 10 now and my father graduated from there (mind you, he would be 100 years old this Dec. 17th were he still alive!) So, he graduated quite some time ago from Rutgers (Poughkeepsie, NY).

OSU is beating Michigan with 3 minutes left in the game by a score of 42-31, although Michigan is moving down the field to possibly score again. Oh, by the way, the Bellaire Big Reds won big last night against new Lexington, on their way to the Ohio State Semi finals, score was 45-7. They will face their arch nemesis Youngstown Cardinal Mooney this coming Friday, in Steubenville I believe, at Harding Stadium. I could be wrong on that one, will know for sure Tuesday.

I am totally amazed at the crowd for the OSU-Michigan game. The figure given for attendance is 105,708 - WOW!!!

Theson is still in the desert in Algeria, and technologically starved. He is having to email his blog posts to Emma, and have her post them for him, as the shite internet service takes forever to perform. The good news is, he is hoping to be home shortly after Thanksgiving, and be here for Christmas. He originally asked for the holidays as vacation time, since he was forced to stay in India last year - for ALL holidays. Now that he has new managers, hope they will abide by the commitment.

Ruh-roh, Michigan just scored and going for a 2 point conversion - ugh made it, now it is 42-39 with 2:16 left in game. Gonna be a real nail biter. Onside kick not successful - YEA!! GAME OVER AND THAT IS THE FINAL SCORE. Now the debate (annual) begins again, over who is truly No. 1. Blah-blah-blah.

Gotta run for now, I am babysitting and thegrandson (now 6) wants to play.

Everyone stay healthy, TTFN.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

...theson has left the country

Theson has finally had to "go back to work", and I assume he is in Algeria by now. I haven't heard from him since he boarded the plane in Atlanta for Gatwick Airport near London, on Thursday evening.

He was home since Aug. 13th, which was almost a 3 month stay. I get so used to him being here, I hate to let him go, but he is a big boy and has a job to do. He managed to spend a good deal of time doing what he likes to do also - visiting his friends in Columbus, "flying" to various locations to be with Emma (for weekends), sharing in the engagement of his best friend http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen/Chad and Jackie. These pics were taken after we all went to dinner at the Roadhouse and all met at Flanagan's for the big surprise.

As soon as I hear from him I will let everyone know - or keep watching his NOMADIC TENDENCIES blog for updates. Since he has been home - our blogs have been far and few between, so maybe now we can get it back together again.

OK - HOW ABOUT THE NOV. 7TH ELECTIONS????? As anyone can guess, I am on Cloud 9. Now that the Democrats have the reins - let's see them do positive things. Make us proud. I have heard enough of the "conservatives" and "liberals", let's get centered and work for the good of the PEOPLE. Enough of the big bucks going to the mega corporations and start making them responsible for their fair share of tax debt. The middle class has borne this burden for way too long. And how smart is Bush??? If he had FIRED Donald Rumsfeld 2 weeks before the election, the results would probably have been quite different, but the dunderhead fired him the day after. DUH!?!!?! Now let's get rid of Condoleeza Rice, and get someone at the helm to initiate Middle East talks again. In order to even consider some peace in that region, it has to begin with an accord among the warring nations. And needless to say, those countries have no respect for a WOMAN. Let alone, one who might want to discuss PEACE. Argh!!!!

Well, it is a "take it easy" Saturday, the BIG REDS won their playoff game last night, after scary me a wee bit in the 4th quarter, so all is well in town today.

Behave and stay healthy, TTFN.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Theson has already blogged about voting - he just happened to beat me to the punch (I truly was shocked!)

Since I am the most outspoken political advocate in the house, I can see it has rubbed off. This election, albeit a midterm one, is going to have long lasting effects. For the past Bush years, we have become mired in a financial boondoggle that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to bear. The Republicans and their love to spend, spend, spend has created such a large deficit that their is NO LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. The senior citizens have been screwed with the crazy Medicare overhaul, and now we have to face the realities of the mess in Iraq. The Republicans keep saying that the Democrats have "no plan" to deal with Iraq, -well DUH!!! It is quite apparent that the Republicans had none either. Redeployment and out! That is my suggestion - for warring sects that have known no other life than death and war for hundreds of years, to even presume the Americans can set them on a path of Democracy is ludicrous. enough of that for now though.

I feel that everyone should cast their vote - I have never missed a single election since I was 18. I choose not to listen or give credence to those who fail to cast a vote. That is called apathy - and I have wee tolerance for that. To sit back and just accept what is happening around you and to you - is wrong. Your vote can make a difference.

I only hope that with the electronic voting the hackers have not already set the outcome of this election. How is that for a skeptic?