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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

almost forgot ...WE HAVE GONE GREEN

theson has us sorting our trash now in order to recycle. Recycling has been implemented in most areas, but as of this date our area has not made it mandatory, although I understand it should happen within the next year. theson bought three bins and each has been designated for either "glass, plastic or metal."

Recycling symbols vary slightly but we re having to familiarize ourselves as to what can or cannot be recycled. We have bought a can crusher to make a more compact packaging for the aluminum cans (beer and pop), and heaven knows we have a bunch of those. Even thegrandson is getting used to this idea.

I have to get used to the idea that storing the various end products on the counter and making a daily disposal trip is much easier, but I don't like having the clutter on the counters.


...I REPEAT...do not pay the ransom...I'm back

Oh my god! Every time I sat down to blog, something always came up and I honestly have no "real" excuses for my absence. Glad to see that the visitors haven't stopped though.

I recently went into a partnership with a friend of mine who owns an accounting software business, in that I will do the bookkeeping share of the clients (in addition to my own) and necessary tax preparations. So far it is working well - so much can be done via computer with our gmail accounts - this will be OK I believe. My friend is a CPA, but chooses to work the sales end of the business and leave the rest to me, which is what I prefer.

Theson is working in Monroeville, PA for about 3 weeks I believe, and then he will be off the Bristol race the end of August and possibly to Qatar or Kuwait after that. I am not too happy about that work destination - but that's a "mother thing!"

Amazingly enough, school will be starting in a little over 3 weeks and we will have to get thegrandson his school paraphernalia soon. Thedaughter bought him a really cool Spiderman backpack - as if we don't have more than 20 now - but this one had a Frisbee included - whoopee! Forget that I have Eastpaks, from my kids and also I bought a couple of smaller ones in Boston a couple of years ago - and they are guaranteed for life. When theson was in college, I had to return one and since it was discontinued they sent a nicer one. Great company to deal with when it comes to exchanges or returns.

We had a torrential rain last Friday and again - WATER IN THE BASEMENT. Not that I have been trying to get this check valve placed for the last 3 years - I'd have more luck pulling teeth. Theson and I rolled up the carpets and mopped and swept water and ran the dehumidifier and fans and all is well - for now - albeit temporary.

On a more cerebral note - I am still hoping and praying that the process of impeachment will eventually take place (soon) and we can get our country back on the right track. Blog after blog, you can see the dissatisfaction and anger at our president and his totalitarian bent. I just start to seethe when I read more everyday about his exercising "executive privilege." DUH - Hitler like demeanor. He has totally walked all over the Constitution and our rights as Americans. Grrr......

I have also been watching this Phil Spector trial (gavel to gavel) and in the Court TV chat room during the trial and the general consensus is "fry the ugly little troll." I guess you have to really watch to understand what I am talking about - but the defense of this "music genius" (created the Wall of Sound) is "accidental suicide" by gunshot to the mouth. There is an oxymoron - accidental/suicide!!! Hopefully this trial will be over at least by the end of August (15 weeks so far.)

Have some posting to do - so everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

***Rich|Championable DO NOT breathe the air!!
***Samurai Frog - keep up the good work!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hope the weather holds out...

Theson picked a wonderful time to head to the Caribbean. A tropical storm is brewing right on top of Belize - so hold onto your sand chairs!!! On one of my trips to Cancun in the early 90's, we schlepped through a hurricane. It was an interesting time, but we (excuse the pun) weathered the storm. My girlfriend and I were on the beach in chaise lounges and finally got the hint to head for cover when we were literally blown over onto the sand (and let me tell you - it takes a pretty good wind to do that to me.) Since construction standards in Mexico are far from U.S. standards, the least little rain and there are leaks all through the resort.

Amazingly enough, when the storm subsided, out came the crews to re-thatch the roofs and coverings over pool bar and dining areas, lame attempts to repair leaky places in the roof, and retrieve most of what had been blown from the premises - and then back to business. Having spent all my summers in St. Petersburg, Florida, when I was young, hurricanes never really seemed like a big deal to me. Thank heavens I never had to endure a Katrina.

I have been in a tornado in Kansas (a real doozie) and hurricanes - I think that has been more than enough adventure for a lifetime.

I hope that whatever is brewing around Belize decides to peter out and give theson his 3 days of rest. Being with his college buddy and his wife, I am sure that will not be any problem.

Gotta run for now - everyone stay healthy and TTFN. **Note to Rich|Championable - may send the son to AA when he returns - haha.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

another one bites the dust...

CONGRATULATIONS to Juddy and Christy on your marriage yesterday. Now they are off to Put-In-Bay for a long weekend honeymoon. I figured they were going to get hitched while in Put-In-Bay, but they fooled me. They were actually the smart ones - get married and celebrate later. Cuts down on the expenses of a small to lavish wedding affair.

I have always felt that money put into such shindigs is often pissed away. Better to have a party where you can enjoy yourselves with your friends and not have to miss some of the party as you head off on a honeymoon. And considering the average longevity of marriages anymore, use the money elsewhere.

Again, Juddy and Christie ALL THE BEST!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

...and he is supposed to be the SMART one

Just read thesons blog - and he starts out with the term "streaking" and dumb mom, I thought at first he meant he ...ran rapidly. OH NO!!!! I was wrong...he literally streaked - totally naked down the street. There must be a higher being - because I managed to sleep through that as I am happy to say the rest of the neighborhood did also.

Why someone would want to run - especially one who has NO ass - naked down our street - can only be chalked up to ALCOHOL.

Knock it off kiddo - some thing should just NOT be seen. Luv ya anyway.

Friday, July 06, 2007

..grandsons playing in BEAST OF THE EAST

Forgot to mention my grandsons, ages 16 and 12 are playing in the baseball Beast of the East competition held in Wheeling, WV. Games are spread out to area fields (including Ohio) and teams from all over the eastern seaboard are playing. I even have a friend from Marietta, Georgia whose son has been in the competition for the past 4 years. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Unfortunately 80+ games were cancelled yesterday due to torrential rains which literally flooded all the fields except for Moundsville, WV. So catch-up is the word.


...a new look of sorts

Thanks to theson (the technical wizard) I have added a poll to my blog. The "Cost of the War" is now gone - because we know that amount grows exponentially by the second...and until Dubya is removed (hopefully) or leaves office that will not change.

Out of curiosity though I thought I woulld pose a Presidential query on my first Poll. I know that I am a Hillary supporter, and interested in others views.

In the meantime I will be thinking about future polls to present. Thanks SON - love ya bunches.

Theson is the light of my life and recently split with thegirlfriend, but will always remain friends. It is hard for him and when his heart breaks, mine does also - but I support him and by still maintaining a friendship that helps him also.

More later - so enjoy. Stay healthy and TTFN.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

...the LADIES had a wonderful time

My daughters and I finally have a recent picture to post. I have pictures with each daughter separately but it has been tough getting us together. This was taken at our cookout for the 4th of July. We had a great time, watching my son-in-law set off fireworks with thegrandson. There was a quickie shower in early evening, but I put up a canopy on the deck which made it all quite bearable.

My oldest daughter and her husband left to watch the local fireworks from the comfort of their front porch (in WV) and thedaughter, thegrandson and I went to watch the Wheeling fireworks from a location in the north end of our town. Now, thedaughter said this was a GREAT place to see the display. It was an excellent site, albeit directly in front of the sewerage treatment plant. YUCK!!! Thank heavens the shower reduced the humidity or the stench would have overpowered us! Thegrandson didn't have a care in the world.

We came back home and set off fireworks with the neighbors across the street and stayed and chatted till almost 12:30 am. I could not sleep at all and stayed up till almost 4 am. This is getting to be a real pain. Thegrandson was sooo tired he slept in till 11:40 am - while I was up and about at 8:30 am. Just shoot me now!

It is going on 11 pm now and think I will try to catch some sleep if possible. Theson returned home this afternoon and may be having "the B-Town Boyz" over tomorrow night for a small gathering. They used to spend the 4th on my deck in years past and always had a great time. Hope this works out also.

All in all it was a great holiday time - with friends that stopped and dinner as a family - what more can a person ask? **Plans changed and I did not have to drive friends to a funeral, thus the impromtu picnic!

Everyone stay well and I will return later. TTFN. Great seeing the visitors to this site from ariound the world - very interesting.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

...deaths and holidays - very tough

This has been a bad weekend/early week so far. Three deaths of good friends, which puts me in the kitchen and cooking more than usual. Between casseroles and cakes I am the bomb! Unfortunately one of the funerals is going to be on July 4th, which puts the end to any holiday plans. I have volunteered to drive my friend's (quadriplegic) van in order for him to attend his great uncles funeral. The usual "designated" driver had events he could not cancel. No big deal - they are good people who have been impacted by their family members passing.

Theson will be coming home today and I know he is "down in the dumps" a little as things have not been going well for him (in certain areas of his life.) But he is young, intelligent, charming and working on the social skills and there will be light at the end of the tunnel for him. So I can foresee us on the deck watching TV and me consuming "the wine" again. Love my Cafe Zin. Before he left for Salt Lake City, theson, thedaughter and I had a long gabfest on the deck. It is a lovely place to spend a cool evening. We have lights on the table umbrellas, coolers, and a TV, what more can a person ask? Maybe we will get some fireworks and set a few off later on the 4th.

To all - HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE 4TH OF JULY - and stay healthy. TTFN.