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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American "sizing" charts SUCK!! Big Time!

OK - this is NOT another one of those cheesecake shots - this would be thegrandson in his new baseball socks! I ran to the sports shop yesterday to get his baseball pants and socks, and being the dwarf that he is - we buy the X-small's. Yes folks, these are XS Youth Baseball socks. I am not sure what country grows these HUGE extra small kids, but I really want to go there - or maybe not. I often wonder about these articles where women have lost 150 pounds and are now down to 140 and wearing a size 4 - now most women know this is an impossibility - but it is my one last wish before I die to get in THAT size 4! So if anyone knows where this country is that makes these "mis-sized" clothes - please let me know.

Thegrandson DID get to play under the lights, as the game started late and it was fucking COLD!!!! So I must tell you - his LONG socks did come in handy. The game didn't get over till 8:45 pm and now we head to Bob Evans for a very late dinner. I hate to inconvenience people and the sign on the door says they close at 9 pm - but we were so hungry. We were nice and made the order simple and were home by 9:45 pm. Just a note, we had the most beautiful young man (gay) waiting on us, and thedaughter wanted so bad to ask about his makeup - but didn't. She figured if she asked, he would be our new best friend and we would get home even later. But he truly was a great guy.

This was to be a short post, just about the socks, but as usual, I ramble. I have been preparing deeds and affidavits in order for theRuss to transfer his property, and got all the paperwork completed yesterday and had it checked, so he will take care of all that tomorrow. When we originally checked at the Recorders office, they allude to the fact that we must see an attorney to have papers prepared - well, duh, why pay them when it is relatively simple to prepare yourself. So I saved theRuss about $200 in attorney fees. So cool - now I can start preparing mine to transfer my property to theson. I'm so talented I often shock myself. UGH!

Gotta run - things to do (client coming later today who hasn't filed a tax return in 10 years!) Just shoot me now! TTFN - stay well all!

Monday, April 28, 2008


This article on a 19 year old murder suspect, being "starved to death" had me rolling on the floor laughing. Smoking Gun manages to find the ludicrous and insane to cover and this young man tops the charts. You have to read his handwritten statment (even the bad grammar and spelling) and then realize what a blooming idiot he truly is. He apparently cannot connect that "losing weight" is not necessarily inhumane treatment. Thusly, he must NOT even know that he is morbidly obese to begin with. OMG - can we say DUH loud enough?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baseball time is here again! Whoopee!

Today was opening day for the Little League teams. As usual a lot of hustle and bustle, be here-be there, parade and game between moms and kids. So tedious, but the end result is a fun day for all.

Mr. Cool Dude (thegrandson) in his shades and thedaughter posing for their annual "together" baseball portrait. I managed to get some really good pics of the day. After the parade, I stayed at the field and "watched" the team play against the "moms." Since thedaughter had to be at work by 3 pm, she wasn't there, and I'll be damned if my decrepit body is going to play ball at this stage of my life. I used to play on teams years (eons) ago, but physically I cannot endure the challenge anymore. It turned out to be a perfect day for all this - temp was about 71 degrees and sunny - the past two days would have been unbearable as we surpassed the 80 degree mark.

Thegrandsons first "real" game is tomorrow night at 7 pm, in a neighboring city (Martins Ferry) and the kids are excited beacuse they may get to play "under the lights." I didn't want to burst his bubble, but they only play 5 innings and they don't take long, sun doesn't set till almost 8 now. Boo-hoo!

I rearranged my kitchen yesterday, moving all tax files and paraphernalia back to office space in basement. Now I have room again in my kitchen. Moving my hutch from one wall to the other was a task, but I managed. My back is aching a little, but I will get over it. I continue to do stupid things on a regular basis. I do believe in consistency.

I have always LOVED rainbows - and my friend and I were coming home from Red Lobster Tuesday evening, and the rain showers were intermittent, while the sun was still shining - and voila - of course we have rainbows. This one waned and brightened between showers, but remained for almost 45 minutes. I finally got this shot from my front porch and, although it didn't film well, it became a TRIPLE rainbow. Each less bright than the original - but there were 3. Thegrandson was hooting and hollering how unbelievable the whole thing was - doesn't take much to make us happy.

Just a scintilla of what has been going on - back to cleaning something - actually folding laundry. Take care and stay healthy. TTFN. 9 DAYS TILL I LEAVE FOR EGYPT!

Friday, April 25, 2008

LIFE SHOULD BE MORE CALM!! Maybe it's just ME!

Since Tax season ended, I thought I might get a break and some rest, but this is just not happening. Between, getting thegrandsons homework, baseball practice, the needs of friends and family - there is truth to the adage "no rest for the wicked!"

On my political view, with gas prices rising at a ridiculously fast rate, groceries keeping right on pace with fuel - what is a person to do? On Wednesday, Dubya (pain in the ass to most Americans) made another brazen statement - "We are not in a recession, just an economic slowdown!" Again with the SPIN!! Are there really a majority of morons out there, that believe what this man says as gospel? And we know how I feel about these "stimulus checks" - what a travesty. We wil never be in a position to repay China for the loans we have made (not to mention the other countries) and we are supposed to sit back and recite mantras to this babbling fool. I THINK NOT!

Here in the Ohio Valley, the economy has relied on coal mines and steel mills for employment and boosts to local economy. Now we are almost ghost towns. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel was an icon in the steel industry for decades, until most of the steel contracts started being designated to China. The steel output from China has even proven to be of inferior quality - but in someone's infinite wisdom - trade relations are far better than taking care of our own.

My theory (for what it is worth) - we need a woman in the White House. Most women are in charge of balancing the checkbook and budgeting for the household, most women are the arbiters of all squabbles and conflicts within the home, and sometimes outside the home (usually with amicable results), women know how to stretch a buck (and also get more bang for said buck), and women can accomplish more in a given day than any man. The days of being subserviant have long passed - and face it -----it doesn't get worse than it is now.

I have always said that men suffer from short-sightedness. They (as a rule - but not all) generally make decisions as to how said decisions will effect themselves or others, for the immediate time - never for what the long-term effect might be. That must be a throw-back to men's need for immediate gratification....YUK YUK! (...and I'm serious!)

Hell, I am leaving in less than 2 weeks and haven't even been near my suitcase. I have decided not to take a lot of clothes, as theson has a washer and dryer - and I know how to use them. Lugging heavy suitcases is not my idea of fun. I learned long ago though, always carry a change of clothes (AND MAKEUP) in the carry-on - as luggage can always be lost. I leave on May 6th - I will probably pack...hmmm...that morning. I really hate to rush into anything. **my "woman" theory again...even when I pack last minute - I remember everything! I am the greatest!

Gotta run - things to do...take care and stay well...TTFN!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Tax season is now over and I have taken a few days break from blogging - although I have tried to keep up with viewing the rest of my fellow bloggers sites. Thedaughter is working a steady 3-11:30 pm or 1-9:30 pm shift, so babysitting is all I seem to do. The mother challenges fall back on me, with seeing that the homework is done and that we make it to baseball practice. Of course while the little stinker is in school, there is always houswork to do - something thedaughter never accomplishes.

When I return from Egypt, I am going to tackle "the basement." I imagine that will be at least a 2 day job. My basement has turned into a netherworld of "not sure where to put this" items. When in doubt - pitch it to the basement. Out of sight - out of mind. But it is driving me nuts, because I at least like organization. Since I am looking forward to my trip, I have come to the conclusion that it would be better to tackle this job AFTER I return, as I will probably throw my back out, or have a massive coronary. Ha!

My new Dell Laptop arrived on Thursday, and I have been going nuts transferring data from the old laptop to this one. Yesterday I tried to find a USB to USB cord for easy file transfer, and was unable to locate one, so I have been using my 2GB flash drive, going back and forth from one unit to the other.

I have told thedaughter she may USE my old laptop, I am not giving it to her, as I have data on there that still needs transferred, also, she isn't known for taking very good care of "stuff." I set up an account for thegrandson, so he can play his games and go to the math site for help. First, I am teaching him the proper way to open and shut down. Sometimes he just likes to hit all the keys, but he is learning very quickly. He likes the fact that he has his own password and no one else will know it - but for the fact that he tells everyone - so funny.

I have cleaned both closets in my bedroom and have so much stuff to donate to Goodwill, and thedaqughter says "NO way - I am having a yard sale." I don't have a problem with yard sales, just that hauling all the stuff in and out is too tedious. The last yard sale thedaughter had with her friend, left my front porch loaded with all their crap for over a month. My thoughts are that what doesn't sell - immediately goes to Goodwill. We shall see how this project evolves - till then, my "stuff" is headed to THE DAMN BASEMENT!" Argh!

I have to get my nails done today and finish up some laundry - so I am going to get started. Everyone have a great weekend and TTFN.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mom2's Son married today!

ENOUGH SAID! LOVE YA JEAN! **Wedding pics are on Flickr site (on right)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Teenagers run amok!!

There has been a video running around the internet and on all the major news outlets, of a gang of teenage girls beating up one of their "friends." Two young men were also arrested (along with 6 girls), as they were the official "look-outs." I have listened to all the various opinions of this situation and feel slightly different than what I have heard. Psychologists, psychiatrists, child advocates, all seem to blame "technology." The trend should now turn to censorship for our youth, of internet capabilities.

I have never considered myself "old fashioned" but I blame the entire situation on LACK OF DISCIPLINE! When I was growing up, our teachers had us for 8 waking hours of the day - our parents maybe 3-4. We learned fear and respect in schools because our teachers had total control over us. Teachers today are basically high paid babysitters and should probably even get hazard pay for what they have to endure. Teachers can no longer use "corporal" punishment (as in paddling) or they will face the wrath of the ACLU. These parents who say they have never even smacked a child on their butt, and have tried all the "time outs" and "hugging" therapy, will soon reap their rewards.

Not once during all the roundtable discussions on this beating - did anyone place the blame in the home. All the blame was placed on the internet and access to all it has to offer. Considering this beating began because of a "posting" (nasty comments on friends) on myspace...the retaliatory stance from those affected was to make a video and then post it online as well. Wow, this could continue ad nauseum.

I still feel that discipline needs to return to the schools - kids of all ages need to realize that there are consequences for their actions...as things stand now, these kids know that mom and dad will bail them out of their messes and they will continue their same patterns.

That is my opinion and I stand by it. I am tired of the kids feeling that the world OWES them a living or anything else without honestly EARNING their way in the world.

Have a great day...I have waaaay too much to accomplish today and not enough hours. (I'm praying for rain to cancel out ball practice to free up some time...mean grandma!)

Monday, April 07, 2008

thesons DILEMMA?!?!?!?!?

theson hasn't cut his hair in at least 14-15 years and I LOVE it long. He has been running a poll on his blog, as to whether to cut or not to cut. I had even gone so far as to try and stack the poll in favor of NOT cutting, but I got tired of rebooting my computer. Needless to say, the majority is favoring a shearing. If he does cut his hair, he is donating his tresses to "Locks of Love." That makes this a worthy effort.

I envy ETW on her Canon Rebel XT camera, but I purchased slightly lower than that. I bought the Canon PowerShot S51S today (picture above taken with new camera.) It has all the features I could possible need, and hopefully theson will help me play with it later this evening. I'm really excited just to be upgrading...I will let thedaughter use my little Sony Cyber shot.

On another note I just read that Condoleeza Rice is interested in being McCains' VP...now, has anybody noticed how little (if anything) this woman has done while in her position? And won't Bush be jealous losing her to another man? OOPS...can you tell I am not a Rice fan??? Just a thought.

So much for all I have to say tonight. Be back later. TTFN

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Funny Pictures

If my husband were alive, and we could afford a hot tub....this is how he would have hunted!!! So funny!

I call it SPIN or at least "How to sound like a moron!"

I have read this article several times and always go back to the 2nd paragraph and what the idiot, moronic anonymous law enforcement officer was quoted as saying; "in case they're involved in sensitive areas that could escalate into a negative reaction." Maybe it is my midwestern life, but we call a spade a spade...we don't pussyfoot around and try to make every statement "flowery."

I now believe that all law enforcement personnel are taking courses in HOW TO ADDRESS THE PRESS! I have listened to our local police officers and I KNOW how stupid they are, but when addressing the media - they use phrases that a) have no pertinence to the situation, b) use fifty cent words that they have failed to look up in the dictionary c) actually try to look like they are making an astounding and intellectual presentation. NOPE - THEY ALL LOOK AND SOUND MORONIC!!!!

As to the quote I have referenced above - wouldn't it have been much easier to say "we have medical and police backup in case we fuck up like the Koresh/Davidians mess in Texas!" No, I'm not a rocket scientist, but in order to cover their collective asses, I guess it is much easier to make a flowery non-sensical statement.

Amen...I am done for today...
TTFN - more later.