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Thursday, November 05, 2009


...on the the grounds of the House of Congress today to protest HEALTH CARE REFORM!!!

Now, that's a lie, but I thought I would beat FAUX NOISE to the punch on this one. Best guess for attendance was between 3-3,500 Teabaggers made it to D.C.

The event started off with an invocation, and then Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo) gave a brief opening statement. In this statement there was NO mention of health care, just a tirade against the liberals and their hatred of the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. So, to make his point, he incited the crowd to recite the Pledge and this is what happened...

The idiot doesn't even know the words for Pete's sake. Truly a wonderful moment.

But this banner, under which the speakers were presented - PISSES ME OFF! If you can't read the banner it says:



WTF are these fukktards thinking...comparing health care reform to the Holocaust? Am I surprised, not really. But I should hope that the surviving members of those who were murdered in these camps - voice their outrage over the rethugs atrocities.

This group of whackos (Bachmann, Akin, Foxx, etc..) want to convince people to fall in lockstep with their views, a party that supported 1)the fabrication in a pretext for war against a country that had made no overt moves toward the U.S. 2) instituted a policy of torture and domestic surveillance, while trampling the Constitution into the ground and 3) pursued a dictatorial level of power for the Prez (V.P.) as a far right radical regime.

What this picture says to me is: "giving money to buy health insurance is like sending people to the gas chambers!".

One must realize that this was not just a bunch of people showing up in protest, but a mob being incited by a sitting member of Congress, as their leader and organizer.

Merriam-Webster defines SEDITION as "incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority." Personally, I believe that Michelle Bachmann should be charged with sedition against the United States. If she were an intelligent being, I might not go that far, but she has proven her ignorance many times over, in the past year or so. These idiots are cheapening (is that a word) the deaths of those murdered by Nazi's, for political gain. Sick does not even begin to describe the comparison.

Do I think this protest had any impact........DEFINITELY NOT!
Do I think Bachmann is still an IDIOT.........ASSUREDLY YES!!

Later all............................



willis said...

Nice to see you out first on this! I'm sure the size of the "crowd" will be properly inflated on Fox throughout the evening while ignoring their ability to recall the Pledge lyrics. Should bring a tear to Beck's eye.

Sue said...

3,000 morons!! These fucktards are so embarrassing to our country and Bachmann needs a straight jacket and duct tape over her fuckin mouth, UGH!!!!


they dont piss this liberal off..they make her laaaaaagh...

jadedj said...

3,000 my ass...1,500, each with a rat in their pocket!

That banner is beyond infuriating and disgusting. These bastards want a physical confrontation. They are praying for armed conflict, and you are right, Bachmann is seditious.

Peruby said...

Sorry, this comment is not about your post. I was in your neck of the woods yesterday. I had to go to Martins Ferry to the new HS for a meeting.

I can't recall if you live in Brilliant, Bridgeport, or Brookside. What is it with the "BR" towns down there? LOL!

Anyway, I came in on 250. I made the mistake of taking 250 back out. I got caught when an electrical wire fell across the road at the Colerain corp. sign.


themom said...

Willis: When Bacmann started this "plan" on Saturday (Hannity's show), I made it a point to follow it up. Her "whites of their eyes" comment pissed me off.

Sue: BACHMMANN NEEDS TO GO! She is by no means good for this country.

YDG: laugh away...when I'm over being mad, I will laugh too!

jadaedj: I'd love to see her tried for sedition - I could die a happy camper.

Peruby: You were 7 miles away..BELLAIRE! Just south of Bridgeport.

Kulkuri said...

We need to encourage people like that so that rational people will see how truely insane they are. I'm beginning to think that rational people are not in the majority, maybe never were.

Buzzardbilly said...

Curmy came home last night to tell me of what appeared to be a family of 5 or 6 holding their own little teabag party protest on Capitol Street yesterday. He said one of them was a young boy holding a sign that said, "Don't tax me, Bro," and Curmy just died laughing in their faces.

Yes, I warned him that he needs to hold that in until after he's passed them, but I wish he would have called me. I would've gone to take pictures and blogged that shit.

Anonymous said...

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