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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BOOOOO!! Trick or Treat Again !!!

AHA!!! The process begins...thegrandson undergoes his pasty transformation.

His white/blonde hair now black, new elongated teeth, dripping blood and fancy cape turns the little guy into.....a VAMPIRE!!! His mother (thedaughter) got in on the act also, they were quite a pair.

This year seemed like more of an event, in finding the right makeup, clothing and other necessary trinkets to scare the neighbors. We started the makeup session at 5 pm, yet the actual "trick or treat" times of going door to door, did not begin until 6:30 pm. And trust me...it took every minute to get both these guys decked out.

The trick or treaters began right at 6:30 pm, yet we did not have as many kids as we have in the past. That could be because the time was dropped to one hour instead of the usual 1.5 - 2 hours of the past. And again, very few kids live in our neighborhood and the majority of treaters were from neighboring towns.

Sans makeup, thegrandson was very proud of his jack-o-lantern also this year. This was the second that was carved as the first one was carved so very early - it succumbed to the elements.

This was just a quickie blog for the moment of the "season!" Thegrandson got to show his costume to theson via webcam, and theson was so very frightened (right?!?!?). And that is what it is all about!!!

Take care and TTFN....oh and BOOOOOOOOO!

Monday, October 29, 2007

now we get back to normal?? or as close as possible!

I have always thought that when someone close passes away the whole world should just stop! Amazing thought right?!?! I guess that is when my selfishness kicks in. But needless to say, we have been through the passing of our great friend and relative, the funeral, the wake and now we must get on with our lives.

Our lives are forever changed but we will carry on traditions and pass on memories to the best of our abilities. I had hoped to get more pictures of Jean's (Mom2) family but am satisfied with those I posted on FLICKR.COM. If interested you can click on this link to see some pics taken at the wake and a couple from dinner last Saturday. There are also various sets of pics I have posted from our trips to Boston and the Caribbean and other adventures. Feel free to peruse them if you like.

Chumpass is back in Columbus and at work, TheRuss has gone back to work a few days a week and this is a good thing for both. I will probably go up and clean out the pantry and fridge as these are two areas men are not likely to consider - and I am sure there are outdated things that may need tossed. A good dusting is also needed as there are so many baskets and bears on shelves that they have amassed more than their share of dust bunnies. Heaven knows, we loved our menageries.

Well, gonna run for now, thegrandson is home sick today and wants me to help him draw a "pirate's map!" My talents are endless!!

Love to all! Stay healthy and TTFN!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

...I detest VULCHERS!!!

I am still in a depressed and lonely state - missing my buddy Jean. Theson and I have been taking great care to be there for theRuss and Chumpass during this hard time, and so far everything has gone pretty well. Of course, a new life has to begin as they now have to oversee the paying of bills and any planning that may be called for - and they are doing an excellent job.

I must digress a little, as I have lost my parents, sister, brother, husband and many others close to me, and have seen people deal with the grieving process in various ways. When my mother-in-law passed away in 1985, I was totally distraught as she was more of a mother to me than my own. But the day after the funeral service, my 3 sister-in-laws called me to say we were going to meet at my inlaws house to write out the thank you cards - no problem. When I got there I was the only one doing the cards, as my asshole sister in laws were going thru all my mother-in-laws clothes and personal belongings. They said they knew what was best - and to rid the house of her "stuff" would be better for my father in law. When they were done - there was NO sign that a female even shared the house. I was devastated. They asked me what I wanted - I said nothing - if I can't have my mother in law back I want NOTHING! The assholes weren't there at 3 am when my father in law woke me, crying "they took everything - it's so empty!" I will never forget that day.

Now, present time, 2 friends of Jean's, came to the house on Thursday and told theRuss that Jean wanted them to get rid of all her clothes if anything happened. I will tell you now - that is a LIE!!! Jean hadn't even gone thru her mother's clothes, who passed away 4 years ago. The decision to get rid of her belongings is ultimately up to her husband. Jean had even told me she wanted my daughter to "stay fat" because she had so many clothes for her. We don't care that they didn't go to my daughter - that is not the point. The point is that these 2 women are VULCHERS and preyed on Russ's grief for their own benefit - they kept the clothes. Jean had so many clothes with price tags on that could have been returned - and they took them also.

To say I am livid is an understatement. I have not slept for 2 nights as this has upset me so much. I spend more time planning my revenge (for which I should be ashamed - not), but I will let them know at some point in time how I feel and how they literally ROBBED Jean. When Jean needed help neither women were around - but one managed to stay by her bedside constantly, after not having been around for more than a year. PATHETIC!!

OK - I have vented, and feel a little better. I can sleep with a clear conscience, that I did what I could to take care of my sister/friend, to my best ability - and I am satisfied for the memories I have. Her belongings are just "stuff" - nothing like the wonderful, fun, happy memories that will stay with me for a lifetime!!

Please, everyone stay healthy and well...TTFN.

***OK Slyght - now I'm consistent...everyone now knows they were assholes then and now!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


MOM2 (Jean) July 8, 1944 - October 17, 2007

I have lost my very best friend and sister and feel so lonely right now. We have known each other since our sons started school, yet became best friends when our sons went off to college. Our common bond was our love for our sons (daughters don't be offended please) and how we relished their accomplishments and shared their pain. As mothers, we could not have been any prouder.

We shopped together, went out to eat, and traveled to Boston to visit family and cruised the Caribbean. So many memories, so much fun, we have mourned the passing of family members and "been there" whenever needed. We even had "sibling" spats (unfortunately this last one lasting 3 months), but ALWAYS got back together as if nothing had happened at all.

My family has dwindled to just myself and kids, and we adopted and were adopted by Jeans large family. Her brother, nieces, nephews, cousins are like my own now. Until Jean's mother passed away a few years ago - she was the matriarch of the family - passing the honor to Jean. She was the glue holding the family together. We hope that we can carry on her love of family and pleasure with friends as well.

Jean's passing came 19 days after being diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer. She had been mis-diagnosed (actually non diagnosed) by her local physician for almost 2 1/2 years. It was only after going to Ohio State University James Cancer Center that the terminal diagnosis was made. All the "I wish we had done this and that sooner" comments mean nothing now. But we all know that once we knew what she was facing, we could have done nothing more than stand by her and love her as always to help her as much as possible. We have no regrets, we were with her at all times till she passed - now we have to deal with such a huge void in our lives. At this moment I am finding this so very hard.

She was by my side when my husband died, she was by my side when my twin sister died - and now I don't have her by my side and I am so lost.

I have so many wonderful memories of our trips, our talks, all our experiences, but it doesn't seem like enough.

Helping rid my basement of water after flooding in '04.

Enjoying the sun in the Caribbean!

Jean and I at her sons Engagement dinner.

As we reached our "mid life crisis", she wanted a nose ring more than anything (a small stud) and truly enjoyed the compliments she received afterwards...then on to the ankle tattoo... which she had copied from a henna tattoo we had done 2 years earlier. She saved the henna copy all that time in her wallet, that was determination.

I can't even begin to list all the things I will miss most, because it is quite lengthy.

There are many past blogs which detail our relationship and too much to say at this point. This is cathartic for me...just wanted to share the beauty of my friend and sister with any who might drop by here.


I can't say anymore....Good bye Jean, my friend forever.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I am NOT slacking....promise!

I really don't have a lot to write about, but MOM2, my best friend has some serious health issues and she is 2 hours away, and not being able to be there is driving me nuts!!! I encouraged her husband (and her) to take her to Ohio State University hospital, as she was not being treated well locally - but the end result was not what we wanted to hear - yet she can be treated by much more qualified people there.

Having to be here for my grandson while his mother works has made my making regular visits quite difficult. Theson may be home Wednesday or Thursday, and hopefully we will be able to work someting out to get back up to Columbus. I spoke with Mom2 a few minutes ago and she is quite depressed (expected) and that puts me in a funk.

This is just an update and hope to get back to some regular postings at some point.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.