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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last night, I again managed to channel surf right to FAUX NOISE, just in time to watch BillO, Allan Colmes and a female argue the point of the Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hassan.

I must say that Alan Colmes finally showed some backbone and argued against the BS rhetoric coming from the other two.

The argument (debate hah!) centered around Nidal Hassan and that our President has refused to use the words "terrorist" or "terrorism". One might choose to call this man a homegrown terrorist, by the deed alone, as he is a U.S. citizen, raised in our country.

I, for one, am impressed that our Prez has chosen not to make that correlation, this early in the investigation. Considering preliminary reports surfaced that this man was upset about his deployment to Iraq...and for all we know, there may have been other underlying reasons for him to "snap."

BillO was having no parts of the argument that this man was mentally imbalanced, simply because the right-wing conspiracy mentality, only allows for stupid quick judgements. Judgements to instill fear in the masses of Americans. That would be similar to the lies and fear mongering enhanced by Bush/Cheney.

Look where we are at the moment. Thousands of troops still in Iraq. Thousands more are in Afghanistan with additional troops being requested. Young lives being lost daily, in these senseless battles. Japan, Korea, Germany, all still house our troops in bases set up during the cold war. Money flying out of the government's coffers (yours and my tax dollars), to maintain our troops...for what? We can't win a war in Pakistan/Afghanistan. Iraq will eventually go back to their warring ways - this is the cycle for these middle eastern countries - hundreds of years of history have proven that fact.

It's time to bring our troops home, every last one of them. The senseless deaths have to stop. I understand the obstacles presented by the neocons...without the fear and wars they have started - they would be a force to be reckoned with, as it were.

Strange how those on the right, never state that those who shoot/kill abortion doctors or bomb abortion clinics - are terrorists. John Muhammad, who was executed last night (the D.C. Sniper), was never referred to as a terrorist. The shootings at college campuses - those responsible were never labeled terrorists. I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made.

As for Nidal Hassan, the crime he has committed is an atrocity. Personally, until I see evidence to the contrary, I believe he just "snapped." The government was aware of his communications, i.e. e-mails and such, but saw nothing alarming apparently. Could the government have gone farther in their investigations prior to this shooting - possibly. But hindsight is a completely different perspective.

The right wingers choose to jump on their "terrorist" bandwagon, simply because he is Muslim. They have painted a picture in their followers minds, that ALL Muslims are the enemy and want to kill us. That is just not true. Granted there are those who take on the bastion of jihadism - but again, that description cannot be given to all Muslims. My take on that spin - is that because they (Muslims) don't adhere to the "word of God" they have to be evil. These are the Christians who believe that their God is the only God - which would take me into an entirely different topic - so enough said.

I'm off to town soon, to stalk the movie filming again. There are still some pics I intend to try and take.

This house is being used as "train conductor's" home.

The "evacuation" scene. All the cameramen and TV trucks are involved.

I have to be sneaky, as one cop threatened to take my camera yesterday. I told him no problem if he had $500 in his pocket.....then I moved to another discreet place! Yow!!

I believe theson is officially done with his job in Egypt as of today. He will be leaving for Jordan tomorrow, then Spain...then home on the 28th. I'm so excited, since I haven't seen him in almost 11 months.

Have a great day, I shall return....later..............



Unknown said...

Lawd have mercy..ignorance is bliss for these people ain't it?

You are a stronger person than I woman..I can NOT watch Faux Noise..nevah! I value what's left of my sanity. ;)

Unknown said...

I agree with you on Hasan... I'm looking all over the net for breaking info on him. Last night's Maddow gave some interesting news on the 'news' from the Right Wing end... good post!


I think Obama did the right thing..and I'm all for bringing them all home..but you think unemployment is bad now..imagine what it will be like with all the gis out looking for jobs too.

Professor Chaos said...

God forbid someone wait for all the facts to come in before making a snap judgment. He may very well turn out to be motivated by religious extremism and then we can start the paranoid "all the muslims want to kill us!" hysteria. Let's not jump the gun on the hate/panic, Billo.

TomCat said...

There can be no excuse for what Hasan did. That said, we need to learn as much as we can about his motivations to help prevent recurrence, and when the smoke clears, I would not be surprised to learn that his radicalization was a dysfunctional response to The Bush/GOP Regime treating the so-called war on terror as a religious right jihad against Islam.

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