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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Employees Expose FOX NEWS' Distortions

This is long, but I found it interesting.

Years ago I would have FOX news on...as if I was punishing myself by watching Hannity. I even joined the "I Hate Hannity" clubs online. The only person I MAY watch occasionally is Greta - to see what current case she is following - but even she has gone so far right - that has not been happening.

Anyway, if you have the time - this piece is quite revealing.

Carly Fiorina - history is risen from the dead....

I love this:

It's about time Obama gets some meaty campaign ads going. Just when he brings something original to the table...the McCopycats steal it!!! This ad is going to start running on Monday.

It's another day...same old shite!!!

I have to laugh at times - at times mind you....that John McFart is always cleaning up Sarah Palin's messes. Watching him take over the Katie Couric interview, and having Sarah say the same thing about Pakistan...and McClueless turns it into a GOTCHA mad journalist moment!! Again, trying to turn the tables.


My mind does not stop, for example, last night - no one in this house wanted to be around me - calling me grumpy and nasty - the funny part is the blame is going to my computer, politics (and my opinion) and the lack of Diet Dr. Pepper. What a conundrum!!! After getting thegrandson to bed and asleep, I decided to play remote roulette, between CSI Miami and of course, the Steeler-Ravens football game. The entire time I am flip flopping from one end of the bed to the other - my mind will NOT shut down. At 1 am, I finally come back out and get on the computer to see if there are any updates of any kind - hell, all I am getting is that the foreign markets are taking a nose dive and the 2 bank failures in Great Britain. SO I TRULY DON'T KNOW WHY MY FAMILY IS UPSET WITH ME!!!

Damn, I don't have time for all their problems - back to matters at hand! The Palin/Biden debate on Thursday night. I have been totally stupefied by the critiquing from the conservative media, towards Palin. The general attitude seems to advise SP to bail now - don't embarrass yourself any further.

Is it me or am I paranoid - how McBush has totally taken over the media spin from every angle? However SP presents herself in this debate (intelligent or brain dead), this will define her for the remaining days of this campaign. Surely, McWitless understands that premise...then again...with all the lies he has perpetuated, and the same old talking points - he definitely DOESN'T GET IT!!

But here is what SP's advisory council over the next few days looks like:

1. Her husband (First Dude) and children
2. Steve Beigun, former staff member of Bush's National Security Council
3. Randy Scheunemann (and I thought my last name was tough) McCrinkle's chief foreign policy aide
4. Mark Wallace, deputy campaign mgr. for Bush's '04 re-election campaign
5. Ms. Wallace, who was communications director in Bush White House

I would love to be a fly on the wall at Dan Quayle's house. I can hear him now, "Hey Marilyn...check out the new bimbo, makes me sound like a genius!" I hate to say it, but Quayle was wonderful for a laugh or two - and you were never sure what was going to come out of his mouth - but he had a better grip on politics than SP.

Be back later....gonna try to grab a nap before thegrandson gets home from school.

Monday, September 29, 2008

If you have sensitive ears....LEAVE NOW!!!

I'm sick to death of this fucking Republican party right now!! And every jerk that made a comment, one way or the other this day, be it on the floor of Congress, or in the halls after this disastrous vote. I watched the discussion on the floor, and the Repukes that stood up and denounced this plan, because of petty, I repeat PETTY, items that were totally ignored in the plan, thus encouraging a NO vote on HR 3772. They (as always) want more and more for their mealy self-serving interests.

John Boehner (sadly from Ohio), stood on the floor for 3 minutes proclaiming the necessity of a YES vote - and after failure, stands in the hallways, talking out of his ASS!! Now telling the public there was no way the Republican party could vote for such a bill. Cong. Eric Cantor, from Virginia holds up a copy of Nancy Pelosi's speech and then lays blame at her feet - for hurting the Republican's feelings. I do not understand why I have not thrown something at the TV yet - because I really need to throw something. These assholes in Congress should be oh so thankful I am not in Washington...I would either be dead or in jail.

On top of all that, McAsshole goes on TV and blames Obama....I thought I was having a stroke for a minute. Someone out there in blogland tell me WHY DO PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS OLD FUCKING MAN?????!!! We, who have brains, cannot be fooled by the contradictions and lies that spew so easily from his wrinkled face. Hell, he is 72 - he should pass before I do, but at this rate, I could keel over any moment. His spokespeons are spewing the same lies, being caught in the lies, and McFuckhead says Obama DOESN'T GET IT!?!?! PUH-LEEEEEEEEZE!!! (insert smarmy smirk here!)

I have to say, I love Barney Frank. He is sometimes hard to listen too, I think because he talks so fast, but his humor is unbelievable. I read in 1995 when House Leader Dick Armey called Frank "Barney Fag" - Frank said he asked an expert (his mother) who said that in her 59 married years, no one ever introduced her as Elsie Fag. Barney Frank is not a hypocrite and has a very low tolerance for hypocrites. The best remark was last week (24th) when John McCrack "suspended" his campaign and went to Washington, Frank said it was "the longest Hail Mary in the history of football or Mary's!" He also referred to McFuck as Andy Kaufman in his Mighty Mouse costume singing "Here I Come to Save the Day!!" Such an ugly picture.

Oh, and lest I forget, Congress took a short recess for Rosh Hashana (sp) and will not be back till possibly Thursday. Now the stock market took a heft dump today, retirement accounts were probably hit quite hard - your hard earned funds are in jeopardy. This bail-out was to put more liquidity into the lending arena. I'm waiting for my credit card companies to drop my credit lines any minute. I try not to use them, but we know how that goes. Oh, and forget Christmas...these fucking assholes just ensured there will be no Christmas in this house!!

I need a break...my head is exploding! I just need this spot to VENT!!!

I'm sure I will hear something else tonight to push me over the edge, till then......

Guess McCain didn't have enough clout after all...

H.R. 3997 Financial Markets Bill - has NOT passed.

Vote taken:

Democrats....Yea---141.....Nay---94....No Vote----0
Republicans..Yea----66.....Nay--132....No Vote----1

Totals...........Yea---207.....Nay--226....No Vote----1

This vote started a little after 1:30 pm, and I heard some arguments against this bill from various Republican representatives, and essentially it sounded like they want more for THEIR constituents alone. Did they not realize this is a cursory package - one that can be finessed as time goes on...but for now it was to abate the panic that has apparently hit the stock market. Which has tanked around 600 points at this moment?

Apparently, the final tally now is Yeas = 205 Nays = 228

GO FIGURE!!! No one said this was a perfect bill from the onset. I also hope that come election day, everyone, EVERYONE, realizes how important your vote can be. Because this bill addresses more of the Wall Street programs, as opposed to the "Main Street" programs - the end result was failure.

I'm not in favor of a bailout per se, but some initiatives have to take place immediately, to save the homeowner and retiree. Contact your representatives and be heard, I do it all the time. Hell, they are there to "REPRESENT" us, that's their JOB!! At least they have one.

Next debate format....Town Hall forum...

So far, all I am hearing is that John McCain is the "Master of the Town Hall" format discussions. I don't see it, because I have seen him stumble and blather, much the same as last Friday's debate. The man cannot stay on point, and we know he cannot look his opponent in the face either.

As to the Friday debate, Steve Schmidt, a McCain aide said on a Sunday program with George Stephanopoulas:

"When Sen. McCain came back to Washington, there had been no deal
reached. What Sen. McCain was able to do was to help bring all the parties
to the table, including the House Republicans, he came back and he listened and
he helped put together the framework of getting everybody to the table which was
essential in getting the package [together]."

And McCain has said:
"Whether I helped or hurt, I'll be glad to accept the judgement of history, but I'm never going to not get engaged when the taxpayers and middle-class of America are in danger of losing everything literally that they have worked all their lives for."

I won't (ha) address the fact he ended the sentence with a preposition for now! But having watched many different news channels, the consensus I heard was - McCain did nothing in the progression of negotiations. Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen. Chuck Schumer, said he caused more problems, by bringing the paparazzi to Capital Hill for his photo-op. If anything, McCain's presence was passive at best and according to some it was a detrimental role.

Apparently, the negotiations were not foremost in his thoughts, as he and his wife, Sen. Joe Lieberman and his wife Hadassah, were dining at the opulent Cafe Moye in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington late Saturday evening.

NO - he was not part of the negotiations - he was NOT valiantly battling the forces of the status quo to get something done for Main Street.

Yes, we need TEAMWORK from the Democratic party to take back our country!!!

Later guys....TTFN. *** How about Bruce Springsteen for half-time at Super Bowl XLIII?? Cool!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm not arguing with the Iraq vets.....surprising view!

I do not get MSNBC on my cable and I do like Rachel Maddow...listening to this Iraq war vet was very informative. I do believe that McMuffin man believes he has ALL vets in his back pocket....I don't think so.

McCain = Lobbyists = Gambling !?!?!?!

I'm shocked and totally appalled at this enterprise, by the decrepit, out of touch, McCain.

Can we tell that we are now getting to the homestretch, in the never ending political campaign??? It appears that a connection is being made to Jack Abramoff also (now serving time). Sen. Bob Ney was my neighbor (his parents still are), but please note, I was not a supporter. I guess we will have to see what comes out - that the McCain camp will dig up on Obama, but considering he has NOT had the many "years of experience" - and I use that term loosely, that McCain has enjoyed - any dirt cannot be of massive substance. I believe Obama's ties to Reszko and others has already been laid to rest, although McIdiot people still act as though these were active relationships.

Now for some more Sunday funny:

I think I am having waaaay too much fun with all of this! I am listening to a Palin defender at the moment...and he is making statements like - "she will be a perfect match for Joe Biden" - "all candidates make small gaffes in the campaign period" - and my favorite..."Sarah Palin will show everyone what she is made of Thursday night!" I leave you to your own conclusions on that one!


I had to take a politic break....thegrandson and I put out some Halloween decorations (I don't have a lot), but this makes him happy. He gets to put all the "clings" on the window - even though they are now grouped together like they are having a personal discussion - and he then tells me where he would like this and that. I usually don't decorate seasonally, but for Christmas, my house looks like a veritable North Pole. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I could care less about presents even - I love to see everyone else open theirs and just look at a beautiful tree - which reminds me - I would love to have a new PENCIL or skinny tree this year. I had to go to artificial when theson was a baby, because he was allergic to the pine. He has long since grown out of that allergic state, but I prefer artificial anyway.

Have a nice, laid back Sunday (football soon) and TTFN. I have to wait till tomorrow night for my Steelers - oh well, hope it is better than last week.

OMG - this was hard to download....

because I was laughing so fukking hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't usually watch SNL - but saw this posted and arrozconpollo mentioned this segment...WATCH!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bush needs to deal with OTHER issues too....

The world does not stop and we deal with only one crisis at a time. At the moment, we realize that the Iraq war is going on, the financial bailout is being reviewed (albeit at a snail's pace), Texas is reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Ike (and Gustav previously) and we know that Louisiana was all but forgotten in their attempt to rebuild and survive.

But, for whatever reason, it appears that the gas shortage in the southern states is receiving no attention on a Federal scale. WTF???? Hello Washington - there are people that cannot get to work, cannot pick up their children from daycare - not to mention - what if there is a medical emergency. Something needs to be done immediately. How are the school buses running? How are emergency vehicles running? Do the Governors of these states manage to be transported to and from their specific destinations? Oh - I forgot we have a President - what's his name...dududududuDubya!!! Hello, you have the strategic oil supplies - there is an immediate - is there a more dire word to use here - imperative to get fuel to these people.

These people, hard working individuals, who obey your rules, pay their taxes - are left high and dry and cannot even earn a living at the moment. And at the moment, all the legislators only care about how they APPEAR - and are wrangling for votes, it would seem. Well, maybe they should consider how many voters are being affected here - and come Nov. 4th - their regrets will then surface.

I'm sorry my friends, if I had the power I would get all the gas I could to your locations - apparently your representatives are shirking their responsibilities at this time.

OK - let's talk DEBATE....

I have watched video from so many sources, but found that this FOX clip (and it doesn't include {{gulp}} Hannity), was fairly representative of all the analysis I reviewed.

To be honest, I was not knocked out of my seat by this debate - but I do feel that Obama showed more confidence and forcefulness. He looked directly at McCain when making his statements and/or accusations, and was very articulate as usual. Whereas, McCain, when noticeably in disagreement put on this smarmy smirk - but managed to muddy the waters when arguing his counterpoint. McCain never once, NOT ONCE, looked at Obama. I don't think there is any secret of McCains intense dislike for Obama. I want to see that infamous McCain temper released to the point he might just say ONE word (you know what it is) that will knock him out of the playing field. **Obama needs to bring up the secrecy of McCain NOT fighting for the POW/MIA's he conveniently forgot were left behind.

I am so very past the same platitudes of McCain, the references to his war service, his claims to Obama that "he doesn't get it", and personal quips about meeting so and so and wearing his bracelet. These are not what the masses need to hear at this moment. We want details and specifics.

Did anyone notice that McCain was spewing the same LIES (that have all been checked), and repeating them over and over for the gullible. He made several mistakes, the biggest was referencing Pakistan as a "failed state" before Musharraf became President. McCain also must be avoiding news of his VP pick and her meeting with Henry Kissinger, because Kissinger did indeed say that he would have a sit-down with foreign leaders (Iran, Syria)...and yes pre-conditions would be ensured no matter who would be involved. Essentially, McCain could only repeat his tag lines from all the speeches he has been giving and the words all seem so vacuous and lame, at this point in time. We all know he had no input into the negotiations of this massive bailout - if anything, he caused more of a delay.

I think Obama did well, but could do even better in the future. He needs to rattle McCain's cage. People need to see the temper of this man (McCain) and how volatile he can be. At this point we also know that McCain cannot multi-task.

I would like (in a perfect world) for both to ANSWER THE QUESTION they are presented. That is my biggest gripe, as the first question of the evening was hedged by both parties.

Now I have to prepare myself for the disastrous debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, this coming Thursday evening. Even McCain aides are worried - as the clips of her interviews are all proving quite unsettling. I have heard that we "may be surprised", because this is one smart woman - c'mon, she has been out there for a month - WTF!! The McMudgeon camp has kept her to a stringent, select schedule, with very tight controls. Let's see if "the powers that be" in the McFool camp try to manipulate a cancellation or possible rescheduling of this debate - I would not be surprised.

Have a good day all - I'm thinking (mind you , only thinking) about doing laundry, running the sweeper - but that could all change in a flash. TTFN!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I love Jack Cafferty...

You honestly have to take note of the look on Katie Couric's face while Palingal is giving her confusing diatribes. Couric is like - "is she for real?" "she has no clue how to answer my questions!" I find the entire interview ridiculous.

My sympathies go out to Jack Cafferty on the passing of his wife 2 weeks ago.

Cluster f**ck to the poorhouse....couldn't say it better...

Ya just have to love Jon Stewart...I think I've said that before.

Now we say goodbye to Colbert - while he SUSPENDS his show....

Query me this.....

I am hearing, from both sides of the aisle, that there are big voids between finding an agreement with Sec. of Treasury Paulson. My question....why is Paulson STILL Secretary of State? Since he had oversight (with complete impunity) and got us into this fiasco - personally, I feel that any decisions made are now made by both houses and PAULSON will have to abide by those new rules. Is that so far fetched? Hell, if an employee performed so poorly - his ass would have been kicked to the curb a long time ago!

This picture declaring McCain the winner of the debate was released for web ads early this morning. Now that is a brazen move...no matter the outcome we know that the McCain team would release such an ad anyway - but this was released BEFORE he even made his announcement that he would be at the debate. My anger is starting to rise again.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tucker Bounds lies to Andrea Mitchell about everything!!!!

How many lies can YOU catch (my buddy) Tucker Bounds making? A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT!!!! Can you say partisanship 3 times??? He sputters and lies and never blinks. If you want to know how to lose supporters (one can only hope) hire THIS idiot!

We all knew the "spin" that was coming our way, when McGoofus made his "suspension" speech yesterday. Are there so many blooming idiots in this world that will literally fall for all this? TB is one fukking moron - so there!

Call me a skeptic.....

With all of the bullshit of the day - where do we stand? I haven't got a damn clue!! Now, like I said, I am being quite skeptical here...my scenario is as follows: Earlier today, the Democrats stated that they had a proposal to present on this bailout...the Republicans were fairly optimistic early in the day, then McCain entered on Capital Hill. My how things change. He politely turned down reporters questions as he strolled down the Congressional corridors (with the SS swatting people out of the way), no photo op here or trying to manipulate the process. Then a sit down meeting with Bush, Pelosi, Paulson, Bernanke, Reid, and our next President - Barack Obama. A few other representatives were in attendance as well. Now, the general concesus is - no proposal yet!

Here is my theory - John McCain manipulated the game yesterday with his announcement that "I am suspending my campaign" and possibly the debate, because of course, it is vital that he be in Washington during these dire times. I am thinking, oh my strange mind, that through his connections in the Senate (Joe Liberman, etal) he has arranged for a prolonged discussion on this proposal - long enough to carry through the scheduled time of Friday's debate in Mississippi. His suggestion has already been submitted - that if this debate is cancelled - move this Presidential debate to Oct. 2nd, thus eliminating the VP debate entirely. Oh my God!!! I just know I am going to have another heart attack.

McCain has NOT suspended his campaign at all, all HQ's were still carrying on as usual. TV ads are still airing - the only suspension is McBush avoiding any rallies, TV interviews or candid spots.

Having seen Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric finally - I can only think that Katie left that interview and downed a bottle of Excedrin. If it were me - I would have found something much stronger - I'd have to call Cindi McCain for drugs. Forgive me, but that woman (Palin) cannot answer any question succinctly - everything is a canned answer, and someone forgot to tell her that there are NO stock answers for all questions. I know she is not ignorant - but she is coming across that way.

I doubt seriously if any more progress will be made this evening. Barack Obama stated earlier that he is heading to Mississippi for the debate. I should certainly hope that McIgnorant shows also, if not, let him then explain to the country what he was doing in Washington (as he is not on the Banking Committee), and no proposal has been offered. Squirm worm!!! Better go, my evil side is starting to emerge.

This has been irritating me for awhile...

In our area (Ohio Valley) we seem to have, in my opinion, way too many telemarketing firms. The main client of these firms are the credit card companies. Knowing several individuals who work at these places, I get irritated when they say things like "I sold $100,000 in credit cards today." I have gotten into quite a few arguments with these individuals (I know you are shocked) as to how they can live with themselves, knowing you are deliberately encouraging people to over-extend themselves. I'm not trying to be insulting or flip, but these individuals barely made it out of high school or straight out of vocational schools - and to be honest, they have NO IDEA what they are doing. They are given sheets with dialogue, key words or phrases which will lead them to another sales pitch, etc. The usual reply is, well, I get raises according to what I sell - I'm like you get a quarter raise on minimum wage how often and for how many hours? If you do not sell the equal amount of debt the following week, where is your pay scale? Do you get benefits? Oh and you can be laid off with more than 2 call offs or being late - no personal time accrued, no sick time accrued, no vacation time accrued...you are in a go nowhere job...HELLO!!!!!! I compare this to a sweat shop mentality of sorts. These firms prey on this type of an employee. After watching this video - it is apparent that there are some intelligent people working at these places that finally got SICK of the process.


McCain has managed to get his photo-op in at the Congressional get-together. We saw him side by side with (gag!!) Joe Lieberman - his good old buddy. (Can't wait to see what happens, when Obama wins, to Lieberman) and the camera crews fighting with the Secret Service to get his picture. I should hope - that Obama shuns this type of publicity at this time. I also hope he sticks to his guns about having the debate tomorrow. I truly do not know who has the final word on this matter. Could McCain's maneuvering ultimately be to have Palin NOT debate Joe Biden? McCain needs to work on his credibility issues - head for the debate - because we know he CANNOT hold his own in that format. After seeing Palin and the Katie Couric interview - people need to be vary wary - she does not have a clue - not even a hint!!

I'm trying to get more details on the bailout plans - but hard at the moment. The Democrats feel they have a fairly good proposal but John Boehner (R-OH) says there is no plan yet. Now, who is holding up the works?

Be back later. TTFN

***UPDATE: John McCain has stated that if there is no bailout plan by tomorrow - he WILL NOT show up at the debate! Please, please, tell me how you feel - because I am seeing so much red at the moment - they should be glad I am NOT in Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I said it before - be afraid.....

Now are we supposed to be sucked into the "aw shucks" demeanor that this woman exudes? I think not. She no more has a clue of what is going on in the world other than what she is spoon fed. Because of this - I am afraid. Afraid of the people who have been enamored to this team - a team destined to continue the mistakes of the past, leading us into ruin.

Presidential debate...you bet - I want to see it Friday night, no excuses! We want to see who can multi-task this countries problems - to think you have to drop everything (campaign and debate) to rush back to Washington, does not bode well on one's abilities. Goodnight!

do ya hate me yet....I can't get enough...

One of Ohio's representatives has done an excellent job of putting this financial debacle into perspective. It is worth the 5 minute watch.

can you spell M*A*N*I*P*U*L*A*T*I*O*N ???......

OK I've had enough of McCain - here he is making an announcement that he is "suspending" his campaign and wants to delay the debates for Friday, so he can head back to Warshington (how he pronounces it) and settle this economic crises. He also encourages Barack Obama to do the same. Someone, somewhere is masterminding this strange action and to what end? Obama apparently contacted McCain early this morning to the possibility of submitting a joint statement on the economic bailout - and then McCain comes up with this idea. McCain, the King of Deregulation, the main catalyst for this crisis....wants to go back to D.C. to fix it - NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!!!! I say keep him as far away from Washington till absolutely necessary. Considering the Republican party has been putting so much distance between themselves and Bush/Cheney this week, I honestly cannot believe that McCain carries that much clout any longer.

Oh, lest I forget, he also wants to DELAY THE DEBATE, scheduled for Friday. Call me a pessimist, but watching McCain over the past 3 days alone, his tone and attitude have become more somber. Could he be running scared? Could he be totally unprepared for a debate? Sen. Lyndsay Graham is running himself ragged trying to get ahold of the Obama team to agree to such a delay...in my lowly, humble opinion, I would never agree to such a delay.

The only problem I have with this bailout proposal (from Paulson and Bernanke) is that they want a $700 billion dollar bailout carte blanche. No strings, no oversight, and very few questions being truly answered.

NOW IS THE TIME for a debate between these two men who want to govern our country. We don't want to see them amongst their cronies in Washington, arguing this or that merit of various proposals. I want to see who can hold their own - because one of them will eventually be at the helm.

McCain wanting to go back to Washington would essentially distract from the business at hand and be just another photo-op, which is all McCain has left to him.

My anger is boiling to the top - the rhetoric and lies are over the top. Later.

and the "little people" continue to suffer....

Listen to the very final comments on this bank.....

Hmmm...let's see, could young McCain have foreseen this - yes he could. State bank auditors are required in every state and make yearly audits - this man knew! Talk about taking your money and running! One word...asshole! No mincng words for me.

The lies will NEVER stop...not in my lifetime....

With this mega billion dollar bailout proposal, so many people are at risk of losing their life's savings, homes...yet the McCain team continues with the LIES. McCain has been saying that his campaign spokesman, Rick Davis has been "out of the lobbying" arena since 2005...which could be construed as true, but after reading this article one may want to rethink that position. I get upset thinking that I have wasted my life, as I have a line of bullshit that won't quit and I could have been a lobbyist - making the BIG BIG bucks. Too late now, I can only type my true thoughts. (heehee)

I saw a small video clip (all that was allowed) of Palin meeting with Henry Kissinger (please note that in a press release, Palin's team spelled it as KISSENGER), and Kissinger had mentioned Georgia, and all you can hear is Palin saying, "you can fill me in on that" huh??!!??!! I have also heard some commentators saying that these photo ops will help Palin, as she can now honestly say she has met with foreign leaders. OMG - pandering to the lame again.

Till the next hilarious news worthy item surfaces, I now have to get ready to go to therapy - which hopefully will work before I die!! Grrr.. TTFN

Tucker Bounds better be getting "the big bucks!"...

because he can't answer a single question directed at him. McCain should have gotten rid of this germ months ago, because his babbling abilities far exceed his intelligence quotient.

Straight Talk Express equates to what???????? NON-ANSWERS!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Politits following....the refrigerator finder?!?!?!?

Going to Politits site, an interesting, change of pace posting. It really takes my mind off such a shitty day. So here goes:

I have had a magnet fetish since I was quite young, and they work ever so well on a refrigerator. Rather than have something just laid on a table and either blown away or thrown away - if it is important enough - on the refrigerator you go. As you can see, 1) we have the ever present calendar, which tells us where our asses have to be and when. 2) Some cash, waiting for me to open the safe and stash it away, all the wonderful Pittsburgh Steeler "stuff", and of course 3) a place to hang OUR keys for the vehicles. 4) There are Case Western Reserve University magnets, which I picked up when theson was still in college, and my 5) lovely dish towel hanging through the door handle. 6) **Some additional magnets, awaiting another victim are lined up at the top right - above the key holder (sorry).

This would be the "side" of our advertising center, as you enter the kitchen. It is covered rather intensely with 7) pictures of family members and mostly "thegrandson." 8) The picture in the top center, is of me with Mike Ditka (former Chicago Bears coach). 9) The 2 round Steeler magnets, are put on my car during football season (brought in house for safe keeping.) I also have to have a place for writing utensils, nail files, screwdrivers - so 10) I have these magnetic holders - 3 that I count. The plastic bag holder on the right is not attached to the behemoth. 11) The 2 tomahawk magnets near the bottom are in support of the local high school (Big Red Indians.)

Again, we have the 12) "family album" as it were. I have a picture of my twin and I when we were 14 or 15 on the bottom row, various pics of my kids and step kids and grandchildren at the top. My twin sister with a very good friend bottom right. My favorite is when theson held thegrandson for the very first time - the look of fear on his face is priceless. He couldn't love the little guy any more than if he were his own. My husbands family and his grandmother - basically - several generations are represented. I have to mention, I hate white appliances, all mine are black. I will have to remember to make a post of when we first got the black refrigerator and the fear my dog had!!

Amazingly enough, I just decided to rearrange the stuff on the refrigerator last weekend. You know, where you clean the dust bunnies that have been hiding on top - in the back, and in general making it presentable again. This is probably a thrice a year project. As I get older, the time span gets longer in between.

My neighbor friend came down and we commiserated on the front porch for quite awhile, then thegrandson came home from school and we now have all the homework completed. Thedaughter will be home soon and I have fixed a lemon/garlic turkey tenderloin for dinner - and all is well - for now!!

I thank you DCup - for giving me a break from an otherwise shitty day. Actually, kind of fun thing to do.

Here I go again....

The McCain team (that would be Tucker Bounds, who hasn't fought his way out of the paper bag yet) says that Obama's headquarters is owned by this Bermuda Insurance group in some way. this has yet to be documented.

The fact of the day, which is typical, McCain/Palin team was allowing "no editorial presence" on Palin's meetings with world leaders. She is scheduled to meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Columbian Pres. Alvaro Uribe, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and U2's Bono. They (McC team) were originally only allowing one "pool" camera - which would then share footage with all networks, but still no print, TV or radio reporters would be allowed. Because of that dictate, ALL networks voted to ban any use of photographs/video in protest. Apparently this worked, as there are now photos filtering out from these meetings.

I get upset, that the McCain camp feels that by Palin meeting with these individuals gives her Foreigh Relations experience. I truly believe that they are pandering to the less intelligent or those who are more gullible. To think that matters of foreign policy will be discussed in detail is ludicrous. These individuals have much more important tasks ahead while the UN is in session. They will be talking with people who have access to change or are in power.


This has been an aggravating day so far. A person started making accusations as "myspace" comments, accusations that one would normally address in person or phone. The basis of this persons rant is unfounded and based on lies, but she refuses to accept that fact and has carried on in several more rants and emails. I just deleted her from myspace and I can do the same with emails. delete, delete, delete!!! My new mantra! My time is spent on more valuable projects than playing 2 year old school yard games. The aggravation and how it has upset me is definitely not worth giving the matter one more second of credence. Besides, thedaughter is so upset, she wants to "kick ass." Nope, I will deal with it....it is done and over.


Oh goody, DCup (Politits) has something interesting coming up - I need the break.

I've got my cleaning done for the day, made a post here, maybe I'll figure out dinner plans now. Have a good one all.....TTFN

Monday, September 22, 2008

OK my blood is boiling....no shock there...

After catching up on today's events, regarding this massive financial bailout, this is one article I find so totally reprehensible. I can honestly say I am not shocked, as nothing this administration does from now on - can be worse than all the past asshole tactics...at least I hope not. Maybe a brief outline or opinion from both campaigning teams would be insightful, but in all actuality - Bush will still be in office for another 120 days - so any proposals and "quick fixes" have to come from the seated session. I have to think that listening or allowing Bush to make any decision is commensurate with the proverbial "fox in the hen house" theory. Bush is so out of touch with the real world that you and I occupy. But then again, I don't recall Bush ever being accused of being a genius (hell, semi-smart for that matter)!

I may have to start with blood pressure meds soon - this election process needs to end soon - to save my life! When I stopped at the Democrat HQ last night, I ended up in political discussions that lasted almost a half an hour.

Getting the pipsqueak in bed - tomorrow's a school day (hooray)! More reading to do - have a good one all!

Physical therapy is prob over-rated!!

OK - my arm still hurts, although after the ultrasound and corticosteroid lotions - I guess the miracle I was hoping for may take awhile. I have tried every brace ever made to give more support to lessen this aggravation - to no avail. Aha! And what do I get today - another frigging brace. 2 more sessions scheduled for this week, and I hope this doesn't go on forever - it would be ridiculous.

The grandson has the day off school for some teacher meetings. He has been trying to make himself happy by getting every single toy, video game and what not out on the floor. He is pouting at the moment, because I have demanded some semblance of order back to my house. Yippee - since it is a school night, at least I can get him in bed early.

My Steelers looked like crap yesterday - they deserved to lose. Now they better get back in shape and "get it together!" How about all 3 Florida teams winning? Miami, that only won one game (i think) last year, trounced the New England Patriots yesterday. There were good games on all day - overtime and all!

I have a headache, I wonder if the little brat boy will let me lay down for a short time? If he wants me to fix him dinner he certainly should, huh???

Again, I stopped at the Democrat headquarters yesterday, and they still do NOT have yard signs, pins, window signs - nothing. That's sad. I ordered a couple of pins online - I'm tired of waiting. I have a friend from Twitter who wants me to send her an Obama pin - I will now, as soon as I receive them.

Headache cure time - be back later. TTFN

Sunday, September 21, 2008

John McCain Losing His Cool

Long ago, I saw this video (the campaign hadn't even started), and McCain annoyed me then, with his superior smug attitude. The way he treated this woman with his blustery statement "no one made those statements" and WALKED AWAY - this after bringing the woman to tears, was unforgivable.

I lost a few friends in Vietnam and have many friends who survived that "non" war! It took a heavy toll on these patriots - yet, John McCain acts like he is the only one who is an authority on Vietnam. This article is long, but explains a lot of facts, facts that I am sure so many are unaware. I hope you all take the time to read it in it's entirety - Ms. Alfond (from the video) is referenced as well.

I have a hard time rationalizing the fact that there are still possibly POW's remaining in Vietnam - or died there - left by a country that abandoned them. I am positive that many of you have NEVER even considered this. But we who lived through it, consoled these men and women upon their return - always reflect back.

There was a major collusion involved in the government process regarding MIA-POW's - and John McCain was a MAJOR factor. I can't forgive him for that.

This man, who has a notorious temper, having his finger near the "red" button scares the living hell out of me. Please, please read this article. I know it has nothing to do with the economy, education, health care or other matters of immediate importance - but I consider it important background.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Interesting reading - a MUST read actually...

With the massive bailouts of our financial markets, presumed inflation and uncertainty, you really need to read this article: Better Heath Care At Lower Cost For EVery American, in the Sept./Oct. issue of Contingencies, which is the magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries.

I saw that a couple other blog sites cited this article and was floored with another McCain stupidity.

After reading this article McCain is literally saying this plan will perform as well as the financial markets!! DUH!?!?

We are going to face some major, scary times in the near future and possibly years to come - with the strain on our nerves and anxiety, health care is going to be needed.

I'm sorry - I just couldn't resist...

If you have ever had nightmares about Sean Hannity - maybe the laughs you will get at this site will make up for the bad times. I have always loved a good, fact based argument, but I cannot listen to this man, who is so one sided and when hit with a retort he doesn't like - he talks louder and over his opponent. Nope, can't deal with this guy!

I just have to question....

the whole philosophy behind the LIES. The McCain ads, and Obama is not totally immune, have been so blatantly deceitful - the only conclusion is they are pandering to the weak minded. I have found, over these many years, that people do essentially make their decisions, of whom to cast their vote - on the stupidest things!! That is exactly what the McCain team thought when they put Palin on the ticket. Considering that choosing a running mate, is quite simply, one's first executive decision - we should therefore be able to have a good idea of what is to come. Have you heard the phrase "be afraid - be very afraid"??? that's my feeling.

McCain has been harping about Obama being paid such extreme sums from Fannie & Freddie, but it is all so topical - he deliberately misstates or plain old lies about the entire situation. For one thing Federal law prohibits candidates from receiving money directly from companies. The nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics watchdogs donations from employees of various companies. Obama is 2nd to Sen. Chris Dodd in receiving money from Fannie & Freddie EMPLOYEES!!! Obama received $126,349, which is quite small compared to the $390 million he has collected in total. McCain received $21,550 from Fannie & Freddie EMPLOYEES - just tells me that the employees apparently favor Obama as their candidate. If McCain's theory is receiving money from BIG business is wrong - than what he is presenting is extremely flawed.

Now, donations from directors, officers and lobbyists for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac show McCain receiving $169,000 to Obama's $16,000 - sounds familiar doesn't it? The ones at the top of these big businesses (usually Republicans) favor McCain where the workers are for Obama. (These figures are from the Federal Election Commission.)

I have also come to the conclusion, since McCain has changed his campaign slogan to mimic Obama's, and also various other statements - I suggest a new slogan: "What He (Obama) Says!!

Small gripe, but still a gripe: N*U*C*L*E*A*R.....Recite after me NEW CLEAR - if you say those two words fast enough -it will come out perfectly. Bush, McCain, Palin and even Jimmy Carter who worked on nuclear subs - cannot say the word correctly.


Still communicating with the new family member and loving it all. The whole situation makes me reflect on so very much it becomes overwhelming at times. But this is a good thing.

I start physical therapy on my arm Monday - can't wait to see how much fun this will be. Hopefully it won't be an everyday thing or I can have it done here in town. Our hospital here is owned by Wheeling Hospital and also has a physical therapy department. With gas being so high, that would be a much better solution.

Thegrandson has a long weekend - no school on Monday - Yippee!! The daughter works 3-11:30pm that day so it will be a long one.

Bath time and ready for my favorite Bill Maher at 11 pm. Everyone behave (or not) and have a great weekend. TTFN.

Maybe it's the Alaskan AIR!!

Is there a certain right of entitlement that these Alaskan female politicians feel is theirs alone??? I'm so and so, and because of that fact alone - you owe me this and that!! That settles it...I'm packing and moving to Alaska and then running for mayor, or governor or senator or dog catcher - they will treat me the way I KNOW I deserve to be treated. Very TRANSPARENT wouldn't you say?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have a new relative...a niece!

I guess I will have to start at the beginning. My twin sister and I were born to a 40 year old, mother of 5, divorced lady. I was born with a "club" foot and our biological mother was, in my opinion, led to believe that it would be a very costly expense to deal with. I honestly don't know how she came to her decision, but she put us up for adoption. Back in the early 50's, it was a direct adoption, one where a physician made all the arrangements between parties and finalized through the legal process. My father (adoptive) always said he put us on "layaway" till he could convince our mother (mean adoptive) to proceed with the formalities. She finally agreed, after my father said he would set her up with her own apartment (he owned the building), so she would have a place to "get away!" Lucky us! I have to note, they had adopted a boy 13 months before. There were no biological children between the two (which was a good thing), and they were of the old school training and had to have "heirs" - especially a son.

Fast forward to 1988. My mother (adoptive) was mean, cold, calculating and manipulative, and always said that we could never find our biological parents, as it would be a slap in HER face. Oh really. A friend and I headed to Parkersburg to start checking the birth records, which are not birth certificates. The filing is completely different. Being a twin - our birth record stood out like a sore thumb. Here's a bit of irony...on our birth records, we were named by our biological mother as Marilyn and Carolyn - our adoptive parents named us Marie and Caroline - pretty damn close wouldn't you say? So on to Charleston, WV to check through the records on file with the state. I found our mother's name, yet no father was mentioned anywhere. OK - you deal with what you have. The search began through City Directories, and I was able to follow my mother's addresses and children who lived with her, till they moved out and were listed elsewhere.

I decided to take a chance and wrote a letter to the child who lived with our mother the longest (he would have been the baby), and mailed the letter. I never heard a thing in return. Three years later, my letter is returned to me with the notation on the outside "not at this address!" ????? How weird is that? Strangely enough, the daughter I had given up for adoption contacted me (I had made it easy for her to find me), and now the urge to find my biologicals became stronger. I had addresses for 2 of the five children (my half-siblings) and headed to Parkersburg to the first address I had. (btw my daughter accompanied me)

I pulled up in front of the house and there were 3 women sitting on the porch, and I was a nervous wreck. How do you approach someone and ask all these personal questions? Finally, I just approached the older woman, she was very nice, and I asked if she was related to Thelma D., and before I could go on, she (Peg) asked if I was Marilyn or Carolyn? I can't explain the feeling that went through my entire body. My daughter came running up from the car and we all started crying. This new half-sister got on the phone and called sis Betty...and within 40 minutes, Betty and her husband and 2 children were all there and the talking never ceased. I came home and told my twin and she was ecstatic and we went back to Parkersburg the next day for more introductions.

I have to note, the half-brother to whom I wrote the letter had apparently passed away several years before I sent the letter - so where or who had that letter so long, remains a mystery.

My husband passed away 10-12-00 and my sister Peg passed away 2 weeks later, and my twin passed away (at 49) in march '01. That was a very hard time for me, but now I had an extended family for support. Also, out of the 5 children my biological mother had - 4 living at the time - the 2 oldest siblings refused to admit we existed or to meet us. That was fine with me - I wasn't upset at all - I figure there are shallow people everywhere.

My nieces and nephews have been good to me and keep me informed of my half-sisters health issues and all is well. And this morning...while deciding which issue I want to tackle...I get a notice from Facebook. It is a woman asking if I was possibly related to so and so and a few other questions...my heart is racing...I HAVE A NEW NIECE!!! And she is 8 months older than me...I love it. She is the daughter of the oldest sibling that refused to acknowledge me and she wants to know about me. Believe it or not, we went to the same high school and she graduated a year ahead of me...I had to rush to the basement and swat the cobwebs to get the old yearbooks out. I'm looking to see if I recognize her and there is something vaguely familiar, I would love to see her now - we are 40 years older and I am sure much more lovely. She has 2 brothers, now I don't know if they want to know about me, but my family is getting larger and I love it.

Without finding my biologicals, I would be the last lonely member of my adoptive family. My brother (and I use the term loosely - he was a bastard, a**hole SOB) died in October '02 I believe, the family never really contacted me. I have called it the "orphan" syndrome. All I had was my kids - but sometimes we need a larger network - and I have one.

Aren't you all glad to NOT have a political statement from me at the moment...dream on the day isn't over!!!


Listen carefully as to how Palin refers to the campaign at the end...

Will Palin get "thrown under" the bus like Carly Fiorina now? This is way too funny!

And you thought I went where???....still here...

Crazy day here - the daughter has been in pain for a couple of days and had to take her to the doctors. The pains she is having mirror a possible kidney stone or UTI, so she was prescribed Cipro and now a wait and see if the pain abates. Living with a grown daughter in pain is so much fun.

I have been absorbing so much today with all the news about AIG and watching the stock market plummet to the basement. These large companies know far in advance that their bottom line is getting redder by the minute, but wait till dire circumstances have them begging at the door of the Federal Reserve. Where do we draw the line at "bailouts?" This entire area makes my head hurt - seriously hurt!!

So, we will move on to "funner" stuff. The flak of the day if you will.

That would be the former Hillary supporter - Lady Lynn Forester deRothschild!!! Now there's a mouthful. This is an intelligent woman, an attorney, owner of a mega-million dollar telecommunications company, married to banking scion Sir Evelyn deRothschild.

This is her second marriage and the third for Sir Evelyn. His personal worth is estimated at approximately $1 billion - and the deRothschild banking worth is well over $1.5 trillion. Just your everyday next door couple. Please, someone please tell me how to define ELITE??? I listened to this woman on 4 different networks today and for as intelligent as she claims (and her resume bears out) to be - she didn't make a bit of sense. The bottom line is she does not like Barack Obama - for whatever reason - I don't know. I never heard her say that they had even met personally.

To be such an avid Hillary supporter and to switch camps and support because of "elitism" makes my head spin. Every single reporter asked her about her own status in regards to elitism - and her only reply was that she was raised by a father who worked two jobs to put 4 kids through law and medical schools. So??? Where are you now and have been since the late 80's??

Let's see, she is married into the foremost banking families in the world (which stayed in the family, rather incestuously at times), with the men marrying female cousins, to maintain that NAME. Sir Evelyn was married to his first wife in 1966 (Jeannette Bishop) and divorced in 1971. He married Victoria Schott, an American, in 1973 and separated in 1998, divorcing in 2000. This marriage produced 3 children. He married Lynn Forester Stein in 2000 and now the couple spend most of their time between London and the US. Their estate Ascott, is approximately 3200 acres. Like I said - just like the couple next door!

Oh btw, Victoria, after divorce relocated back to the states and vigorously campaigned for guess who???? GEORGE W. BUSH!

There were rumors abounding in NYC about Sir Evelyn and a group of fellow investors offering $10 billion for Lehman Brothers last week - I'm still trying to track this down in toto. Some of the investors were Michael Bloomberg, Stephen Spielberg, George Soros, Ron Perelman and some more big names we would recognize.

Back to my train of thought - they live elitism. Another shot at irony - this woman made her announcement of her support for McCain at the Republican Club of Capital Hill, a very private club with stringent membership requirements. I really need go no further...I think I have made my point. If the market ruined a few American families today - I'm sure the deRothschild's have enough distance and money, to never give a second thought. THAT IS ELITISM!!

Excuse me...do you have any Gray Poupon????

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


In two days we have heard this word a gazillion times...lets use some synonyms please: basic, elemental, essential, rudimentary, underlying.

Talking about CHANGE - let's break the monotony.

Will they deny past comments??

John McCain made the following statements:
12-8-07..."The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should. I've got Greenspan's book."

1-23-08..."I still believe our fundamental underpinnings of our economy are strong."

8-20-08..."I still believe the fundamentals of our economy are strong."

9-15-08..."Our economy, I believe, still, the fundamentals of our economy are strong..."

George W. Bush made these comments:
1-3-07..."Ladies and gentlemen, the state of our economy is strong."

8-30-08..."There have been some recent signs that our economy is beginning to improve."

9-15-08..."I'm confident that our capital markets are flexible and resilient, and can deal with these adjustments."

Today has been a tumultuous day as far as news goes. I am surprised that any TV set is still working at my house - because I have wanted to jump through it so many times and throttle so many people (who will remain nameless - sort of).

Now is the time for the Democratic party to take advantage of the mess precipitated by the Republican's DEREGULATION debacle. There are so many issues that can turn the tide, so to speak, if we only attack the issues properly. McCain referring to the American workers as being strong - well the rich are making their big bucks off the backs of these strong workers and nothing is "trickling" down their way. The middle class if spiraling downward with very little lifeline to cling to.

Now, the Palin people claiming that the Obama team has tainted the investigation and Palin refusing to go before the investigative committee - face it, you and I would be drug from our homes in handcuffs (and I would be tasered for being hostile) if we refused such an order. But let's see, Nixon refused, Bush has refused quite a few orders claiming Executive Privilege and on and on. Now Palin says she has e-mails to turn over proving her side of the issue, yet she had a private yahoo account which she and many involved in this mess used, which is out of the purview of this investigation. Talk about manipulation. I am sure this subject will be fodder for discussion for quite some time.

Homeowrk with thegrandson time...more later.

Oh and by the way...

Dana Bash, of CNN, who is embedded with the McCain/Palin team, noted yesterday that these homemade signs are being handed out to those at the McCain rallies. The attendance numbers have been highly exaggerated also - at one Colorado event, the Bush spokesman said that there were 23,000 people, where the actual figure was closer to 8,000. The local fire chief was cited by the McCain team for the larger figure, but when confronted, this fire chief said that was not their job and no one had contacted his department. Could that be a fabrication?

When I went to school though, I was taught to spell M-A-V-E-R-I-C-K!! The dipstick in the picture missed that class!

HMMMMMM........ the VP job must be easier!!

Fiorina was highly praising Palin yesterday and now this...go figure.

John McCain vs. John McCain

I know I try to remember what I have said and stick to it --but this is ridiculous - can you spell FLIP-FLOP???? I will give anyone credit for changing their monds on an issue, if evidence has been gathered to convince me otherwise. If that is a flip-flop - so be it! But when it is done in a matter of minutes - major SENIOR moment.

Have the video now...

As I stated in prior post, McCain made some ignorant statements this morning being interviewed by CNN. Watch this video:

He mentions establishing a 9/11 commission - what is the correlation to the economic question he was asked? He argues that Obama's tax plan would raise taxes - now I have gone over and over the plans of both candidates - and there is no RAISE on Obama's side. The change begins in McCain's tax plan as stated here:

McCain Obama

$38,000 - $66,000 ($325) ($1,118)
$66,000 - $112,000 ($994) ($1,264)
$112,000 - $161,000 ($2,584) ($2,135)
$161,000 - $227,000 ($4,437) ($2,796)

the only area that McCain gives more of a break is in the $112-$161K range, but see how the Republicans are still favoring the rich with the 63% greater tax cut in the high range. McCain is griping about Obama wanting to raise the capital gains tax from 15% to 20% - face it, the majority of the poor middle class doesn't even have to worry about that because we can't afford to invest any money. If anyone sees a big enough profit in selling stock now - they won't even have to worry about any cap gains.

But back to the video. McCain touts his Health Care Plan as being so much better, because he will be giving "up to" a $5000 tax credit (that is dollar for dollar) - but wait a minute - he is also going to make employer provided health care TAXABLE to you first. Depending on the premiums paid - this could be a wash or worse. Credits always sound good - but do the math first.

It is at the very end of the video where he is asked about Palins' "earmarks" and he tap dances all around and says the same old, same old - no answer.

Now the Republican camp is saying that the Alaska investigation into Palin's "Troopergate" is TAINTED by the Obama team. Let's see now - this investigation began in July and was on track, but NOW it is tainted. I guess I shouldn't be amazed at the spin doctors and Rovian tactics - and there are those who just fall blindly inline with this philosophy.

OK - everyone get back to work - I have more things to look up and scrutinize.

THANKS - BUT NO THANKS, you can't keep me quiet right now. Later.....

Hurricane on the horizon....

If you are in the mood for a GREAT post about Palin (I realize some of you are supporters), but there are still quite a few who can totally appreciate this POST. I found this so creative and very true at the same time.

McCain did not back off this statement when interviewed on the early morning news programs today. He blathered on and on the same puke he has been delivering for weeks. When questioned about the "earmarks" of Sarah Palin and given her multi-million dollar requests for 2009 - he said that it wasn't true. Excuse me, this is factual and documented.

The unfortunate meltdown of yesterday and possibly AIG today (the day isn't over), how can people still be so supportive of a man who has adamantly stated before, that he knows very little about the economy? And Sarah Palin with her well scripted speeches is telling these crowds (attendance figures escalated by McCain camp) the same rhetoric we have been hearing over and over.

I find it very sad, that in this modern age, people are flocking to the Republican ticket because they have a WOMAN - and there are those afraid of the Democratic ticket because there is a BLACK man. Pathetic!!! One representative was calculating the voting trend and referred to the "Bubba" vote, which totally infuriated me. I'm beginning to think that maybe people should be required to take a test in order to vote sanely - of course that would never happen.

More news to gather - be back soon.....TTFN!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just a footnote before going to bed...

I heard portions of a speech today "recited" by Sarah Palin (we all know she is spoonfed by the speechwriters), and she declared that the practice of Wall Street rewarding incompetent CEO's with "golden parachutes" will end. Hmmm...yet McCain's spokeswoman Carly Fiorina (former HP CEO) will be reaping a $21 million dollar rip-cord of her own! Hypocrisy at its best.

Do these people honestly believe they can bullshit me as they (these female spokespersons, Fiorina and Pfote...can't spell it) sit through these interviews in their multi thousand dollar wardrobes and perfectly coiffed do's??? I am a helluva lot smarter than that - and I will find out the truth or research the facts before I let your batting eyes try to sway me. I know that women are honestly smarter than that....so watch out McCain/Palin, we are getting mad as well as inspired!

The days are counting down and everyone is getting more tuned in - I suggest scrutiny on everyone's part from now till Nov. 4th.

With that bit of wit...I'm crashing for the night. TTFN.

We'd be in JAIL if we were caught...

managing a PYRAMID scheme. But that is what the largest creditors of this country have been doing for years. Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, Fannie & Freddie...the banking regulations of this country have essentially remained the same as established after the Great Depression of '29. The biggest change has to take place in regulatory standards IMMEDIATELY! Oversight comes to mind also.

Fox's Megyn Kelly Grills Tucker Bounds On False Tax Claims

Tucker Bounds is still "skirting" direct questioning as seen here. I'm surprised that FOX news was the interviewer, but highly impressed. It appears Bounds can't hold his own very well against "women." There I'm sexist - live with it...hahaha.

The time has come to FIGHT back...

Listening to all the Sunday political discussions, the common thread was - how low McCain has sunk in his attack ads. The downright lies and distortions are ringing loudly. It is time for the Obama team to strike hard - and essentially I don't believe they have to stoop to the same level...just using their (McCain/Palin) own words (in entirety) is enough.

In talking with so many people lately, the general consensus is quite the same...that we know the McCain ads are lies, but there are so many people (voters) who only believe what they see and hear. Heaven forbid people would take the extra step necessary to "check" the accuracy and truths (or half-truths) of these ads. It is a case of playing to the susceptible, for lack of a better phrase.

I have argued till I'm blue in the face with one local, and he has the computer capabilities and knowledge to check all this information, yet relies totally on sham e-mails he receives. Duh??? His argument is that he sees who sends him the e-mail and past recipients, and these are all good people - therefore they (e-mails) cannot be wrong. GIVE ME CYANIDE CAPSULES NOW!! That is the "brick wall" mentality I have referred to.

Karl Rove even stated over the weekend that McCain had made statements that weren't maybe 100% accurate - he also said Obama's team was in the same category. I disagree as do quite a few pundits, commentators, etc. Obama's ads had no blatant distortions or lies - statistics were misrepresented - but nowhere near to the extent that the McCain camp has stooped.

In all my 40 years of voting, I have never seen the outrageous lies as we are seeing now. It makes me ashamed at times to refer to our democratic society. But in truth I guess being a Democracy allows that kind of speech - although now is the time to stand up to the lies.

Time is winding down fast till we cast our ballots - and more fire is going to be spewed from all sides. I should hope that the gloves are off in the debates and we will see then who can hold up to the rigors and decisions that will be required of our next President.


Well, we got part of Hurricane Ike here - winds hitting 70 mph and gust higher at times. I didn't need to worry about the rain - it skirted northwest of us, but I had to worry about the 50 foot trees behind my house. I was afraid they would come crashing down. Thankfully, I just have some large branches to get removed - I will try to drag them to the creek bank. I had a 10'X10' canopy on my back deck, and the wind was raising it up - I thought it was going to turn into a missile. I then started taking it down - a real fun task by oneself. Thegrandson wasn't much help, but I managed to get it all put away - one less thing to worry about.

Several schools are cancelled because of "no power" - our power was on/off so many times, I gave up resetting the clocks. Columbus, Ohio has almost 300,000 people without power today. Thedaughter was getting calls for hotel rooms (Wheeling WV) from those in Columbus (2 hours away) - because they just wanted their comfy amenities. Unbelievably, all the hotels in the area booked solid rather quickly.

Well, break time - the O.J. trial is starting - can't miss that one. later guys. TTFN

Sunday, September 14, 2008

just like the Energizer wabbit - I keep going...

Think about this for a moment....

I remember that Jeffrey Dahmer started out killing animals too!

Hey Uncle Zac...check out my hair!

Mommy used a flat iron to get my blond curls straight and....voila'! You just had to go and cut your long curls off, and I'm letting mine grow for awhile. How do you like it?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

John McCain's ads are LIES. Here's the video proof.

This is the most irritating part of the election process. The lies made during the campaign process - get my Irish up and running.

I stated before, that McCain must have a video crew on "standby", because as soon as the Obama camp makes a statement - a McCain TV ad appears - distorting the context of what was said. All these claims (misstatements) can be verified, but the ugly truth is, a great percentage of people actually BELIEVE what they see and hear in these ads, and never give a second thought to verifying the claims.

In this technological age, and even if one does not own a computer, libraries are very helpful - all these statements and claims can be verified almost instantly. FactCheck.org is an excellent site for checking on truths, half-truths or plain old lies.

I watched clips of McCain being interviewed on "The View" and he wriggled and squirmed around most of the answers. I encourage everyone to check out the sites available - and they are unbiased - in the search for truth.

On Bill Maher last night, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal made a blanket statement that over 50% of the women in this country are in love with Sarah Palin, but could not back the statement up with true data or reasons "why." He was eager to support McCain's camp claims of sexism being used by Obama with regularity. GIVE ME A BREAK!! Needless to say, he was shot down rather quickly by Janeane Garafalo and Salmon Rushdie ....and Maher. So far, I have been totally unimpressed with Palins interviews with Charlie Gibson. As an aside, McCain (on The View) and Palin in Alaska (w/ Gibson) are still citing the same talking points from the speech she has been giving in the Midwest. C'mon now, I think we all can recite the speech verbatim - as it has not changed one iota. And it has to be noted that McCain has been called out on the distortions and lies - yet continues to recite them over and over ad nauseum.

Everyone use that gray matter - make an intelligent and deliberate decision based on facts - not half-truths, lies and complete distortions. I should hope that we have a much more intelligent electorate than in the past.

It's storming and yucky outside and I have nothing better to do at the moment than blather on - have a great day. Be back later. TTFN

Friday, September 12, 2008

hmmm. this was Oct. 2007...did I hear what I...

thought I heard????

Again, and this was recorded from Fox News...proving that candidates never really check themselves and have the tendency to flip-flop! Joy Behar literally put John McCain on the hot seat today, and he squirmed.

Please define "CERTAIN DEATH!"

The news agencies (all of them) have reported on the status of Hurricane Ike - as potentially going to cause "certain death." I am not illiterate nor ignorant, and I actually know what this infers...but does the media??? Really????

CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC and all the other letters, have their reporters in the "hit" area - ready to give us on the spot coverage - AGAIN!! I wonder if "certain death" only applies to a select group, group(s) that DO NOT INCLUDE reporters. After Hanna hit in the Gulf of Mexico last week - and from what I am discerning, Ike will be much harder - I can envision reporters "blowing away" in front of our eyes. I have said before that I am quite the news junkie...but I do so prefer NOT to see death on the screen, from a live reporter.

As this storm progresses northward, it appears we may get some offshoot from winds and rain. (Located near the PA-WV-OH border.) When Hurricane Ivan tore inward on September 17, 2004 - we were inundated with 9" rain in three hours. I had almost 3 feet of water in my basement and lost almost $20,000 in property. My nerves are always on edge when I hear of a big rain or storm coming.

This was my best friend Jean (passed away 10-17-07), helping me clean up the aftermath of basement flooding. We had waaay too much fun - trying to make the best of a bad situation that day (and several days thereafter).

OK, gonna run for now - I have seen short clips of the Palin interview and I'm going to see if I can find a video clip of the entire video. My understanding is that since it is being released in installments, that may be a dim hope. ** Just a note, I was NOT impressed with what I heard so far. She is very mechanical and repeating lines spoon fed to her it appears. We shall see though.

Did anyone catch the Poliotical Forum televised last night? Some interesting points there!

TTFN - things to do!! Everyone have a good one.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lovely day to see the sites in Amish Country...

My neighbor Toni and I left at 8:30 this morning - and it was truly a beautiful day to head to Sugarcreek, Walnut Creek, and Berlin, Ohio. The trip up is approximately 1 1/2 hours - but the countryside is gorgeous. The farms, the decorated homes are all just great to see. The closer you get to Sugarcreek, you might see the buggies and beautifully maintained farms.

We managed to trudge through quite a few shops and garnered some interesting trinkets we cannot get here at home. I was particularly looking for lace mantel scarves...which are practically unheard of in this area. I do not have any fireplaces or mantels, but I LOVE shelves and have 2 - 5 foot shelves where I display either my snowman or Santa collections. So our first stop was at Broad Run, which has a tremendous selection of lace curtains, table scarves, runners and MANTEL scarves. I found a beautifully designed "heirloom" scarf and will have it on the shelf probably after Halloween (I have a black lace - with spiders scarf). Thegrandson was less than impressed with that purchase.

Skeleton keys are a big thing now and I found one large and one medium key tied together with ribbon that look great hanging from the peg on one of my shelves. The largest place we went was the Holmes County Flea Market, which is two stories of various vendors and merchandise. One has to be prepared to do a lot of walking to see it all. I found a gorgeous heart shaped wreath of orange and gold berries for the front door. We definitely saw a large quantity of the same or similar merchandise at most of the places - but the best part is - it is not here at home!

Most of our shopping was done after a great lunch of homemade cooking (the name will come to me - but a family style Amish restaurant.) Not the Der Dutchman - you know - the other one...hahaha!

Our trip ended when I limped in the door at 6:30 pm. My back, legs and all body parts are crying out in pain - but it was all worth the fun!

Watching the Political Forum on CNN now, so I may be heading to bed quite soon. More later...g'night!