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Thursday, May 31, 2007

...and to think I REALLY DON'T DRINK!!

Last night, theson and I (and the female dog pet Angel), sat out on the deck opting to watch the NBA finals. Theson had his Miller Lite and I had a bottle of Cafe Zinfandel and we were just hunkered down for a basketball game by moonlight. Somehow we got to talking about the dog and wondered if she had ever tried beer - none of us had offered it before - so tonight's the night. (NO SCREAMING TIRADES FROM ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS PLEASE.) Theson poured some beer into a bowl and the dog would take a couple of laps and walk away, returning at different intervals till the bowl was empty. Again, more beer in the bowl (total probably 1.5 cans) and she now would lay down and take a sound snooze, then return for a couple more sips. **This is the nicest well behaved dog we have ever had. She is thegrandsons protector and guardian. She never jumps on people just gradually raises her body till she is on your shoulders. She was "dumped" in our neighborhood 3 years ago and adopted US.

When we finally came in to go to bed, I had to laugh, she was trying to bite her back, and "BOOM" she just fell over. I was rolling. She just looked at me like "wtf" and laid down and fell asleep. Good doggie!! So no one worry - she is fine today - maybe a slight hangover but fine.

Theson and I had a wonderful chat fest and finally spoke about some issues he has been holding in of late. Sometimes life really sucks, but I feel that you need varying insights to the situation in order to sort things out. We may have made a little progress. I love him so very much and when he hurts it kills me. Not like when they are little and you can "kiss the boo-boo!" Deep heartache hurting is worse. But I will always help in any way possible.

OK - got my manicure and hair done yesterday. Have to pick up earring I had repaired, and all I have left to do is PACK. The fun part is putting everything in the suitcase and going back and taking it out - BECAUSE I DON'T REALLY NEED IT!!!

Everyone stay healthy and don't miss me too much! Rich Championable is doing better, Samurai Frog is the bomb and all is well with the world. So no drama till I return!

Monday, May 28, 2007


think I am getting excited about the vacation now. We will be leaving Saturday for Ft. Lauderdale, and sail on Sunday. I've got a wonderful tan and honestly don't think I have to buy anything else - just get my manicure. I was going to get a pedicure, but I have ugly toenails on my big toes (now isn't that yucky?) and I just slap some polish on them and hope no one cares enough to comment. I would much rather have someone compliment my cellulite.
It (cellulite) is in wonderful shape - not toned at all - so should flap and jiggle in the wind quite nicely. It would be a sin if I were a 106 pound raving beauty. A complete waste of my personality. There are so many young hot bodies out there that only hope and pray they can look like me some day - I know this is true!! SCARY THOUGHT - I must get off these drugs.

We are waiting for theson to get home, he has been in Columbus with the BTownBoyz since Friday, and we are throwing a quickie picnic together. Barbeque chicken, pasta salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, beer and pop. No fuss, no muss. I love putting everything on the grill this time of year. Keep some of the heat out of the kitchen. No one else seemed to be having anything going on today - so we can throw it all together for the fun of it!

Thegrandson has only 3 days of school left and then home for the summer and in the fall he will be in first grade. He was in an accelerated reading class and did very well and we are hopefully going to get him in a reading club at the local library.

Enough for now - hope I can squeeze another blog in before I leave, so everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

...think he will get another job???

Talk about having a bad day! I can't imagine what was going through this guys mind - other than GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

and they say the economy is booming....

I actually live for Friday nights at 11 p.m., when Real Time with Bill Maher airs on HBO. Sometimes he has wonderful guests with a vast knowledge of the political scene and then sometimes he has a battling Republican, who spouts the Bushisms of the past too many years. This past Friday he had John Fund, Wall Street Journal reporter as one of his guests. What a dickhead!!! When the argument arose about the poor getting poorer -he chimed in with something along the line of "the economy is better than EVER!!" To say the audience was pissed was an understatement. He followed that assertion by "UNEMPLOYMENT IS BELOW 4% - A RECORD!" EXCUSE ME!!!!! That 4% only reflects those claiming unemloyment - the Republicans always seem to forget those who long ago were dropped off the unemployment rolls - their claims used up - and some are now homeless! This is one argument that NEVER gets clarified. How can the economy be so great at this moment - when gas is well over $3 a gallon, and those earning minimum wage can no longer afford to GET TO WORK!! Is it a prerequisite to be a moron in order to be a politician - guess so! And should I mention HEALTH CARE???

Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11) has a new film debuting at the Cannes Film Festival called "Sicko!" He had heard that the detainees were receiving excellent and major tecnological medical treatment at Gitmo - so he got several first responders from NYC (9/11 event) and sailed to Gitmo - begging for medical treatment equal to that given the foreign detainees - and was refused. He then sailed to Havanna, Cuba and all those on board were given excellent treatment with positive results - treatment and tests which were unaffordable here in the US. You see, Cuba has socialized medicine, as does France and many other countries - AND IT IS A WORKABLE SCENARIO. But the Bush administration fails to feel for the ailing citizens of this country - forbidding people to obtain cheaper medicines across our borders and setting up a Medicare plan - doomed to fail.

President Jimmy Carter labeled this administration as "the worst in history" yesterday, now the bushies are vilifying Carter because of the unprecedented statement. GO JIMMY!!

I guess my soapbox isn't big enough for all the things I have to say (especially when I am furious!) So I will sign off now.

Two weeks from today I will have a drink in my hand and be ready to sail to the Caribbean - one week is NOT long enough for me!

Take care all and TTFN.

**The son flew home Tuesday night from Briggs, England and may be leaving tomorrow for - who knows where?!?!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i must be bored...blogging about PARIS HILTON!!!

I have been trying hard to find something really interesting to blog about - and I am bewildered...therefore, this will be about the bimbo PARIS HILTON.

The celebutante recently was sentenced to serve 45 days in jail for her complete disregard to prior court sanctions (for DUI.) Today, there are petitions circulating on the internet - 1) for Governor Schwarzenegger to exonerate the tart, for all the good she does for the youth of America. DUH?!?!? What good would that be? She seems to be dumber than a box of rocks, and contributes nothing to society that I can see - AND SHE CAN'T ACT OR SING!!!
2) petition asks Governor Schwarzenegger to totally disregard aforementioned petition for exoneration.
NOW ISN'T THIS A BUNCH OF HOGWASH??? You can check out these petitions on: www.ipetitions.com. They are for real.

Another thing I don't understand - aparently she now has driving privileges (whilst license was suspended and thus reason for incarceration order). Boggles the mind. She did not adhere to any of the court orders (other than maybe paying the fine), she didn't enroll in a driver education course, or abstain from driving. But NOW she does have privileges!! Makes no sense to me.

Enough of that garbage. How about the gasoline prices? Over $3 a gallon. Looks like Dubya's Big Oil Buddies are making out like bandits. REMEMBER - DO NOT PURCHASE ANY GASOLINE ON MAY 15TH!!!
Sen. Harry Reid is starting an investigation as to WHY the oil refineries amazingly shut down this time of year (either for breakdowns, maintenance or miscellaneous reasons) sending gas prices soaring. This does not take a rocket scientist. George W. Bush has been in bed with big oil for years (as was Daddy!) We, the little people will never win.

Thegrandson has his first T-Ball game this Saturday, and he is all excited, although the basics of the game still seem to elude him. These young kids are hilarious to watch, as the ball goes right past them - and then the whole team scampers to get it and then rolls around seeing who will throw it back to the mound. FUNNY!!! Bless my grandsons heart - he tackled a chubby little guy and rolled around in the outfield, screaming "it's mine!" I must have a talk with him.

Gonna run for now, massive headache! Everyone stay well - even Rich Championable (I miss him). TTFN.

24 days till we fly to Florida!!!! YIPPEE!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

time for a change --- and I love it!!

Today, I finally got the haircut I have been wanting forever, but several different operators at several different salons have always cut my hair the way "THEY WANT!" I haven't been this happy about anything hair related in quite some time. And as you can see from my profile pic, I do have gray hair (with a shock of pure white in the front.) So, I also asked for something great in a color change - and I am ecstatic. It is now like a strawberry blonde with lighter highlights. I know these aren't the best pics - but I will try for some better ones later. So far (if my friends are not lying), I have been told I look from 10 to 20 years younger. That is always a nice compliment.

I have to thank my oldest daughter, because after many trips to various salons, I was about to give up on getting what I want. Everytime my daughter and I get together I always tell her how much I love her haircut - and three weeks ago, she gave me a business card for the salon that takes care of her hair needs. I called yesterday and "boom" got an appointment for today. The girls are lovely and tell you what they are doing and how to maintain styles. I am on cloud nine - oh and btw the name of the salon is Cloud9.

I have totally gotten pissed at every place I have gone, because I clearly explain what I want - and inevitably my hair is teased and my bangs are rolled into a little "turd" that lays across my forehead - DUH!?!?! NOT PRETTY. This girl knew exactly what I wanted and helped pick ut a terrific color combination - and all was complete in an hour and a half.

I could go on - but this is for Slyght (theson) and my oldest daughter to see. Thank you baby - you steered me to a place I will stick with!!! Luv ya guys!!

Stay healthy all and TTFN!! 31 days and we are outta here!!