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Saturday, March 31, 2007

...and I do like the solitude!

For a change, I had almost the entire day to myself. Thedaughter had to work 2 - 9 pm and thegrandson is at the babysitters. Ahhhh...total peace and quiet. A few clients came to pick up their tax returns, other than that...a few movies and the computer.

Managed to have at least ONE political discussion with a client, of course that is always invigorating. I should probably run for President, but know I could not garner a war chest over $100.

Theson is still in Ireland and will be returning home Wednesday night. Hopefully tomorrow we will be booking our flight to Florida for our cruise, then I will be completely relaxed and at peace. Our weather this past week has been idyllic, now I hear the intrepid weatherman saying "SNOW" for next weekend. Grrrr...once I get my sandals on - I do not put them away until October. Now my toes will be pissed at me for sure. brrr...

Hopefully there will be some interesting news tidbit or political gaffe I can comment on in the near future. I could probably write a little tidbit about our illustrious LEADER daily - but screw that - I will wait till he makes another major faux pas.

So much for that. Everyone stay healthy - TTFN. 63 days till departure.

P.S. Contemplating getting a tattoo on Thursday - nah!! I'm gonna do it!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

IT'S OFFICIAL...70 days from now...

We will be sailing into the beautiful Caribbean. Booked the cruise today for June 3rd -10th. As usual we will go to Ft. Lauderdale the day ahead and relax at a hotel before embarking for the deep blue sea.

As of late, there have been several articles and news reports about people "falling" overboard. I actually find this ludicrous, as all the bannisters or railings are positioned high enough, one cannot just FALL OVERBOARD. Todays report lists a 20 yr old girl and 21 yr old guy falling off the Grand Princess (the first ship I cruised with the Princess line). Last week, another young man fell overboard from the Carnival Glory. I can sum this up quite succinctly - SPRING BREAK!!! Alcohol and the "I am invulnerable" attitude these kids have make for a volatile combination.

Twenty some years ago, it seems like I managed to schedule my Cancun vacation during Spring Break and saw some pretty unique acts by these young kids. It is like their first adventure away from home and parents and they are masters of their universe. (And that was a time before Cancun became a hot spot for spring breakers.)

Be that as it may, I don't drink and realize I am NOT invulnerable, and feel quite safe on a cruise ship. So I plan on having another relaxing vacation, soaking up the sunshine.

Theson has been in Bristol since last Tuesday for Race Week, and have not heard from him much - therefore assume he is having a wonderful time. He should be home tomorrow. And Tuesday he is leaving for Ireland to visit thegirlfriend Jules. Must be nice.

Gonna go for now - everyone stay healthy and TTFN. Hope Rich Championable fared well in Atlanta.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


What constitutes a MID-LIFE CRISIS? Some men may get the wandering eye, to bolster that macho ego, and vice versa for women I would imagine too! Buying that fancy sports car or motorcycle? Taking a long spontaneous vacation? How about a massive tattoo across one's back? Let me see, what other kind of act could one undertake?????? Maybe some form of body piercing!!!! Who would imagine that happening? Nah!! No one I know!!!

Think about it!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I am on Cloud 9....

Well, Mom2 has said she will go on a cruise with me - I am tickled to death. We will get a supply of bubble wrap and insulate her against any falls (and black eyes.) I will see that she causes no harm to herself - or others for that matter. She can be nasty when intoxicated!!! Just kidding. We don't need alcohol to judge those around us when we are together. We have never lacked for conversation since we have known each other.

Just a prequel to our friendship - we have known each other since our boys started Kindergarten together, yet we never really socialized. But when my son was leaving for college (our boys went to different schools, her son to Ohio State and mine to Case Western), I meandered up to her house and we sat on the front porch commiserating. Since that point in time, we have become like sisters. We travel to visit her family in Boston, we get together with her remaining family for holidays, etc. In the last 11 years, we have seen our families dwindle pathetically, and the passing of our loved ones has been tough, but we have always been there for each other. Hell, if she has a heart attack, I have to have one so she will not best me. (and vice versa!!) She had a triple bypass - ha! I had one a year later. I sure hope she doesn't decide to walk in front of a semi or anything - I do have my limits.

Anyway, she hasn't cruised since 2004, as she had a spinal cord injury a month before our scheduled cruise in 2005. She still has some lingering effects, but pshaw - we won't let that bother us. I went ahead without her on the cruise, with our friends in 2005 and last year - no one wanted to play with me - so I cruised solo. It was great, but having someone to share the chuckles and fun with is so much better.

Well, back to the drudge for now - but I will be surfing the net for good prices for the cruise (airfare and hotels.)

Everyone stay healthy. TTFN.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Z is a Survivor

How can anyone not love this guy???? I hope he never, never cuts his hair!!!

He is multi-faceted to say the least. You go guy!! Thanx Juddy for getting him out there for ALL to see.

That'sa my boy!

Monday, March 05, 2007

does the "right" really care?...oh but we on the left are always wrong!

I guess you could say it is a soapbox moment, but this issue is a mainstream quandary. WALTER REED HOSPITAL!!! Have you noticed when we (the left) criticize the war in Iraq, we are called "unpatriotic" and "we don't support the troops." But the powers that be (Bush and clan) have allowed our troops to suffer at what was once the most prestigious of medical facilities. Ultimately since this medical facility is operated by the military, the government has to take responsibility. I have been watching the recently resigned, commander of Walter Reed testifying before an investigative Congressional committee. It was and is a farce. This officer (excuse me I did not get his name) was making such lame excuses for the squalor that our recuperating soldiers have had to live (and heal) in - I just wanted to jump thru the TV and throttle him.

This whole debacle reminded me of an under-rated movie from 1992 "Article 99." It is a terrific movie if you can get locate a copy. Ray Liotta, Kiefer Sutherland and Lea Thompson all play doctors in a VA hospital, and the movie accurately depicts the conditions and terms that our vets have to incur. My daughters friend comes by regularly and tells me what he is currently going thru with them - he was in a helicopter crash in Iraq and has major vertebral damage in his back requiring surgery. For almost three years he has had to drive the 100 miles for the tests, which may be cancelled and schedules the surgery, which is ALWAYS postponed. Never mind the pain and agony he suffers, our government has let these vets down.

This is NOT a new problem, just one that is increasingly getting worse, as Congress has continually cut funding to VA facilities on a yearly basis. Consider this, if the money isn't there, what quality of medical care are they getting. I am sure the physicians are not the best - and why would they work for peanuts if they can make more in the public sector, reaping windfalls from the HMO's???

When are we going to hold our representative government accountable for their lack of compassion and fairness??

So, no one better call me UNPATRIOTIC or non-supportive of our troops in the future. I think we, on the left may just care MORE than anyone else!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

...now this is one helluva an apology!! NOT.

Just a postscript to last nights blog. Apparently when some media confronted Coulter over her vile statement she said, "C'MON, IT WAS A JOKE. I WOULD NEVER INSULT GAYS BY SUGGESTING THAT THEY ARE LIKE JOHN EDWARDS. THAT WOULD BE MEAN."

This woman has issues that need professional help. I suggest she admit herself immediately to a LONG TERM facility to help resolve those issues. Enough said!!!

Have a good day ALL!! TTFN

Saturday, March 03, 2007

the blond moron does it again...despicable Ann Coulter!!!

This is one individual I have come to totally despise if not hate. And I am one who does not use the word "hate" lightly, because it is such a strong overwhelming emotion. But to come home this evening and see the latest on this bitch, makes my blood boil. The "Conservatives" have long held Coulter in high esteem and basically let her run her mouth representing the crew as a whole. But this time, to be politically correct, three of the Republican contenders have dissed her over the remarks about John Edwards, she made at the American Conservative Union Conference. Or should I say - their spokespersons made the comments.

You can view her comments above as seen on You Tube, but to reference John Edwards or ANY individual with gay epithets is uncalled for in any situation. I for one have never liked the word "faggot" and I am far from homophobic, as Ms. Coulter now seems to be a poster child for gay bashing. I foresee more backlash coming her way, from many organized groups and I hope they smash her hard.

She got away with her comments about the 9/11 widows - which was disgusting and many, many more acerbic comments can be attributed to this woman. I think she should run away to some island (which is in the path of a killer tsunami) with Sean Hannity. I refuse to even watch these two individuals, because they are equally repulsive. Hannity still chops anyone down for deriding or disagreeing with OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF. He is not a God for heavens sake, and thank heavens we have the right to complain about anyone and anything.

Anyway, Ann Coulter, you are a disgusting and revolting individual - smug, arrogant and not the least bit attractive. For someone so ingrained in religion - do you think a God you so justly believe in - condones the way you lack respect for other humans? Get real!!! If there is any truth to the saying "what goes around - comes around" - you will get yours someday.

And to all my gay friends - more power to you!!! Go get her!!

Everyone stay healthy and well. TTFN.